How Does One Know If a Relationship Is Worth Developing?

Holding Hands_lrBy Harold Klemp

Q: How does one know if a relationship is based on love and is worth developing?

A: No one has the final word on love, but consider the following points in deciding if you really love someone:

  1. Does he bring joy to your heart when you think of him?
  2. Do you want to make him happy?
  3. Will you love him for what he is and not try to change him?  Will you let him be as he is and not what you want him to be?
  4. Young people tend to fall in love with their ideal of love.  This means that one has the ideal of a Prince Charming who is really a toad.  Not all Prince Charmings are toads, and not all toads are Prince Charmings.
  5. Don’t forget your self-worth.  How does he treat you—like a treasure or someone to be used?

Love is the expression of the ECK, Divine Spirit, on earth, and these points should give you a fairly good opportunity to see what kind of relationship you are in.

Excerpted from Youth Ask a Modern Prophet about Life, Love, and God.


29 Responses to How Does One Know If a Relationship Is Worth Developing?

  1. Bi V. says:

    Perfectly said Wah Z..
    Thanks for all the rich contributions made. It is indeed love in expression from the hearts of all of you to my heart.
    Also like to add that practicing unconditional love in a relationship is the best option. This comes with a lot of tolerance, forgiveness, patience, indurance, sacrifices, and humidity. Though not easy to practice all of these, it’s worth giving them a trial. They may be the price to pay to build a harmonious relationship.
    All in all we let in Divine Love through prayers, the HU song being the most beautiful prayer i use.
    Thank you Mahanta for your gifts of love in The HU.

  2. diri modlyn says:

    it’s an eye opener for me and everyone, now i know what love and relationships are. Thank you Mahanta for bringing this teachings of Eckankar to us

  3. Karen says:

    Yes, great advice!!! Thank you very much Mahanta.

  4. Sang says:

    Thank you Mahanta. I’m looking for one and this will help me to find one. May the blessings be.

  5. Jackie says:

    Shhhh….don’t tell my beautiful reincarnated cat that I have a boyfriend. Since the boyfriend is long distant, my cat is delightful company. My boyfriend dreams we will be together so alll will be familiar when we are. Currently my cat is sleeping in my arms…always talks in his sleep this life and the last. Soul friends in all forms are so dear to have. Thank you wah z for all your expressions of divine love.

  6. Jeffrey Ekanem says:

    thank you mahanta for the love and protection you have given me i love you wah z you have touched my life in verious ways may the blesssings be

  7. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you Wah Z. You subtly teach me how my happiness depends only on myself, from my choices. Indeed, love, divine love makes everything possible. Thank you again for your endless love!

  8. Carla says:

    After an on and off 5 year relationship with an agnostic man, I’m still enjoying his company and he is enjoying mine. He loves to hear about my new journey with Eckankar. He asked me today about the pyramids in Egypt as he’s drawn to how they were built and he sees something greater than what he understands, indeed took place. Can anyone add to this? Thank you and HU to all…… love from Ottawa Canada

  9. RSingh says:

    Your words are very important to me as you have always guided in my life. You said trust and does the person gives you respect as equal and not use you for his gain, and contradict in my spiritual ways, is not true friend and worth living together, but it be at a distance, giving help just like to a neighbour in a separate space. Am I correct in making this statement, guide me Mahanta, my way shower.

  10. Balogun Tajudeen Olusegun says:

    Everything is love. Thank you Harji

  11. Delaly says:

    In love, we learn to speak and treat the other person kindly, even when they have wronged us. We learn to forgive. We focus on the positives. No one had the final word in deed. Each of us are being tested every day as we become masters of love. In my relationship, I’ve realized that the choice to succeed and overcome all is mine, and Love has never let me down. Love always finds a way.

  12. Nnena says:

    Love uplifts, love sacrifices, love makes things better for the next person, love gives you humility, it gives you compassion, makes you considers others first, in total Mahanta is love.

  13. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Love is selfless… and when expressed and honored, makes the mundane sparkle.
    Love is without conditions… and when realized and released, can hit with no mark.
    Love need not leave or have scars, but when it does, it is for a greater glory, selfless service and honorable admiration.

    Love is a renunciation of life, in thoughts, words and deeds. In truth, it needs demonstration. What is life for, but to learn how to truly give and receive love.

    The choices we make in relationships should be guided by love, for love, to love… Love is, the Mahanta.

  14. H H ONAH says:

    Love makes everything possible, we need to learn the steps of masters to enable us develop ability to love. Mahanta is the beacon of Love in the whole universes of God. Give Love to enjoy any relationship.

  15. GODWIN says:


  16. Clement says:

    The words of Sri Harold Klemp is changing the world for the better. Love is the way to a better life. Thank you Harji.

  17. anil patel says:

    some great pointers indeed. all worth taking into contemplation. i might add the following:

    [a] is your friendship based on trust, honesty, and loyalty?
    [b] are you able to speak to each other, with comfort and without fear of any kind?
    [c] do you feel that your relationship will endure? how do you see it evolving in the next three years?
    [d] is the love you have for each other totally without condition?
    [e] are you comfortable with allowing the other person space to be themselves?
    [f] ask the Mahanta in contemplation or write to the Master on whether this person is the one for you at this time.

  18. Fabia says:

    Thank you Mahanta you gave me the name of my future Partner in life .. We met and after nearly two years together this man and I are fulfilling ALL of these important criteria FINALLY at age 52 and 66

  19. Paula Flint says:

    I think understanding when to speak and when to keep silent. Stranger by the River is an excellent book to learn about love too.

  20. Russ Button says:

    I found out for myself that item #5 may well come before everything else. Unless you truly accept that you are worth being loved, you can't really accept being loved by someone else. That will always sabotage a relationship. Realize yourself as Soul, that you exist because you are loved by God. Know that in the very heart of your being and you will be ready to be loved and to truly love another yourself.

  21. Dappa Comfort A. says:

    Thank you Harji, for your words of WISDOM.

  22. Tracey says:

    While this advice is for lovers, it can also be used in terms of basic relationship building. I so enjoy the graciousness, that comes through your words, Sri Harold Klemp~ <3

  23. lyn brenner says:

    Thankyou!i appreciate your advice it is a difficult one for me at the moment and so appropriate.

  24. Deinma Chinakwe says:

    Wonderful piece. Very practical answer.

  25. Okoroafor Israel Chidiebube says:

    is all about self-Commitment, trust and love

  26. Geraldine says:

    This is very good. I have read it in the masters book but this blog make it easy to remember. Thanks. Good job

  27. Anna says:

    Thank you, wise words indeed! 🙂

  28. shakuntala says:

    A very sound advice specially to youngsters. Thank you Mahanta.

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