What Is Truth?

Golden Light_lrBy Harold Klemp

Those of you who have moved through several different levels of spiritual consciousness have found that your life can get rough at times. Why? Not because somebody in the dark alley is shooting arrows at you. It’s because you’re meeting yourself. And this is truth. Truth means meeting yourself.

It’s one of the paradoxes of truth. So many people claim to have truth. So many people claim to know it. But they can’t agree with each other about what truth is. And they’re ready to fight to the death to have their view of truth prevail.

This is wrong. Because if you have truth, you realize that another person has truth too, at his or her own level. There’s no reason to fight about it.

As sure as you’re alive, if you can make it over the next hurdle, through the next stormy sea, your view of life will change. And so will your viewpoint on truth. Why? Because the experience made you wiser. You will have a broader view of truth.

This is why we in ECK don’t go looking for trouble. We don’t say, “I want troubles so that I shall become wiser and more spiritual.” No. If you’re wise and if you’re spiritual, you’ll do everything possible to live a smooth, calm, peaceful life.

Because it’s more harmonious. That’s our goal.

But in ECK, we find that when we move into a higher state of consciousness, things do get rough for a while. We work off our limited states of consciousness so that we can live and move in greater states. And the greater states of consciousness mean more freedom to live, move, and do as we wish.


Excerpted from The Secret of Love, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 14.


32 Responses to What Is Truth?

  1. ellen says:

    This article actually made me think for myself, especially when you said fighting was “wrong.” In the animal world, it happens all the time! Is it “wrong?” Conflict can be healthy and result in a “third thing,” a new resolution or truth neither thought of. Something new, and different. Thanks for helping me clarify for myself.

  2. jonas kalenda makayi says:

    thank once again for this blog be blessed

  3. David C says:

    Seeking a way to return back to God? Developing the ability to recognize God in our daily lives so that old feelings of spiritual isolation are replaced with new experiences in the presence of God? As we let go of the old truth, new truth comes. As we wake up spiritually, the Mahanta helps us realize the separation from God was an illusion. This helped me to realize love cannot be separate from anything for it is a unifying force. It is the glue that binds all life together. Each, in a unique way, develops spiritual freedom.

  4. Ant says:

    Thank you Zee, for these priceless blogs that you have make available to us.
    To me they are Golden Treasures of Love and Light.
    Reading them, opens my heart to more love, gratitude and appreciation for life’s challenges which brings me great wisdom.
    It is a wonderful blessing to be one of your chelas.

  5. shakuntala sharma says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the wonderful spiritual education you are providing through this blog.
    As I already said earlier, it is like dream come true for me .
    It is impossible for me to meet you personally or to mingle with other Eckists; but the blog is providing this opportunity.
    I express my Love and Gratitude for this.

  6. tamilchelvi says:

    “Truth means meeting yourself”. So far I have a thought that how can one disturb/hurt me without any reason. It is clear now that I’m meeting myself (i.e, it includes my previous birth experiences also) So if unexpected love prevails within me, I’ll find the truth.

    Thank you Wah Z.

  7. Peter Brown says:

    I recently received another initiation. Now a couple of health problems have come to the fore. I was led to page 88, 89 of the Temple Of ECK book where it talks about how the temple like our bodies are a distribution centre for the spiritual energies of Eck to flood the world. Both are centres through which the Eck passes to reach people in search for truth. They are both dedicated as vehicles for the sound current to help the Mahanta with his mission.

  8. Holly says:

    Thank you so much!!!
    Your timing is impeccable as usual
    Love and Gratitude

  9. Rahil kim says:

    As I read these comments I think this must be the answer to my sitiuation. 1st thought was, I am facing myself and I need to do something about the situation, take responsibility for it and get involved and try to resolve it. However when I read on there was another answer, try giving the situation love and take it into contemplation. The first answer the way I was taking it, I think would cause even more conflict. However maybe the action I AM supposed to take is all on the inner. Give it love and ask the Mahanta to help me see my part/responsibility in the situation on the inner. And Trust that thy will be done at the end.

  10. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Sing HU, a love song to God.
    And during contemplation, put your question forward. Have a calm and quiet expectation, as you repeatedly try this. All the best.

