For a New Approach to Life

Shariyat SpirEX Bk1_CoverBy Harold Klemp

“Hold all and wait. The questions that are in one’s mind will be worked out eventually without a word from the Master. The light becomes stronger and the darkness vanishes in the reorganization of the inner man and his thinking processes and habits. Do not make the mistake of trying to fit the teachings of ECK into the old ways of thinking. Drop all and start over again.”

Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Bk. 1, p. 96

Do you have a problem or a question you would like to get beyond? In contemplation, sing HU for several minutes, and open your heart to divine love.

In your Spiritual Eye, see the Light of ECK entering your inner being and reorganizing the atoms of your thoughts and habits. The sparkling Light of ECK soothes and uplifts you in spirit. Continue this exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes or more.

Watch for a subtle feeling of lightness in your heart and mind as you go about your day.


From Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One, p. 66.


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  1. Paul Finch says:

    Both of these new experiential books by the Mahanta on the Sharing of God are a deeper and truer experience of divine love, like an intravenous drip of an inner Shariyat 3 and 4…each page bringing a greater inner, clearer knowingness that increases layer upon layer, requiring time for just absorbing the new levels each page leads one to, each taste, taking one to a new threshold, a new horizon for seeing and being. Thank you Mahanta for this new golden age of Light and Sound these gifts are leading us to behold.

  2. Anne-Kerstin says:

    This book is wonderful. I love it so much. When I did the spiritual exercise in the blogpost, I felt the reorganization of the energy within and I saw the golden light. I felt a strong love and presence of the ECK, the Holy Spirit, who carries me through life. I am so grateful for the teachings of ECK and the Spiritual Exercises. They are a great gift.

  3. Veronica says:

    This book is a Gold Mine for me. The exercises here and those in the workbook section of the discourses are so refining and nourishing spiritually.
    Thank you Mahanta for these priceless gifts of love.

  4. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    It’s unequivocal. It really works. It is necessary to know how to look beyond appearances. It is from the heart that emerges the inspirations, the signals of the Mahanta. The Mahanta always provides answers to the questions asked. Dreams. Above all, we must draw parallels between the dreams and the experiences of the day. The teachings of ECKANKAR are true. The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad is invaluable. With my gratitude to the Mahanta. May the blessings be!

  5. Nnena says:

    The Shariyat is great, I did a spiritual exercise asking the Sugmad, the Eck, and the Mahanta the actual quantifiable price of the the Shariyat and the answer I got was ‘Inestimable’ wonderful ways of Eck, thanks Wah Z.

  6. Edito A. Chy says:

    I don’t know how many times I read the Shariyat, but each time I read It, I learn something new. But the draw back of reading It many times is that the mind begins to find contradictions, perhaps this is the nature of the dual world. I do realize that written and spoken words are just shadows of the truth. It seems impossible to hear the Dhunatmik sound without the assistance of the Mahanta, the Liiving ECK Master — this possibility can only be found in the teaching called Eckankar.

  7. Pauline says:

    I got the book, i hold it to my heart when going to bed. It’s a treasure.

  8. chijioke ukwuoma says:

    I had thought of writing similar book even planned to name it: “100 Reasos You Should Read the Shariyat-Ki- Sugmad” I thank Mahanta. the Living Eck Master for being with me all the while, including the time I was born through to this time. ECKANKAR Teaching is all about New Approach To Life, in that, when we begin doing the Spiritual Exercises of Eck with Love (interest & exitement) changes begin to occur. The Love we develope link us with the audible life stream, the Ocean of Love and Mercy, through the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master. This is the reason why it’s possible for us to have New Approach To Life. At this point one find out that Yesteryears, Today and Tomorrow all are now! And that all that we had been, we are, and will be are around us. That, it’s our determination (Love) and linking with the Mahanta, the Living Eck Master and discipline ourselves gets us to where we want to be, including Soul Travel.

  9. Joy Lemmons says:

    A great way to start your day off right, is to read and do one of the spiritual exercises from this book.

  10. Mary Meyers says:

    Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book 1, is a goldmine, bringing truth and happiness into our daily lives while journeying back home to God. By practicing with some of these 144 gems, along with many others over the years, I’ve become more understanding, compassionate, and patient with myself and others. I hear inner nudges from Divine Spirit giving creative solutions to problems. Relationships with family, friends, and coworkers are more caring and enjoyable. Instead of “losing it,” I stay better focused and balanced when life gets hectic. Compared to the past, my life is so much better when practicing the simple, enjoyable, and enlightening Spiritual Exercises of ECK in this and other ECK books.

  11. Rama suryam says:

    Thank you Mahantha for the book which i received from my friend . it is very valuble for me. Just started the excersiises. so far I love it. as i progress will let you know.

  12. Bonnyaudu says:

    I just did this exercise this morning and i feel clean and light. Also like my spiritual eye is brighter.
    Thank you Mahanta for everything

  13. Maxine says:

    It took forever for my book to arrive and when it did it coincided with a moment that shone a light on what I believe I want to dedicate my creative energies to for the next phase of my life, a skill I want to master and that in itself was powerful. The moment I got this book I held it to my heart for the longest time and felt the vibration of it strong and clear. I am working now with the first exercise which interestingly enough coincides with my spiritual exercise and I am so grateful for the new energies it’s bringing to my outlook and to my life. Thank you so much for this book, it is truly a gift from the Mahanta!

  14. ARLENE FORBES says:


  15. Tammy Attama says:

    This book is such a gift of love. It is so powerful. I use it often, taking one spiritual exercise and working with it for a day or so, and then picking another. It keeps my contemplation periods, creative and fresh! Thank you!

  16. shakuntala says:

    thank you Mahanta for the release of Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat Book 1. I am eagerly waiting for the book to reach me so that I rededicate myself to Eckankar and be able to do some more sewa whichever way I am guided by you Mahanta

  17. Holly says:

    The Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat Book One has changed my life. The above quote says it best. “…the reorganization of the inner man and his thinking processes and habits…” I have had a physical condition my whole life. I have gone through countless medical tests. No one could answer why the pain existed or why it got so much stronger at times when there was nothing wrong with that region of the body. After years of testing I just figured it was just something I would have to live with. This was my old thinking.
    Recently, I purchased the book Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat book One! For me, the Spiritual Exercises are a good mine of opportunity to grow spiritually. Like going into a bank and exchanging currency from one country for another country. I imagine myself going into a bank and exchanging old concepts that do not fit my new level of understanding anymore for a new level of consciousness.
    By reading Sri Harold’s new book with this bank exchange consciousness, open mind, a miraculous thing occurred while reading the Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat Book One. Through a series of events I found what has caused the really strong pain, and more importantly how to stop it!
    Harold Klemp’s new book has given me a direct link into knowing myself better since we are all so unique; one size does not fit all. I am very very grateful for this gift, the Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat Boom One!

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