Spiritual Exercise: Finding Yourself in Eternity

By Harold Klemp

Every night upon retiring, relax on the bed. Watch the process of going to sleep. Keep your attention on the point between the eyebrows, the Spiritual Eye.

As your body relaxes and your mind settles down, that change in viewpoint takes place which we call sleep. Maintain the attitude of awareness. You will note your body getting quiet and your thoughts settling down. Hearing is often the last to leave the human consciousness. You will be detached on the borderline state, as though in a dream.

Then you will come into another state of beingness. This is characterized by a clarity of mental vision. It is not an unconscious state like a mental fog, but a level of awareness beyond the limits of normal human expression.

This viewpoint may last a moment or for several hours. With practice it may last through the whole night.

To hold on to this lucidity, you need to maintain a delicate balance between not becoming too emotional and not forgetting that you are dreaming.

What has happened? As the body rests, you awaken in the Atma Sarup, the Soul body. You find yourself in eternity, overcoming death. This is the freedom which is spoken about so often in Eckankar.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.

13 Responses to Spiritual Exercise: Finding Yourself in Eternity

  1. ngomoy mchau says:

    I tried this in bed several times, what happened was a jolt the moment I was about to fall asleep followed by a feeling of numbness from the legs upward back and forth. One day I tried this exercise on a sofa watching myself fall asleep i started drifting out of the body almost immediately but someone held me by the shoulders preventing further acceleration, i tried to turn around to see who was doing this to me but it was in vain as i found myself power less and the experience ended. I thought this was the Mahanta trying to tell me I am not ready for the out of the body experience.

  2. Peter S. says:

    I think I’ve learned recently that Life is Continuity. Beginning and ends are constructs of the mind. It’s worth striving for the beauty of the inner worlds. There is no doubt, beauty in the physical worlds, but I’ve had glimpses of unparalleled beauty in the inner worlds, like the gentle sound of the wind on the shores of a lonely beautiful land. In your mind, put those glimpses in a ‘Favorites Folder’ if you like 🙂

  3. Michelle Cameron says:

    So wonderful to have this written in steps by the Master. I’ve done variations of this over the years… Now I can refine it! “Step by step we ascend the staircase…”


    I thank Z for the spiritual exercise—it is very interesting. I found it very very nice for in it I have a revealation of my activity with a series of problem solve.
    Thank you Z.

  5. Edito A. Chy says:

    This is a good exercise for me especially when I can’t sleep. So far it is working in progress, I suppose success is not possible without perseverance. Thank you!

  6. jim Arbuckle says:

    What an awesome technique. I’ve tried this technique with some success (a good start), but would fall off to sleep. However, by keeping the thought in mind of having expanded awareness, I’d re-awaken in Soul and the Mahanta would be there to take me on a spiritual journey meant for my spiritual unfoldment. Really neat technique. I’m still working on mastering staying awake, but, I am sure in time I will master it the way the master teaches it. Patience is the key with a loving attitude and desireless desire to unfold.

  7. Paul Anyadiufu says:

    It is always a blissful experience in doing the spiritual exercises of ECK, I once had the experience of running water hearing the flow, it was so clear and real that I had to ask my wife if she was sure the tap was not left running this lasted long and I thank you Mahanta for that wonderful experience I know I am unfolding into higher spiritual counsiousness.

  8. Peter Akpokodje says:

    This spiritual exercise works. I tried it and had a most revealing Soul journey.
    I was going through an interesting ride. Driving a tricycle. New to this, I touched a knob, only to have the keke (tricycle) ~almost flip. Life seemed hard, just as it may seem for some here. Then I realized my pax had alighted and most did not pay me because I was distracted and more focused on driving (surviving) and not earning a living (living spiritually and in the worlds). I parked and someone helped me keep the tricycle well. It was at an ECK Center. I remembered my ECK Center project using digital camera phone. Next I saw ECKists driving to a venue. Not sure what was going on, but a dear friend “Mo” said lets go. Once there the journey began. Thank you Mahanta. As I returned from the inner journey, I was awoken by my daughter and I remembered being with other ECKists, many youths, at a gathering having a good meal. Some other persons coming to sing songs they had discovered or created. The maid serving spoke in gentle excellent french english, thanking us for having come to eat and wishing us all a lovely meal. I felt the occasion as special from the love demostrated and exceptional service seen. Love and service are key to spiritual upliftment and need be demonstrated unconditionally. I awoke again. I have kept the rest for my journal, especially the meeting with the Mahanta, who is always always always there and near. Thank you Mahanta. Thank you for this beautiful Spiritual Exercise of ECK. It is so natural.

  9. Michel Pearson says:

    Good evening my friends,
    I want to thank you for everything and especially for the singing of the Hu !!
    thank you very much

  10. nellie bishop says:

    The unfoldment of my spiritual life in ECKANKAR is the greatest adventure and it never ends.

  11. Caleb says:

    Thanks Wah Z for this exercise. I am going to try it until I get the experience needed there. Once again, thanks.

  12. Chukwuemeka Achunulo says:

    The above is a wonderful spiritual exercise. I will try it. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

  13. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Z for a beautiful art work. And a reminder for a useful spiritual exercise.
    ECK is a zero-some path. Experiences over the years have taught me so.
    The said spiritual exercise is worth trying. I have done that a couple of times. And my experiences?


    Doing this spiritual exercise, in several occasions, in the state of being half asleep and half awake, i would hear a very loud knock like a knock on the door but not. A knock from within. A knock on the door of my heart.

    Whenever this happens, i will know right away, that i was in for some wonderful inner experiences.

    Who knows what your own experiences might be. You won’t know until you try some spiritual exercises.
    Wah Z is always there to guide and protect. It will be nice you did.

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