    Know that the Mahanta is always with each Soul. You are Soul.

  11. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    I have not seen an answer to Louis’ specific question concerning Soul’s purpose on earth, and how we as Souls got detached from our heavenly home, and have to work our way back. Louis must be from a Christian background, like many of us on the path, since he cites “being born in sin”, or ECKANKAR’s difference to that statement as a concern.
    LOUIS: I will refer you to the holy book of ECKANKAR -The Shariyat-ki-Sugmad. I am referring from the combined book 1&2 version. But you can get it from book1: under chapter 3: The Doctrine of the ECK Marg. You may want to read the whole chapter, or at least the first 6 pages of it. This may help you understand how we got here, and our purpose here.
    May the Mahanta guide you accordingly.

  12. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    “Not because somebody in the dark alley is shooting arrows at you. It’s because you are meeting yourself. And this is truth. Truth means meeting yourself.”
    I have quoted the above statement because it summed up what I had been grappling with in my personal life. Is somebody out there trying to do me in? Why am I suddenly facing so much difficulties, particularly at a time I am invited to take another step on the spiritual ladder? The above could never have been more explanatory than now. I am facing myself to work out my karma to make way for that next level of consciousness I am moving to.
    Thank you Mahanta for answering me this way.
    May the blessings be.

  13. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    I’m still wondering how I would have been if I didn’t discover ECKANKAR teachings?
    Wah Z, you’re showing me all the benefit to be an awaken soul. I have my heart open and, I’m strong. This makes my connexion more strong with the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you Wah Z for this additional new topic titled “What is the Truth?” I love you!

  14. Nnena says:

    I think this blog is meant to enable us have real and spiritual communication with the Master. As he gives us these lessons, we learn from what he’s giving us including the experiences of other Souls, Eckists on this spiritual journey. I don’t think it is a question and answer session. Thank you Mahanta for revealing to us more what truth is, and is not.

  15. Peter S says:

    For me, Truth means meeting yourself, means becoming aware of myself as being a Divine Spark of God. Of course this can take quite a long time lol, but quicker if you are fortunate to be with someone who has previously traveled the route. For me, this person is the Mahanta. On a down to earth level, we tend to meet ourselves daily. If this looks unpleasant lol, the two choices are #1. Resistance and fight, or #2. Ask the Mahanta / Divine Spirit, “What is the lesson in this for me? ” If you choose #1, you have chosen an unwinnable battle. The only way through is to choose #2. Does this help, Louis ?

  16. Tom Burns says:

    Like most of us I came to Eckankar via a friend in my small home town.We had a great group of seekers then-early 70’s-and I stuck with it.I have had a very interesting inner life because I stayed the course.My recommendation is to trust the Mahanta’s guidance and you will learn things about your self that will make you a very improved being/soul.
    I have learned things about my soul that only a Master like Z could show you.It does not get much better than that to be shown who you truly are through dreams and spiritual exercises.And last being taught the ever growing concept of love layer after layer by opening to Z’s love and passing it forward by being a co-worker.
    I’m one lucky person to have these contacts with other like beings and the Mahanta,

    Love the Eck,
    Great full Tom B

  17. Louis says:

    Please, I need some clarifications on the purpose of man on earth. In one of your books you wrote that “the earth is an old schoolhouse.” Then that we are here to find our way back to God. My question is, since you do not buy the idea that man was born in sin; since we are all sparks of God, where did we miss God that we are now seeking ways to return back to him?


    • John Scevola says:

      I believe that when Harold Klemp says that “Truth means meeting yourself” that he is saying that as Soul, that spark of Divine Life that is our true being and not the physical body, goes through its experiences in life that it is meeting itself, its own unique personal lessons, customized by God for its spiritual unfoldment or maturation. Harold has talked about the fact that things in life continually happen “for” us, for our spiritual growth, and not “to” us. He has revealed that things don’t happen by accident, but by golden contract.
      Eckankar teaches . . .
      • Soul is eternal.
      • Soul exists because God loves It.
      • Soul is on a journey of Self- and God-Realization.
      • Spiritual unfoldment can be accelerated through conscious contact with the ECK, Divine Spirit.
      • This contact can be made via the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and the guidance of the Living ECK Master.
      • You can actively explore the spiritual worlds through Soul Travel, dreams, and other spiritual techniques.
      • Spiritual experience and liberation in this lifetime are available to all.

