Soul—an Eternal Spark of God

By Thomas, Spain

Throughout my life, I’ve always managed to find work that is fulfilling. I’ve been an author, artist, and poet, and I have spoken at many cultural institutions on a variety of academic topics.

These jobs give me a lot of freedom, satisfaction, and contentment. But although I am able to support myself, my work hasn’t brought me a lot of financial success. Occasionally, I’ve still had to take a job that was less inspiring to me so I could make ends meet.

When these times came, I found myself facing a nagging fear: What if I lost the good fortune of earning my living in a creative way and was no longer able to do the things I loved to do? I was afraid of losing my freedom, afraid that life would become nothing but drudgery and routine work.

This fear haunted me. I couldn’t get rid of it, no matter how hard I tried. Often, I asked the Mahanta to help me understand where this fear came from. But I didn’t get any insights, and nothing seemed to change.

Then one day the answer came when I least expected it.

I was sitting on a bench in a beautiful park filled with flowers and statues. The sun shone brightly as my wife and I watched our daughter happily playing. I was relaxed and enjoying the day.

I happened to look down at my feet and noticed a small, strangely shaped, little stone. I picked it up to study it more closely. Immediately I knew it was a sharp-edged tool from prehistoric times, used to cut meat.

I was surprised. There was no reason for this ancient tool to be in the park. I wondered how it got there. More importantly, I wondered how I had recognized it as an ancient tool. That period of history was not my area of expertise, and I hadn’t seen a tool like it before. But I just knew.

I took the little stone home with me.

Later that day, I did my daily spiritual exercise. A spiritual exercise is a technique to help expand one’s awareness as Soul, an eternal spark of God’s love.

Moments after I began my contemplation, I suddenly found myself in a scene from the Stone Age. I was experiencing a past-life memory from thousands of years ago.

I am a hunter. I’m sitting with other hunters, cutting the meat from our kill.

The men around me are using big, sharp-edged stones to tear the meat from the bones. I use a smaller tool so I can cut the meat in a very careful, precise way. It looks just like the small knife I’d found in the park.

My technique of cutting is creative and refined. I enjoy doing it. But my method is very different than that of the others.

Suddenly one of the men becomes angry with me. He thinks I’m working too slowly and wants me to cut the meat in the same way as everyone else.

I become furious. I scream at the man, and we begin to fight. As my rage engulfs me, I beat him, kick at the meat, and throw my sharp-edged cutting stone into the brush. Then I run off, leaving the man for dead. I am now an outcast, left to fend for myself.

As I came out of contemplation, I realized this past life was at the root of my fear. In that ancient life, my desire to do things my own way led to a terrible outcome. Today, I was still afraid that I’d lose the freedom to live my life in a creative way and on my own terms.

For thousands of years, I’d carried this fear with me. Now that I understood where it came from, I could finally begin to let it go.

My eyes filled with tears. The Mahanta, the Inner Master, had finally given me the answer I had sought for so long.

This past-life memory also brought me the reassurance that I am Soul, a divine spark of God. I learned that while all choices have consequences, Soul never dies. I am an eternal being, free to choose how I want to live my life. It just took me thousands of years to understand.


26 Responses to Soul—an Eternal Spark of God

  1. Beatice Carroll says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.
    It takes so much love to share your experience for the benefit of other Souls on their path to God, thank you again. Having the Mahanta lead you to an epiphany of understanding through seeing your past causes from the Stoneage, was like being healed of old hurts and being freed all at once!!!
    The Mahanta and the ECK helps me make sense of it all as it goes to the root cause of my fears. There’s nothing that I’ve come into contact with that is as AWESOME or as uplifting as this Divine Love in action.

    Thank you again Mahanta,
    your light shines brightly thru HU!!!

  2. Shirley Jolly says:

    Did you keep the stone? Perhaps it was the same one you used before! Your story is so revealing about how long we can carry Karma with us. Your story is also very important in this time of unemployment or uncertain job markets. Thank you!

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Also enjoyed all the comments of everyone too.

  4. Ntomchukwu Ukachukwu says:

    Hahaha! Thomas, it’s like I have seen myself through your eyes. Well, it’s good to see how we are so useful to each other without even knowing ourselves physically. ECKANKAR is one pool of divine love that children of God can tap from. The journey we are in cuts across physical, emotional, mental levels into the Heart of God. May the blessings be!

  5. Nnena says:

    Every outer experience has a spiritual connection, and the teachings of ECK gave us the discipline as spiritual students of the Mahanta to investigate on any situation that arises.

  6. Elizabeth, Germany says:

    I remember a quote from the previous president of ECKANKAR, Peter:
    There is nothing to win and nothing to lose. You just have to learn the rules.
    So, what are the rules that are running my life?

    1 How can I survive spiritually in our times?
    2 How can I overcome the wheel of reincarnation?
    3 How can I live a life with more spiritual freedom?

