Why I Am an ECKist

By Rodney, New York

I have been asked by a number of people, and I am sure many more wonder, why are you an ECKist? What does it mean to be an ECKist?

Well the textbook description of an ECKist is a person who is a member of Eckankar. To many I suppose it sounds strange, a name they have not heard before, unknown terms like Light and Sound, and Mahanta.

I won’t share here what ECKANKAR is in an academic sense, rather, I will share what it means to me, what my experience of almost 40 years has been.

The Core:

For me, the core teaching of Eckankar is love. God’s love for me, the reason for my very existence, and how I can accept a greater portion of it—awakening my love for God and living with that emblazoned upon my heart. My goal each day is to be a channel for divine love, to be a conscious participant in the miracle that is life, and to serve my fellow man with an open heart and willing hand.

Experience who I am and live authentically from that place of being:

I always believed I was Soul, a child of God. Eckankar gave me tools to experience this. There are no words to describe the feeling and awareness of this. For me, it is to live an authentic, genuine life filled with integrity and purpose; to honor God within and without myself and within and without every other living Soul (this includes animals too).

I look for the good within my fellow man which leads to seeing “The God” in them. Like hearing your own name spoken in love, it is a gift to see someone as they truly are, a radiant spark of God. For many it is the first time they have ever been seen that way. It has led me to many sacred moments shared in timeless recognition of the beauty that each of us is when we peel back the layers, the masks we wear and assume.

Study from Masters and Master Teachers:

I have had many teachers who have taught me what they know, musically, spiritually. It was when I met the ECK Masters, Agents and channels for God’s love, that I found this wellspring of divine love and wisdom opening up within me. They helped me to remember who I am, why I am here, and to find my path. They honor my personal life, my private space, always. Upon invitation, they offer counsel, and wisdom beyond measure. The Mahanta, the personal embodiment of God’s love within my heart, is my constant companion. That is God’s love in a timeless eternal expression, yet, like the most warm friend or a cozy fire.

My Journey:

I have learned to listen more loudly to Spirit’s voice, to act more quickly upon the guidance received, and to know the “why of life.” Why my life is as it is. This includes my karma, past life relationships, life preferences, and dreams. Eckankar has given me the tools to truly know what my life all means. I am an eternal soul, learning, and growing in love and service, working with the spiritual laws of this world, and growing my heart into a magnet of love.

That’s it:

I know that whatever I could write here is insufficient to share what ECKANKAR means to me. For me, it is a way of life. It is a beautiful way to live my life with more love and grace, to accept and honor the spiritual journey of others, and to learn the life lessons that I need to learn in order to take my next step in love and service and . . . to help others do the same.


Your Story

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