A Spiritual Golden Age

fundraiser, Harold Klemp, love and service, spiritual principles, volunteerIn his talks and writings, Sri Harold Klemp often points out how practicing the spiritual principles taught in Eckankar can help a person become a more loving and generous human being. In the question and answer below, he explains how individual growth can benefit others.


By Harold Klemp

Q: We are indeed very fortunate to live in a spiritual golden age. How can we give greater service to all life?

A: The ECK teachings are for the individual. The group comes second.

A tree grows strong and tall if its character is embodied in the seed of its origin. Of greater importance, though, are other factors like soil, moisture, climate, and favorable sun and temperature. Ideal conditions are rare. Yet add time to this recipe, then mighty oaks from acorns grow.

The point made here is from the perspective of the individual’s unfoldment. The individual returns to the heart of the Sugmad (God). ECK is a one-on-one path.

What behavior reveals the consciousness of a group?

Those with the eyes to see shall look for selfless deeds of love and service done without fanfare by initiates in ECK.

Such service will appear in every field of human interaction. People in religion, politics, business, and every personal endeavor that you could name will have a sure but quiet impact upon the pages of time.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.


Blankets for Books

Lorraine Lunzer, an ECKist from Wisconsin, exemplifies Sri Harold’s point in the question and answer above: “Those with the eyes to see shall look for selfless deeds of love and service done without fanfare by initiates in ECK.” She shares her experience in an annual publication, the Eckankar Journal, which is filled with personal stories of everyday miracles from around the world.

I had been looking for a new volunteer opportunity when I received a call from our town’s librarian. She invited me to be a member of the library board.

I accepted and soon learned that the library wanted to expand. The board was looking at ways to raise funds and increase community involvement in the project. I wondered how I might be able to help.

A few days later, I woke up with a strong inner message from the ECK, Divine Spirit, nudging me to make quilts as a fund-raiser. Some time ago, I had learned to quilt. Over the years, I quilted and sold baby blankets. I still had many leftover bolts of flannel material.

I was considering this idea, when several days later I again woke up with the same message. This time it came along with the phrase “Blankets for Books.”

I talked with the librarian about this idea for a fund-raiser. She was thrilled. At the next board meeting, I brought a number of quilts I had made to show the other board members.

After the meeting ended, the librarian pointed to one of the quilts and asked me to set it aside for her. She became emotional as she told me her husband had purchased one just like it for their baby who had died. They buried him in the quilt.

For a moment I was stunned. Years ago, I had made two quilts using the same pattern and fabric. They were identical, and I knew of no one else who made them the same way.

At the time, I sold my quilts in one of the stores in town—the same store where the librarian’s husband had purchased their baby’s quilt. I realized the quilt I brought to the board meeting was the twin of the one the librarian had used to bury her child!

I know from the ECK teachings that there are no coincidences in life. Every encounter has meaning. Fifty years earlier, I had also lost a child. Now Divine Spirit had brought together two Souls who had the same experience of loss.

I wrapped the quilt in a gift bag and brought it to her the following week. She wanted to pay for it. I told her this was a gift and shared my own experience of losing my son fifty years ago.

I explained a little of my beliefs on reincarnation and told her that my oldest son had once said to me, “I think I am Christopher,” the name of the baby I lost.

She understood. She said that as she watches her new son, she sees some of her first son in him. We talked about how there is purpose in everything, including the way she and I had become friends.

This experience was a reminder of how the ECK is at work in all things. If we listen, the ECK points us to the open doors that lead to what is best for each of us spiritually. Every moment becomes a sacred opportunity to experience the blessings of God’s love.


A Fun Spiritual Experiment to Try

How has your spiritual growth entwined with service to all life?

Would you like to try a spiritual experiment? Today, give something in thought, word, or deed without expecting a return. Was there a surprising benefit?


24 Responses to A Spiritual Golden Age

  1. DocScientist says:

    My cousin is a 4 year old. She hardly ever gets in touch with people. She always loves to be with very few people. It was hard for any one to make friends with her. Today, I met her and I gave all my divine love to her without expecting any thing in return. I was surprised when she came up to me and hugged me with so much love. This was a kid that hardly ever did it to any body. I understood the true power of love. God is Love. Love can create harmony and wonders.

