An Open Door

By Mandy, New Zealand

I had just had surgery. Lying in my hospital bed after the operation, I heard a woman in the next room crying. I was not alone in my pain. My heart opened in compassion for the woman’s discomfort, and I hoped the nurse would get to her quickly and bring her some relief.

I needed some relief too. Now that the surgery was over, I knew it would take a long time for me to heal. I faced many months of recuperation.

I stared silently up at the ceiling, knowing that it would be difficult. I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay in my physical body. But as an ECKist, I also knew that all was in its rightful place. Every experience has a purpose.

As I gazed above me, considering my circumstances, the ceiling began to change. It filled with beautiful colors. Reds, blues, greens—all swirled above me in a dance of gorgeous light.

A little confused by what was happening, my first thought was Hospitals don’t have colored, swirling lights on their ceilings!

Then I noticed the wall in front of me change. It was no longer just a wall. Now there was an open door and a man stood at the opening.

Waves of love poured from him, and I felt comforted and safe. It was the loveliest feeling. It seemed as if I knew him, but at first I didn’t recognize him. Then I realized it was Sri Harold Klemp, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

“Hello, Mandy,” he said. “You can come with me now, or you can stay. It’s your choice.”

Immediately I knew I wasn’t ready to die. There was so much more I needed to learn. So I chose to stay.

The next thing I knew, the most beautiful sunlight was shining down on me. It was morning, and I’d peacefully slept the whole night through. I felt wonderful!

Right after that, I started to heal.

With this experience, my faith in the ECK and the Mahanta grew stronger. Even now, I still find myself crying with joy, knowing that whatever life brings, whatever open doors I walk through, the Inner Master is always with me, ready to help me take the next step.


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