How to Read The Worlds of ECK Chart

This is a road map to the inner planes or heavens. You can use this chart to plan your spiritual travels or to better understand where you have been or what you have experienced.


There is a bold line dividing the top half and lower half of the chart; this separates the lower worlds from the higher God Worlds of ECK. Thus, the chart shows which worlds are predominantly negative and which are positive (this is noted on the left side of the chart). The right side of the chart shows that the lower worlds are the training ground for Self-Realization and the higher worlds are the training ground for God-Realization.

The first column gives the names of the plane. Next to the name, in the second column, is the word to sing or chant to go to that plane. In the third column is the sound you might hear or recall if you have traveled there. There are also brief descriptions of what each lower plane is about.

The chart also shows the color associated with each plane—the color you may see or recall as predominating there.

Each of these worlds, or planes, has one main Golden Wisdom Temple and many minor temples in which you can study. These temples and the ECK Masters who teach there can be found in ECK Wisdom Temples, Spiritual Cities, & Guides: A Brief History.


Excerpted from ECKANKAR’s Spiritual Experiences Guidebook.


20 Responses to How to Read The Worlds of ECK Chart

  1. Frank Koch says:

    What comes above Anami Lok?

  2. Anil Patel says:

    This chart is indeed a great gift from the Vairagi ECK Masters. I thank them for providing it. One can explore these areas via the daily discipline of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. These special techniques open our consciousness to a particular plane. Of note are the Temples of Golden Wisdom of which there is at least one on each plane. Many have on-going classes and talks by the Masters. ECK members usually go there during the sleep state escorted by the Mahanta in his sleep-time role as the Dream Master. As you fall asleep, request his presence as an invitation of unconditional love and see what happens. It is said that on any journey it helps if you have a map and a guide who has already traveled that way. Such is the case with the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master. So if you would like to explore these regions, do your research, do your Spiritual Exercises consistently, and in time you will become aware of them in all their incredible glory. You would be hard pressed to describe the sheer bliss and beauty of the higher planes (5th plane and beyond), since they are all beyond time, space, matter, and energy. if you awaken with a sure feeling of having been somewhere and done something, but you can’t describe or remember specifics, it’s a good bet that you have visited the higher worlds. Bon voyage!

  3. Ann says:

    The first time I learnt HU, I heard wind sounds. I wondered from where it came. It felt like it came from within me but I always wondered things about it. Now I know that it came from one of the Soul planes. I had traveled to that plane in contemplation.

  4. David C says:

    I have one of the older charts. It was important for me to have a map just as I would for travelling through new places.

  5. S.padmavathy says:

    Thank u Mahanta for the great inner experience. Thank u for the guidance u have giving each and every day. Thanks a lot.

  6. Veronica says:

    Great and lovely.
    Thank you Mahanta for the chart,
    Thanks also for all the contributions made-

  7. Traveler of the Light and Sound says:

    Thank you for the Eck, Sugmad and Mahanta. It is a blessing to be aware of the beautiful journey. I know now that I have a responsibillity and purpose. The awakening of Soul is awesome and being able to share this great journey.
    Thank you

  8. Bill Marcus says:

    Wow! This is a really beautiful chart to show the Worlds of God! Thanks for showing this!! 🙂

  9. Sara Leach says:

    Many years ago I had a Soul Travel experience during meditation where I found myself travelling fast through a dark tunnel. I got scared, and stopped the experience. Then I discovered the ECK teachings and started reading about the inner worlds. I learnt that there are tunnels between all the planes, and thus I realised where I had been, and was able to let go my fear of travelling in the inner worlds. The teachings of ECK gave me a road map and the knowingness that I am always protected on my travels by the ECK Masters. Thank you!

  10. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z.
    He who has the road map and a guide gets to the desired destination.
    There is no teaching like that of ECKANKAR.
    Its indeed a great privilege to be here again.

  11. Osioke says:

    This is beautiful!

  12. Enwelum Patrick Chijioke says:

    Wow! I really thank God I am an Eckist. Since I found myself in Eck, my experience haven’t be the same again. I gat to understand life, I stop getting worried about life, I now understand what life is like. Life is a school were everyone coming to study, my own life have thought me a lot.

    Thanks so much Wah Z—I love HU!

  13. Okome Mve evelyne says:

    Merci W Z de tout les travaux que vous nous donnez pour faire évoluer notre conscience, cela me pousse a travailler, passionnante illustration des différents plans.

  14. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Matt, thank you for taking the time and detail to respond to Nirven’s enquiry. I enjoyed the read.
    Nirven, thank you for enquiring, for if you hadn’t, I would have missed Matt’s and perhaps other responses. It is good to be curious and a sincere curiosity can reveal amongst other things ones majesty as Soul.

  15. Matt Sharpe says:

    In response to Nirven Maharaj, the teachings of ECK are in no way limited to planet earth. There are other civilizations in this universe, and the teachings are indeed available to many of them. And there ARE Eck Temples, just as there are on planet earth and why wouldn’t there be? The Temple in Minnesota is the main Temple, but it is hardly the only one on the planet. Several have been built in Africa just as at this time there are other Temples being built in the different states within the United States of America.

    Each are a valid Temple and are used by the ECK as well as the ECK Masters to reach those Souls that are ready for them. It must also be remembered, that Soul has no form, It being beyond space-time which are now known to be one and the same thing. The human body is a form and every form needs to exist withing matter, energy, space and time as they have previously been called. Science has proven that matter is virtually non-existent and is actually just energy that requires a mind to perceive it as a tangible and physical object. Quantum Mechanics has proven this as it has also given rise to the assumption that space and time are two ways of measuring one thing that exists here.

    While the Living ECK Master is within a human body, each of his lower bodies are easily able to appear to any alien life forms as one of their own, not that he necessarily needs or wants to, but it certainly is possible. Even the least of us can attain the ability to change the inner selves to being something other than human. The Soul, not being limited by the lower laws, is easily able to work with them in unexpected ways, and even to transcend them where the need arises. This is merely one aspect of the creativity that Soul possesses in Its own right. A related factor is the Inner Master’s ability to appear to any number of Souls at the same instant, and still be doing and saying things different than in each of the other locations It is manifested. Soul is able to do these things without as much of a challenge as it might seem. It is the mind that perceives in such a way as to make a thing appear to be complicated, but this is not necessarily always the case of the matter at hand. I hope this helps in some way to expand your understanding of the questions you asked and the concepts involved.

  16. nirven maharaj says:

    So, if there are other civilisations in this universe… this physical plane… then there are no ECK Temples on their worlds or no ECK teachings on their worlds? Only one living ECK Master gifted to the race of men? Just curious?

  17. Kelly says:

    Thank you Z for this information. Now I understand better.

  18. Don Fraser says:

    Thank you for the beautiful illustration of the heavenly worlds. It makes it easier to imagine one’s self there.

  19. Peter Akpokodje says:

    As Above, So Below.

    We make our own heaven. Better still, we each earn the heaven we deserve. Love is the Key. Thanks Z for this simple yet elaborate roadmap to the heavenly worlds.

  20. Ted says:

    I’ve looked at this chart many times over the years but did not understand why Self-Realization and God-Realization were written along the right side of the diagram. It now makes perfect sense to me that the lower worlds are the training ground for Soul to gain Self-Realization. And the higher, pure worlds of ECK is where Soul receives Its training for God-Realization. Thank you, Mahanta for this wonderful insight.

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