Light and Sound

Photo by: Kristy Walker

Touch me

with inexplicably glorious


an instant in the rush of time,

scarcely a breath of wind.


Take me

far beyond the shores of my knowledge

to understanding,

above the mountains arched,

upward to the sky,

to knowingness.


Teach me

the silent voice heard in the whisper,

to hear the unspoken words

etched on the sands

of creation.


As the eagle dips its wings in gold,

the truth is learned,

the gift is received,

the Light,

the Sound.

—Pier Mercer


Awareness of Love and Protection

Rising high above our worries and doubts helps us gain the eagle’s perspective of life and truth. Here is a contemplation seed from Sri Harold Klemp to help you become an eagle, soaring into the spiritual heights of your own inner worlds.


Guardian Angels

By Harold Klemp

When we speak of opening your wings, it’s coming into an awareness of the spiritual love and protection of the ECK Masters.

They are the guardian angels around you all the time. It’s just a matter of opening your awareness and going above the human consciousness to recognize and benefit from this.

Often you benefit anyway because most people benefit from the protection and the love without even knowing about it. Only later do they come to this realization and recognition of God’s love showering down upon them.

Excerpted from The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14.

9 Responses to Light and Sound

  1. Peter Ropata says:

    Thank you for the contemplation seed. I have known for many years that the Native Americans consider the bald eagle and the golden eagle to be sacred. As eagles are the highest flying birds they were seen to be nearer to the Creator. The meaning of the Eagle symbol was to signify courage, wisdom and strength and its purpose was as the messenger to the Creator.

    In Aotearoa (New Zealand) Te Hōkioi, gives us a tantalising glimpse of what this extinct animal sounded like. It appears in Maori legend:
    “Its rival was the hawk. The hawk said it could reach the heavens: the Hōkioi said it could reach the heavens to the hawk; there was contention between them. The Hōkioi said to the hawk, “what shall be your sign?” The hawk replied “kei” (the peculiar cry of the hawk).
    Then the hawk asked, “what shall be your sign?” The Hōkioi replied, “hokioi-hokioi-huu.”
    They then flew and approached the heavens. The winds and the clouds came. The hawk called out “kei” and descended, it could go no further on account of the winds and the clouds, but the Hōkioi disappeared into the heavens.” (Maori Legend).

    Why was Te Hokioi able to ascend in to the heavens, because of the sound of its flapping wings “.Huu…Huu…Huu.

    Perhaps this is the reason why many cultures around the globe consider the Eagle sacred…..because of the sound of Huu as they take flight.


  2. DocScientist Apple says:

    I just bought a note book from a nearby shop today. I had decided to use this note book as my journal. I always wanted to have such a journal to write letters to Wah Z and make note of my dreams and golden tongued wisdom. But today I had a strong nudge to buy the note book and this day provided the opportunities I needed to go to the shop. After I came home,I noticed that the front cover of the note book had a picture of an eagle. Suddenly it struck me that this bird was a highly spiritual one and there must be a reason why this had to be in the front cover of my journal. I found this article and I know the reason now. Mahanta was showing me how having this journal is going to help me get the eagle’s perspective. Thank You, Wah Z for this beautiful golden tongued wisdom. There are no coincidences. God gives or takes everything for a good reason!

  3. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z this additional contemplation seed makes me more conscious. It is obvious: Soul enjoys the love and protection of ECK Masters. All the time.
    A miracle happened once. I was back from a Satsang class, to grab my son and my niece for a diner outside.

    Then I wanted to park my car in front of my garage, but the inner voice told me to go inside my garage with no explanation. And I did follow the inner guidance.
    Suddendly, we heard two bullets shot from outside. It was 2 robbers.
    Thanks to you, Mahanta I was safety home.

    These are nothing else but the love and protection of the Mahanta. If I were not an ECKist, I would think being the victim of some attack.
    It may also be that I was not aware enough of the Mahanta’s warning.

    Wah Z, yes I have no doubt, your contemplation seed strengthens my faith in ECK. Thank you so much for your love and protection. May the blessings be! ❤

  4. OKOME Évelyne says:

    Merci Wah Z et aux Maîtres de toujours répondre l’amour autour de nous…

  5. Albert foxall says:

    Thank You for a very Loving poem . “Teach me the silent voice that’s heard in a whisper, to hear the unspoken words” Love is the Silent Sound. Albert

  6. ellen says:

    Thank you for speaking with the language of the heart.

  7. Nnena says:

    If there is any thing I have learnt from this part, it is the real definition of love. Prior to this part, and having belonged to a popular one, I was not taught the secrets of love and I didn’t know them, it is now as an Eckist I can say,”OOH REALY.” Thanks Sri Harold.

  8. Peter S. says:

    I think I used to sing HU a bit mentally.
    My new exercise is to really try and Love God as I am doing it.
    I’ve realized you can’t survive without Love.

  9. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks Wah Z for bringing this up. Thanks to Pier Mercer for a very insightful poem.
    There is no better time than now to be reminded of what i need to do in order to benefit more from the love and protection of the ECK.
    I am receiving the love and protection already. All i have to say is a very big thank you to you Wah Z. I am indeed grateful

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