  18. Louis says:

    Please, I need a clearer understanding how “knowing truth is meeting yourself.”


  19. James Modera says:

    The picture chosen for this article reminds me of one of the happiest moments of my life. I was walking through the woods behind the Temple of ECK a few years ago and it looked just like this picture. As I contemplated the love and service the Mahanta has given by bringing this path of ECKANKAR to this time I was overcome with gratitude.
    Truth for me is, the blessings of life are always there for us. It is the recognition of them that brings us happiness and contentment.
    Thank you Sri Harold

  20. Tina says:

    Thank you for the reminder.

  21. AUDREY WUSS says:


  22. Greg S says:

    Thank you, Mahanta. As usual, “Deep meaningful questions of life” are answered with simple explanations. It’s one of life’s paradoxes, the “harder” the question the simpler the answer. But with the mind doing what the mind does, complicating things, life becomes difficult and unclear.

  23. Peter Akpokodje says:

    The Spiritual Exercises of ECK open our hearts to know more Truth; to receive as well as give the divine love of God. It gives me the inner strength to face my true self.

    Thanks Harji for this revealing article.

  24. AZUBUIKE says:

    This blog has helped me in knowing myself, that’s why I always say that ECK is the highest gift I have found. MTBB.

  25. Inerepamo says:

    Truth actually varies depending on individual level of consciousness. The Mahanta gives us experiences to make us realize that truth is not far from us. I have been facing some challenges in my life and I needed to know why life is so unfair to me. Having done my spiritual exercises of ECK for a period, the truth eventually unveiled itself to me through the dream state. The answer to my question lies within me and not far from me or outside of me. The Mahanta made me realize that I am indeed facing myself. I can’t escape from what I had caused before this moment. I must face it. My attitude towards life situations requires change for my spiritual growth. And being able to identify certain problems in life and accepting the reality to work them out through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and with the guidance of the Mahanta for spiritual unfoldment has brought Truth to me. Facing yourself means facing your past owed debts which need to be paid off (karmic debts). Its always beneficial to know the Truth in your life because you’re Truth yourself, Soul a divine Spark of God, the Light and Sound of God. MTBB.

  26. Kokoette Bassey says:

    As my consciousness in ECK grows, it becomes proven that I encounter more difficult times than ever, to the extent that I wonder why I should become a victim in challenging situations. Is it an enemy somewhere trying to pull my legs or some negative forces has brought setback to my life? In fact, as I opened up to divine things, I’m aware that those difficult times are readily available for me as soul. It’s just there to help me unfold spiritually.

    Thank you for this wonderful and insightful message.

  27. CHIMEZIE OKEKE says:

    This is fantastic, truth is truth. I am a glazier, from January till this April I haven’t done any work. That doesn’t mean that somebody is in the dark alley shooting an arrow at me. THANKS FOR THIS, HARJI.

  28. DanN says:

    This is the second article on truth I’m reading this morning. What is the ECK telling me? The first one was from The Book of ECK Parables 1.

  29. Thank-God Ben says:

    I really appreciate this topic on Truth. Though back in the years, I was someone who never believes any one, it even occur the same with my parents. But now ECK has changed me completely. May The Blessings Be!

  30. Lura Genz says:

    Most truths I hold today are not those I held years back. Individually, we each are in varying phases of spiritual discovery and enlightenment. I learned some years back that if something is amiss in my life to look no further than myself—-attitude, opinions, feelings, thoughts, words, deeds—for what goes around truly oft comes around. It’s best to silently let others radiate their truth while I silently radiate mine. LG

  31. Randhir says:

    Thanks for this fact about truth. I have been facing a situation where another person is not responding even if I have given the money for this person to work and has taken 4 months and has not done much work. At times I am frustrated but this blog has helped me to see that truth for me may have different meaning and for someone else at a different level will have his or her own truth. So I should give a space and not think of any bad but put it in Mahanta’s hand and do my spiritual exercises and follow my spiritual laws and continue my service surrender and sacrifice for the love of Sugmad. Thanks a million!

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