Why I Am an ECKist

By Rodney, New York

I have been asked by a number of people, and I am sure many more wonder, why are you an ECKist? What does it mean to be an ECKist?

Well the textbook description of an ECKist is a person who is a member of Eckankar. To many I suppose it sounds strange, a name they have not heard before, unknown terms like Light and Sound, and Mahanta.

I won’t share here what ECKANKAR is in an academic sense, rather, I will share what it means to me, what my experience of almost 40 years has been.

The Core:

For me, the core teaching of Eckankar is love. God’s love for me, the reason for my very existence, and how I can accept a greater portion of it—awakening my love for God and living with that emblazoned upon my heart. My goal each day is to be a channel for divine love, to be a conscious participant in the miracle that is life, and to serve my fellow man with an open heart and willing hand.

Experience who I am and live authentically from that place of being:

I always believed I was Soul, a child of God. Eckankar gave me tools to experience this. There are no words to describe the feeling and awareness of this. For me, it is to live an authentic, genuine life filled with integrity and purpose; to honor God within and without myself and within and without every other living Soul (this includes animals too).

I look for the good within my fellow man which leads to seeing “The God” in them. Like hearing your own name spoken in love, it is a gift to see someone as they truly are, a radiant spark of God. For many it is the first time they have ever been seen that way. It has led me to many sacred moments shared in timeless recognition of the beauty that each of us is when we peel back the layers, the masks we wear and assume.

Study from Masters and Master Teachers:

I have had many teachers who have taught me what they know, musically, spiritually. It was when I met the ECK Masters, Agents and channels for God’s love, that I found this wellspring of divine love and wisdom opening up within me. They helped me to remember who I am, why I am here, and to find my path. They honor my personal life, my private space, always. Upon invitation, they offer counsel, and wisdom beyond measure. The Mahanta, the personal embodiment of God’s love within my heart, is my constant companion. That is God’s love in a timeless eternal expression, yet, like the most warm friend or a cozy fire.

My Journey:

I have learned to listen more loudly to Spirit’s voice, to act more quickly upon the guidance received, and to know the “why of life.” Why my life is as it is. This includes my karma, past life relationships, life preferences, and dreams. Eckankar has given me the tools to truly know what my life all means. I am an eternal soul, learning, and growing in love and service, working with the spiritual laws of this world, and growing my heart into a magnet of love.

That’s it:

I know that whatever I could write here is insufficient to share what ECKANKAR means to me. For me, it is a way of life. It is a beautiful way to live my life with more love and grace, to accept and honor the spiritual journey of others, and to learn the life lessons that I need to learn in order to take my next step in love and service and . . . to help others do the same.


Your Story

Are you an ECKist? If so, click here if you’d like to submit the story of your journey.


51 Responses to Why I Am an ECKist

  1. Lovedales Kumah says:

    Thank you Rodney. The teachings of ECK has made me who I am “LOVE”. I am really grateful.

  2. Nwedobong Ubeng says:

    I feel so delighted with this write up. The message is clear and simple for anyone to understand. It goes a long way to demonstrate the practical life of a true ECKist. It gives me a deeper understanding of what you shared in 2016 ECK musician’s meeting during springtime seminar. Thank you so much Jones for sharing this. May The Blessings Be.

  3. Karen says:

    Beautiful story! Thank you immensely Rodney!
    May The Blessings Be!

  4. Alfred I. Horsfall says:

    Yes, this morning which is friday, i talked to a coleague about being sincere, honest and truthful in all ramification of life. Because i try to put my attention on ECK on this day, some how i just opened my mail and see this beautiful writeup br Rudney. It reminded me of my of my purpose of being a coworker with the MAHAHANTA. Proudly an Eckist.

  5. ellen says:

    Thanks, Rodney, for reaching out across the miles with your words, music, love. May the Blessings Be!

  6. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    The Holy Spirit is a magnet that attracts hearts. Nothing can be done but to accept, to respond to the affirmative; simply because it is time; the hour has struck. Why I am an ECKist? Yes, it was time for me to be aware of the happiness of being able to communicate directly with God. It was time to disillusion myself.

    It was time for me to recover myself in the loss of time that I observed silly. It was time for me to become aware of the immeasurable love of God that surrounds me all the time, whatever the situation I went through. It was time for me to know that God answers all questions in every possible way.

    Then …, one day, I had no choice than to make my balance. My journey, indeed! I constantly discovered contradictions in my religion. I felt “stifled”, disgusted with certain assertions that the woman / girl suddenly became unclean to God when she had her menstrual period; everyone is a victim, etc. I was, however, a great fervent fellow in this religion. In the wake, I lost a loved one. My faith in this religion was shaken by enormous untruths. These contradictions grew, while I was burning with desire to find my freedom! Indeed, freedom is a fire that burns! Nothing can stop the sacred fire.