    Sri Harolds answers to live more in harmony with life:

    1 Do the spiritual exercises to get insights into a challenge.
    2 Do everything in the name of the Mahanta to overcome karma.
    3 Do the best you can and trust the ECK – help is near.

    That´s what you did, in your inspiring experience, Thomas.
    Beautiful Soul – a spark of God, indeed.

  7. AdemolaShote says:

    The path of ECKANKAR is the path where you meet yourself as Soul and be able to chart a new way forward. Thanks Thomas for this story.

  8. Nemi says:

    This was so beautiful to read. 🙂

  9. Mary Arthur says:

    ECKANKAR is a Beautiful Path. I Iove my religion. Thank you for your experience.

  10. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Soul is indestructible. And IT exist because GOD loves IT.

    Life time after life time, Soul makes its way through to any chosen arena of existence to experience life there, learning the lessons.

    Being born and living in the city of Port Harcourt has been an interesting experience. Far more interesting is walking down Harbour Road on daily bases. Standing side by side are three very old buildings. Each time I came to where these buildings are would always bring back a feeling of recognition and being home. I couldn’t wrap my head around this. Why this kind of feeling? I knew not. Time Past.

    In my teens, life was very simple. There was no security threats on the streets. NPA Dockyard where I grew up was just a few metres away. The answer to my questions came some ten years after I had signed up to become a member of ECK. A dream experience brought the realization. In that dream, I live in the city of Lagos and my wife lives in one of those now dilapidated buildings. Coming home for a weekend as usual brought me face to face with three detectives that are there to arrest her for a very minor offence. Not wanting them to get her arrested, I asked that they request for any amount. The request by the security operatives has made me very angry to extent of throwing the three of them down from the second floor.

    We were hiding away from the Police all through that life time. This explains why I was always having that feeling and always being very much afraid of the police.

    The experience was to teach me something about anger and the continuous existence of Soul among other lessons. I am truly grateful to The MAHANTA for this experience.

  11. Lawrence Kena-Bonti says:

    Thanks Thomas, it makes me sad how I am trying to let go recordings but it keep popping up periodically.
    Your experience gives me encouragement that the reason will be revealed to me at no longer distant date.
    I thank the Mahanta for the care and protection all the time.
    May the Blessings be!!

  12. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    Thomas: You are lucky to have the love of the Mahanta unyoke you of a burden carried from a past life for such a long time in your present life. I, like many of us am grateful to the Mahanta for helping you out. Most of us have traits we have carried from past lives that are still riding us like the hunchback from the Arabian Nights tales. Your shared story is very inspiring; particularly where you said “I asked the Mahanta to help me…………………..nothing seemed to change”. It gives a lot of hope and inspiration, in that the Mahanta surely helped at last. All of us waiting on the Mahanta to answer on some of our quests are aspiring, particularly from your shared experience. Thank you Tom.

  13. Lovedales says:

    Thanks for sharing. This shows that there is no situation in ones life without a solution. Eckankar has all the answers.

  14. Januarius says:

    The Mahanta guided you through it all with love. MTB.

  15. Omobolanle Akindayomi says:

    Thanks a lot Thomas. It’s an inspiring story and teaches us how to let go and let God. Also, knowing the source of our fears helps us to overcome the fear of facing daily challenges. Thank you once again. May The Blessings Be.

  16. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Yes, Soul never dies! Several comings and goings; for reasons specific to each Soul. It’s wonderful to know who you are and why you are here. This discovery transforms forever! The choice to make adjustments / corrections is up to everyone. When you truly know that you are on a mission and that you have been mastering your terms of reference, it is necessary to seize opportunities and stop wasting time. ECK Spiritual Exercises are the keys to overcoming the vicissitudes of life. I am the result of my actions of past lives. I do feel very happy to be an ECKist. May the blessings be!

  17. Ogaram Obilor says:

    Hi Thomas, Thank you for sharing this experience. It’s relative to the challenge I’m facing regarding self discipline though.

  18. Paul FInch says:

    Thank you… what a powerful answer and testimony of consciousness developed through the disciplines of ECK. I was wondering if you were the person I corresponded with in Spain when we were there 2000-2005 regarding a newsletter? If so, I’m glad this blog finally came along for others to feast on the ECK in your life. Thank you. If not, thanks for the reminder of life’s moments potential for our realization.

  19. Donna lee says:

    Hi Thomas, thanks for sharing your beautiful story. May the blessings be.

  20. Richard Berling says:

    Holy cow does this make it evident that we can carry scars from past lives for a very long time. Now I can look at some of my own fears as being ancient beyond comprehension. Thanks for the insight.

  21. Pamela says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the benefits of having the Mahanta as a guide in this lifetime.

  22. Hal says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart opening story.

  23. Nwoke Atulaegwu says:

    Thanks Thomas, your story is very inspiring. Soul exists because God loves It.

  24. shakuntala says:

    your blog is beautiful. Love and Blessings

  25. Vellu says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing.

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