A Teacher Receives Protection via His Spiritual Master

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2016 talk “How Does the Holy Spirit Work?”

8 Responses to A Teacher Receives Protection via His Spiritual Master

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.

  2. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thanks Wah Z. No matter where I am, I am never alone. You’re protecting me. It seems to me, folks see me with a white man. Few of them say it aloud. The protection of Mahanta is obvious.
    Once, a family with 5 kids (from 3 to 7 years old) came home. One of the girls, Suzy saw the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master smiling standing in my garden.

    In my understanding: Wah Z shows to confirm its support and protection; mainly for my grievance before this visit. Since then, this family—who is not ECKANKAR member by the way, is constantly praising the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence of the Mahanta.
    How happy it is to be an ECKist! The protection of Mahanta is certain.

    Nevertheless, spiritual disciplines are important and have to be applied regularly. I’d like to repeat once more and for ever my gratitude to you Wah Z. May the blessing be!

  3. Peter Akpokodje says:

    After reading the inspiring responses and Sri Harold’s video, I was about wandering what to share and an inner experience some months ago this year flashed forward.
    In it, I found myself in a trap. It was a pit six feet deep and an average human length long and about 3 ft width wide. I was in it and thought to use my mind to figure a way out. The more I realized were I was, the more challenging it became as I now saw that black scorpions littered the floor of the pit and there were sharp rusty metal objects protruding from the wall, some rotating. It began to overwhelm me, especially the darkness/ignorance.
    Then I remembered the statement in one of the ECK works that “the cure for evil is the unobstructed Light and Sound.” Instantly, I imagined myself surrounded by a ball of blue light… it was so real, I could almost touch it and its effervescent. It immediately kept me calm and I felt uplifted. The blue was so beaHUtiful. With gratitude, I woke up. It was a memorable experience, and I learnt firsthand the loving power of imagination ruling over thought, the ever constant presence of the Mahanta and Its eternal guidance. Thank you Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

  4. Huseina says:

    The Master’s protection has been overwhelming. Recently, I saw an online news article that I did not read but somehow, the mere title and a glimpse of the accompanying picture that projected unbeliveable black magic had a frieghtening effect on me. The horror it striked mentally started gave me day time nightmares from the moment on. I was also in great shock and felt psychicly attacked in a way. I was in horror. I just could not belive something like that will be published so openly in the so-called Christian country within which I lived. So, in contemplation I asked the Mahanta to protect me from what was then starting to feel like a psychic situation. During the contemplation, I asked the Mahanta to save me and stared to sing my heart out with HU the love song to God. Suddenly, I saw myself looking STRAIGHT into the Spiritual Master Lai Tsi’s face! Still in that moment, I jumped back wondering how it was that I was string into Lai Tsi’s face! And even as tried to shake my head to see if it was real, the face was becoming bolder, closer and clearer. It was so direct and full on that I just stared into his eyes. I could see the soft, smooth natural skin puffs under his eyes. I searched his face and looked up his hat and saw that the pattern on his hat was made of individual tiny sparkles of real gold. His smile as soft and gentle. After this strong encounter with Lia Tsi ended, my eyes opened and all I could feel was happiness and warmth in my heart. I also felt if all the troubles I had in this world had been lifted. No fear, no anxiety. But it was not until half way through the next day that It striked me that the experience was arranged by the Inner Master to shut off negative inflow of what had happed the previous day—in that very moment. The feeling that had led me to ask for the Master’s protection had vanished. And even when I was narrating this pleasant spiritual experience to my RESA, giving that background no longer had a ‘hold’ on me.

    Wah Z had sent a Spiritual Master to give me the spiritual protection I needed. Recognising this special gift made me so, so grateful to have the Inner and Outer Master in my life. Whats more? He comes with a whole band of Spiritual Masters too! So, again I say; thank you, Mahanta. Thank you for your protection.

  5. Dr Diana Ramseyer says:

    Wonderful stories! I’d like to share one of my own. Last summer, I was finally recycling six months of bottle etc and standing in the 113 degree heat. It was difficult. The guy behind me seemed to be on drugs while, moving like lightening and sweating excessively in the summer heat. Finally, he snapped and started yelling obscenities. I was in front of him and became the target of his frustration. I moved away and a young man standing on the sides rushed to my aide! He leaned over and said,”If he bothers you again, I’ll take care of it!” I was shocked since I didn’t know him at all. He stood between me and the snapped druggie and refused to leave my side. I thanked the Mahanta inwardly and when I was done, the young man said he was a Marine and would never forgive himself if anything happened to me and that’s why he stayed because he felt I was in danger. He hugged me and left. It was amazing. Thank you for the protection Mahanta!

  6. Helene Pronovost says:

    I was greatly blessed before, during and after my surgery. I had asked the Mahanta to stay close to me during the surgery and to ensure that everything went perfectly well; He sure did that, and He also made sure that I also received all the pre and post surgery help I needed!!! A friend took me to the hospital and brought me back home at least seven times!!! It’s a lot! A young man who was waiting to have surgery with the same surgeon as me left his place for me and he asked to have surgery with another surgeon because I had told him in the waiting room that my surgery had been canceled a month earlier. My sister with whom I no longer spoke came to visit me!!! And a neighbor I barely knew did my shopping at the grocery store for a month after my surgery!!! The physiotherapist who made sure that I would get back on my feet at 100%, the nurse who made sure I did not have infection, changed my dressings and removed my brooches of suture! Thank you Mahanta!

  7. Barbara Hatfield says:

    Thank you so much Mahanta for your love, guidance and protection. May the blessings be. 💙💛

  8. Mary Ann says:

    Love this reminder about the ever present protection of the ECK, the Inner Master. Thank you. Sri Harold is a Master storyteller.

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