    I was looking for God everywhere, except in myself. Nevertheless, an inner voice always made me more confident. Then, one day I was dazzled by an advertisement of an ECK seminar in my country. I was deeply touched by the main theme of the seminar: “IN MY SOUL, I AM FREE”. The word “free” enlighted my Soul.  Joined the ECKANKAR, then, I discover how much I am a child of God – Soul – and that I can keep my connexion all the time with God even during my menstrual periods !!!

    Futhermore, the Dream Master shows me my reincarnation. Things has to be corrected/reajusted. I saw some gain, but there’re still things to correct. Knowing those truth made me discover the true happiness. The happiness that never disappear. I feel no more fear, no more panic. Mahanta is my only guide. I am so proud and happy to be an ECKist that nothing can disturb me in my faith.
    ECKANKAR teachings are full of truths! Of course, life is a play of spiritual theater. To live it fully, one must know the guiding principles and observe them. To be an ECKist is to strictly reflect  love, love of GOD. Everything is on it right spot. Loyalty and Honestly are important.
    Being faithfull in my spiritual exercises increase my connexion with the Holy Spirit. 

    Well, I Keep teaching those knowledge to anybody coming accross my life. May the blessings be!

  7. Anna says:

    Thanks for sharing Rodney- I feel so grateful to be an Eckist in this lifetime. We are very fortunate to be aware of this path!

  8. Auburn Wiltshire says:

    Thank you for sharing such positive energy, it leads us to think that our journey is not only about us, but all of life and stay true to the cause (authentic).

  9. Katie Lawler says:

    Rodney, I have to say you that your words convey so simply and yet so elegantly that which the Mahanta mentions in his talks and writings. It is not easy to capture the lyrical beauty of life and, yet, you have managed it in an easy to understand way. I can only assume your music students love you and get much from your classes. Thank you for your uplifting thoughts today.

  10. Lucille says:

    Thank you Rodney what you’ve just shared is such a beautiful expression of the love I feel on this
    great path, my life is beautiful filled with love for all creation. May The Blessings BE


  11. Ewa joy mark says:

    Beautiful write up with much love I got from it, filled with lessons.

  12. Helene Pronovost says:

    Dear Rodney, You have been an ECKist much longer than I and what you wrote about ECKANKAR, I couldn’t have done better. Thank you for sharing your Love and experience.

  13. Olawumi Mendes says:

    Thanks for the sharing your experience as an Eckist. It’s so inspiring.
    Being an Eckist for me has brought peace to me, no more fears of death. And mostly having the assurance that HE is always with me.


    For me words are not always enough for me to described what Eckankar is to me, is breath I will not exist without Eck. Is my way show. My teacher, I have learnt so much about for be an Eckist. I see things in different perspective, I am always aware with the connection with the holy spirit, the ECK. I am always and remain grateful to the Mahanata, the Living ECK Master. May The Blessings Be!

  15. Gary says:

    I first met the Living ECK Master, the Mahanta, in 2001, on a trip from Portland, Oregon to Phoenix, AZ.
    A mostly unusual meeting, a tall man in a blue suit standing along the side of the road, in the Shasta forest. At 60 mph, it was a flash, I wanted to stop. This happened twice. My wife didn’t see him either time. It wasn’t until I was a member that I finally realized who the man in the blue suit was, SRI HAROLD!!!

    She finally joined Eckankar in 2007. We are both active members in Arizona. As an example of my spiritual exercises, I can meet with the Mahanta daily. Remember, you can’t wear out the Mahanta.

  16. Redeemer Torgah says:

    Thanks to Sir Rodney for sharing this wonderful experience of his life in Eckankar and what it means to him as such. I have felt that tremendous love of God of which little description of it is enough convinced me you shared a true story. Eck and for that matter Eckankar is a way of life. Christ said to the lady he met at the well, he might have given her a living water that is satisfying forever. That is Eck. The description of Eckankar is a whole subject on its own.

  17. jim Arbuckle says:

    Thank you, Rodney, for sharing your beautiful story. Its a wonderful expression of your love of Soul, the Mahanta, and the Eck teachings. Inspirational and filled with love. When the daily grind of the physical sometimes cause us to forget who we really are, I believe your story can provide us with that momentary inspiration we need to make that connection with Soul.

