One Does What One Can

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2014 talk β€œDoing Our Part.”


7 Responses to One Does What One Can

  1. Karen says:

    Dear Wah Z, thank you for the story and advice. Thanks to all for sharing their thoughts and experiences. I always enjoy reading them.
    May the blessings be!

  2. Peter Akpokodje says:


    Doing what one can. A little here, another there. Always with the goal ahead.

    Thank you Mahanta for such a beautiful story of encouragement to all Souls in form.

  3. malana says:

    I tell this story so often, possibly my favorite of all time <3

  4. Hari Narayanan says:

    beautiful and insightful story πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thank you

  5. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    Thank you Wah Z. Very inspiring and very persuading and very noticeable that the persuasion comes from your humorous side: to always be willing to do what we can. Results? It will help the whole of the human race. May the blessings be.

  6. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for the story and the comments afterwards.
    We do what we can. This is very true.
    Using our creative abilities as soul, we can create our own world. Whether we would be sad or happy solely depends on us.
    What about the choices we make.
    Working with people can be very challenging. You can view the sky to be too wide for two birds to clash or so narrow for them to constantly clash. Obviously the choice is ours. We do what we can.
    Luckily, we can choose to depend on our inner resources or depend on our outer judgement and sometimes have our fingers burnt.
    I got involved in a project some months back without doing my background checks spiritually. The result? Monumental failure.
    What would determine if we have learned any lessons is what we do if life presents us with similar situation in future.
    We do what we can.
    The beauty of the ECK Teachings is that the outer Teachings is to lead us to the inner ones.
    We do what we can.

  7. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z: Your story, your comments reassure me more. They strengthen my faith in ECK. I truly love you. Thank you. May the blessings be!

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