An Open Door

By Mandy, New Zealand

I had just had surgery. Lying in my hospital bed after the operation, I heard a woman in the next room crying. I was not alone in my pain. My heart opened in compassion for the woman’s discomfort, and I hoped the nurse would get to her quickly and bring her some relief.

I needed some relief too. Now that the surgery was over, I knew it would take a long time for me to heal. I faced many months of recuperation.

I stared silently up at the ceiling, knowing that it would be difficult. I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay in my physical body. But as an ECKist, I also knew that all was in its rightful place. Every experience has a purpose.

As I gazed above me, considering my circumstances, the ceiling began to change. It filled with beautiful colors. Reds, blues, greens—all swirled above me in a dance of gorgeous light.

A little confused by what was happening, my first thought was Hospitals don’t have colored, swirling lights on their ceilings!

Then I noticed the wall in front of me change. It was no longer just a wall. Now there was an open door and a man stood at the opening.

Waves of love poured from him, and I felt comforted and safe. It was the loveliest feeling. It seemed as if I knew him, but at first I didn’t recognize him. Then I realized it was Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

“Hello, Mandy,” he said. “You can come with me now, or you can stay. It’s your choice.”

Immediately I knew I wasn’t ready to die. There was so much more I needed to learn. So I chose to stay.

The next thing I knew, the most beautiful sunlight was shining down on me. It was morning, and I’d peacefully slept the whole night through. I felt wonderful!

Right after that, I started to heal.

With this experience, my faith in the ECK and the Mahanta grew stronger. Even now, I still find myself crying with joy, knowing that whatever life brings, whatever open doors I walk through, the Inner Master is always with me, ready to help me take the next step.


29 Responses to An Open Door

  1. Eulalie Anokoi says:

    This experience reminds me that whatever I want to achieve, the love of the Master will never leave me. And I just have to sing this love song to God HU that says: ”Thy will be done”
    What a wonderful life!

  2. Lovedales Kumah says:

    This is a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Karen says:

    Mandy, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience! May the Blessings Be!!

  4. Rama says:

    Thank you Mandy for the great story sharing. Life is a wonderful opportunity to help others. Thank you Mahanta for this life.
    Baraka Bashad.

  5. Holly says:

    Life is all about choices. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  6. Sam Nmeje says:

    Hello Mandy, your story is heart warming, thank you and thank you Mahanta for the love and promise “Am always with you”

  7. James I. Aguwa says:

    With the Mahanta we are assured of spiritually enriching life and the freedom to choose what we want at any particular situation. Thank Z for this special opportunity in this life time and we should never joke with it.

  8. Austin O Ikem says:

    Thanks Mandy for sharing this beautiful story of yours. When the Master said hi Mandy just before the commencement of his Saturday evening talk, we were all ears to listen to your story but then he allowed that you share it yourself.

    May the blessings be..

  9. Ibifaka Wolo says:

    What a privilege we have as Chelas of the Mahanta. What a truly wonderful world. Thank you Mahanta for always being there for us. Thank Mandy for sharing.

  10. Elizabeth, Germany says:

    What a wonderful life – indeed.
    Life is a precious gift from HU.
    The Sound of Soul helping us.

  11. Silver Ofo Odo says:

    Thanks for sharing. Indeed the Master is always with us.

  12. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Hello Mandy,
    If you are the Mandy Sri Harold spoke about on Saturday at the just concluded ECK Worldwide Seminar, then there is no coincidence to your story. And if you are not, then there is still no coincidence.

    What a Wonderful Life.

    What a Wonderful Life, and we have the choice to stay and learn and grow and flow with the divine Currents. Once I almost drowned while doing a swim test. After much struggle, I had to surrender to a greater force of love. I reached a moment when I could strangely say, if it is the Will of the ECK (Holy Spirit), may it be. Oh my, everything seemed tranquil and solemn and I could see the light at horizon. And then a lifeguard jolted me to physical consciousness. And still required I complete the test to pass. Karma is exacting. Thanks to Love Divine. Interestingly, just like Freddie, I had had a recall of the dream of the incident while waiting for the test and I sang HU for the strength to face myself and what life had for me. Thank you Mahanta for working off most karma in the dream state.

  13. Christine says:

    Thank you for your story. I too have been facing multiple surgeries in the last year and a half. My journey has been long but the gifts of divine love have opened my heart to the soul to soul connection with all the souls I have met along the way. Very Gratful I’m still here and of service.

  14. Nnena says:

    Yes Mandy your story is beautiful. We are grateful to the Mahanta for helping you back to us, you still have more to do for the Eck, thank Wah Z for all experience. May the blessings be in this World Wide seminar week.

  15. Osioke says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, it really helped.

  16. Freddie says:

    I had a dream in April 2016, that I was having a heart attack. In the dream, I was in surgery, but I was hovering over my own body watching the doctors who were doing it. On June 4th
    this dream, or inner experience actually happened right here in Cleveland, Ohio. I had
    a heart attack just like in my dream. Just like in your story I needed to do something to help myself! So, I called out all the names of the ECK masters I could think of, and I kept singing HU. Soon four days later I was back home, and I was even driving my car (I was suppose to wait) but I felt so good. My family was grateful I elected to stay here in the physical. I was also glad I had the whole summer to recover, I am an assistant teacher, so I got to rest and recover for two months without worrying about work!

    I am back at work these days (it is September, I returned to teaching school) but your story is so important to me since I went through sometimes so similar. Thank you for sharing it. With much love, Baraka Bashad!

  17. Ifeoma says:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience! Just what I needed, thank you Wah Z for you love!

  18. jill bryar says:

    Thank you for sharing your Blessings. I feel uplifted.

  19. Rosemary Peterside says:

    That is one of the benefits of being an ECKist. An ECKist has the opportunity of living so many lifetimes in one lifetime. Thank you for sharing this experience. THANK GOD I AM AN ECKIST.

  20. Empress says:

    Its an awesome feeling knowing that the Mahanta is truly always with us, whatever the situation. Thank you Mahanta…Love your story..Baraka Bashad. Huuuuuuuuuuuuu…..

  21. Donna lee says:

    It’s so wonderful being an ECKist. Thank you for your beautiful story.

  22. Sammy says:

    Such a beautiful experience Mandy! By sharing, you have, through the Mahanta, brought a lot of joy to my troubled heart tonight.
    Thank you

  23. Hong says:

    Beautiful story Mandy. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Michael John Harbadin says:

    Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you, Mandy <3

  25. Greg S says:

    Beautiful story! Just what I needed in the middle of a busy morning. Thank you!

  26. Olivia says:

    This made me feel good….Thank God I’m an ECKist…..Thanks for sharing beautiful soul. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  27. Jean-Paul Dossou says:

    Dear Mandy, thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. Thank you very much.

  28. Laurence Cruz says:

    A wonderful and powerful experience that shows one of the deepest benefits of these teachings—an inner and outer teacher living among us today. It reminds me of a Soul Travel experience I had many years ago, although I did not see the master in that one.

  29. CRAiG ROSSeR says:

    OH GOSH … : ) Thank You! I can't share fast enough : ) …

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