  18. Patricia Gutherless says:

    I have recently learned of Eckankar. Upon reading all the comments I felt the love and warmth between you. I’m almost 60, I’ve been searching all my life for what you are describing. I’ve looked into different faith’s and healing paths. I just haven’t found what I’ve been searching for. I did find IT within my own heart after following inner guidance. And finally that Guidance has led me here. So far I like what I have learnt an felt. Singing and saying HU is making a difference in my life, and for my family. I know when I am on the right path, because I feel loving peace, and my life just flows. Namasta from Patricia 🌹

  19. Cmboto says:

    I found the practical reality of God only when I became an ECKist. And I have known and seen that
    I can only be a better me in every aspect of life by holding hard onto the apron of the Mahanta by doing my spiritusl exercises and doing all that is right in the eyes of the Mahanta . Above all the teachings of ECKANKAR is a unique and unadulterated
    refrigerator recipe for proper physical and spiritual growth. Sometimes I find it hard to imagine how I lived my life before I became an ECKist

  20. Peter S says:

    For me, the teachings of Eck put Light on the riddle of Life. I like to get insights and understanding as I journey through seeming mazes of this world. I get love, guidance, insights, and protection. It is a very interesting path for me, because when I ask questions to the Eck, if I listen and pay attention I can get answers. I think all in all I like the love and the help in my day to day life. Plus I like looking at others with Divine Love. People really like it I’ve noticed 🙂

  21. Kokoette Bassey says:

    The HU is the greatest gift of love one receives from ECKANKAR. A non-directional and unconditional prayer that opens our hearts to God’s love with a more fulfilling love and guardian from the Mahanta, the God man of our time.
    Thank you so much, Rodney, for your beautiful essay. May the blessings be!

  22. Golden Ojo says:

    ECKANKAR so far has taught me a lot. which includes honesty, truth, and the true sense of God’s reality and the God knowledge… In all my SOUL shall soar higher. …… Baraka Bashad.

  23. T Rogers says:

    Why I became an ECKist? Because the teachings and practice satisfy my hunger for truth. I’m still an ECKist because of the “plus factor” – the adventure and challenge of this koan of a lifetime. I cherish the inner guidance, wisdom and humor of my companion, the Mahanta. Each day is another opportunity to expand in awareness and to be love.

  24. Emmanuel Abotu (Golden Heart) says:

    Because I find the teachings of ECK so very comfortable and understanding with much love .. Thank Mahanta

  25. augustin kabanda says:

    That sounds pure Love in Expression. May the blessings be.

  26. Chukwuemeka Ozukwe says:

    Being an ECKIST is the most grandest thing that has ever happened to anyone. Placing one’s feet on the journey back to GOD buffered with the ECK Masters to make the journey a blissful one. Thank you Rodney for this peace. Love always

  27. M says:

    Thanks very much for the beautiful stuff. We are the spirits that we share ,that we define our story, baraka bashad. You are blessing from ECK. 💐💐💐

  28. Gailbird says:

    Every day I am grateful to be an Eckist.
    The understanding I have of why my life is the way it is and the love I have in it is all from Spirit, and it is so comforting. What a true blessing!

  29. Nureni Adebesin says:

    Thanks Rodney! If anyone or group of people find anything sweeter than these teachings of Divine Spirit; let them eat alone. For me and my household we take Mahanta.

  30. Eleanor Leon, Canada says:

    Wow, Rodney,
    You’re eloquent post reverberated a chord within me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful song with us. You fill me with love and now I shed golden tears of joy since I am too full of this sweet nectar. We are so fortunate to be in this path to spiritual freedom! We are truly blessed to be in the arena with the masters and the Sat Guru at our side. Thank you, thank you for sharing your love.
    Love to you!

  31. Azita says:

    Thank you beautiful Soul!
    I am an ECKist, because I don’t know any other way which could enrich my life with such a wonderful joy, peace, love and harmony.

  32. ARULDOSS A says:

    Yes wonderfully written. It’s a previlage and blessed to be an ECKist. It helps me to face my day to day life with more confident, helps me to love my wife, my family more. It gives a great feeling that I am a Soul, a spark of God and I am eternal. No fear, no guilt, no self pity in any situation of my life. Yes being an Eckist is a lovely, Beautiful experience, Thanks to Mahanta and all the fellow Eckist.
    Thanks Rodney, it was well written.

  33. Jim Modera says:

    Thank you for your beautiful expression of why you are an ECKist. Everyone sees God from a different perspective and each perspective is sacred and unique. No religion tells you what God is, but could only assist you in your experience of God. The spiritual exercises given an ECKANKAR allow me to find my own way to the heart of God and to see the love of God in all of life.
    One of my earliest teachers was my grandmother. She never spoke of God, spirit or religion. She’s simply loved people and saw the beauty in everyone. She was a simple loving person and everybody wanted to be around her. She looked at you in the manner that you would like to be seen.
    ECKANKAR has given me the ability to see myself as Soul, an individual and unique spark of light and love made in the image of God. It has also taught me how to recognize everyone and everything in this manner. The spiritual exercises which I mentioned simply allow you to recognize the love of God flowing through you and in all the worlds of God in any present moment. They bring to your awareness the purpose of life, to give and receive God’s love with the greatest clarity and expression you can become aware of. Expression of the clarity of God’s love is best exemplified by the presence of the Mahanta Consciousness throughout all time. When I ask for the guidance of this spiritual teacher, I have always been led to my personal expression of God’s love in my life. The Mahanta of each age is expressed through the Living ECK Master of its time, the current one being Sri Harold Klemp. We are all in training to serve life with this clarity of God’s love. This may seem like a very lofty goal, but is actually very practical and simple.
    ECKANKAR has taught me to live my life as my grandmother lived hers. Simply, love one another as you are loved by God.
    With the deepest gratitude,

    Jim Modera

  34. Peter Akpokodje says:

    For Love!

  35. Peter says:

    The most precious part of ECKANKAR for me is the Mahanta the Living ECK Master, the Godman, and as Rodney beautifully said: personal embodiment of God’s love in our heart. He brings the fresh and highest wisdom by his words and guides us on how to take steps to be in harmony with the higher vibration of divine love.
    Thank you Rodney for opening this forum so we can share what we love about ECKANKAR and so our heart opens more by expressing the appreciation for the blessings we have.

  36. Patrice says:

    The teachings of ECKANKAR resonate with the inner knowingness I’ve had since a child. What the teachings bring me is so much love in my life, a love that I could never have dreamed of or asked for… All I need to do is do simple spiritual exercises everyday to keep my heart and consciousness open to this divine love that is the essence of my being on which I can perceive so much more than my meager physical existence. I can’t say thank you enough to this teaching …

  37. Pam Steinruck says:

    Beautifully and eloquently said. Thank you for writing this.

  38. Amy says:

    I have also been on my journey in ECKANKAR for almost 40 years. The blessings, spiritual growth, and lessons in love never end. It’s a beautiful path and way to live life!

  39. Nigel says:

    Through these teachings I found a meaning and purpose for my life centered in a love for life. I agree with what you described.

  40. Rita Scholl says:

    Eckankar, from my very first experience with it, has been about love. Personally, it has helped me understand why I am here. I never looked for anything else once I found this path.

  41. Gayle Hargrove says:

    I am so grateful to be on this beautiful path of spiritual freedom.When we’re faced with turbulent times, we know it’s an opportunity for spiritual growth and it is not happenstance that we are experiencing these difficulties. This knowing is a blessing. Eckankar gives us the tools to discover the reasons for our experiences both good and bad. Thank you for sharing what it means to you to be an Eckist. May the Blessings Be.

  42. David Ighodaro says:

    Thank you Rodney for sharing. Life in Eckankar is worth a personal experience to appreciate the love of Mahanta for us as Soul. May the blessings be.

  43. James says:

    Thanks for the dialogue Rodney, it’s a beautiful reminder of how blessed we are to have Eckankar in our lives.

  44. Joanne Harwick says:

    Well said, Rodney! Language can never do justice to God. But if I may add – you said all this and more when I heard you play at a recent Seminar. The sound was so sweet, it filled me up and sent it outward in tears. So I knew to read this and am grateful. Thank you! Every word and sound is true.

  45. Marci Rosenberg says:

    Thank you for serving in love and for following your guidance. A few months after I became an Eckist you were walking by me at a seminar. All of a sudden I noticed you stop just a moment. You then looked at me, and gave me a gentle hug. The love you bestowed upon me had lasting effects. It allowed me to see a past life that was very difficult. During that lifetime you helped me survive. You have been serving in love a very long time my friend. I’m grateful to walk along side all those who are living examples of an Eckist journey of love. Thank you Rodney!!

  46. Lilly Torres says:

    Your words are like music glistening with God’s love. Poetry! Thank you

  47. Kathlynn says:

    The comments in this and in those shared in presentations at the Texas Regional left me feeling very grateful and inspired.
    The path of Eckankar has been an ongoing experience of growth in self awareness and the abilities to give a receive love.



  49. emmanuel says:

    very lively and worthy of emulation, thanks rodney

  50. Nnenna says:

    Thank you Rodney for sharing your wonderful experience of your life as an ECKist, we appriciate and learn the lessons.

  51. Hillary H Onah says:

    That’s a wonderful one, it is true that one cannot explain all the expirences the path of ECKANKAR has given him, you only say a little and leave the rest. Thank God I am an Eckist too.

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