  2. David says:

    Unless the ECK teachings are for individual development, how will we ever know what a group needs? Personal development is the inflow. The outflow is service. When recognition is more important, the outflow becomes unstable and closes down.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you Wah Z! I love the Q&A, the story, the “short and sweet” comments of Fred and all the other comments/experiences and thoughts of everyone. It is always so inspiring for me whenever I read the blogs. I look forward to the next one.
    May the Blessings be!

  4. Fred Udeh Okum says:

    The ECK takes you to where you are needed at any point in time. Your attitude and response determines the love, peace and harmony you bring to bear on the situation.

  5. Joni Wellness says:

    Sri Harold’s answer: “A: The ECK teachings are for the individual. The group comes second.”
    My interpretation is that I should put on my own oxygen mask first, that is, keep doing my spiritual exercises. With the Inner link established, I am able to serve from and for the highest good. My sharing of the ECK teachings will be purer and more direct. My leadership roles will flow from a higher consciousness, instead of what the mind thinks it should do.

  6. Sapna Mukhi says:

    Thanks Wah Z for such beautiful insights!!!
    Recently I was able to serve 2 souls by giving my Time n Singing The HU, when each encountered a sudden mishap, one lost a sister in accident n the other suffered a heart attack.
    It was like … I was meant to be there – perfect timing.
    Thank you Mahanta for these opportunities to serve outside my country.
    May the Blessings be.

  7. PeterJ Santsaver says:

    Doing what one can!! We are on the road to Opportunity. Today my road was to a resturant I normally attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is Friday and first of December. Breakfast is my thing. Even on Fridays now I have to eat a light breakfast at home. Today the sun was doing it’s best to say , “come out and enjoy me”. Sooo, I go to the Purple Rooster. I know the waitress and cook and they know me. Friday, today I had coffee, decaf, two eggs over easy, sausage and rye toast. Another couple sat across from me and I said “hello.” They returned the greeting and we exchanged daily greetings. During the conversation, they learned I was a vet of WW II and that got a big hug as the woman came over to my table. We continued to talk and I found they had adopted a disadvantaged girl. We talked more and we talked about Healing through dreams. I gave them a HU card and we had talked about God within us, Jesus and his mission and Eckankar. They thanked me profusely and left. I finished my coffee and went to pay up The waitress said they paid your bill.

    Doing what one can is what my life is. Rewards come, and received gratefully. However, the best reward was I was allowed to be the presenter of the Master’s message. Love thy neighbor as thy self. Peter J.

  8. Keith says:

    I discovered Eckankar 42 years ago. Throughout my life I have always known the guidance of Spirit. Unfortunately I don’t always listen to the inner voice….. but that’s a book I should write one day. Lifes lessons can be tough but we learn from all our experiences. Thank you Harold and thank you Eck.

  9. John Ebadan says:

    Yes in did ECKANKER is an individual journey back home to GOD. The ECK which is life will provide all the missing pieces of the puzzle. All you need after that is your guide de Mahanta, the Living ECK Master to show you the way.

    Many years ago through mysterious circumstances I was visiting my uncle who lived in another town. I knew him not to be interested in spiritual things—he is more of a person who likes the pleasure things of life. So I was not surprised when I arrived to find he did not have time to clean up his apartment.

    So while he was gone to his job I decided on my own to clean up properly and dust the whole place up. While I was busy I came across this little blue book in-between so many other items that looked like trash, so I thought let me take a look at it to decide if it was trash. Then I read on the front cover—ECKANKAR—A WAY OF LIFE by Paul Twitchell. Instantly I felt a strange sensation of joy and I quickly read the back cover and knew this was Gold and not at all trash. I quickly finished cleaning up and went back to the treasure I had discovered and read the little book from beginning to end and was overwhelmed with emotions, because before this event I knew there was something missing in my life but I did not know what it was.

    So when my uncle arrived back from work he was so pleased to find his home clean. I then asked him what was ECKANKAR all about, he said he did not know, I showed him the little book. Then he said a stranger gave it to him at a street corner, after taking a look at it he said it is trash, I can keep it If I want to he said.

    Because of that little event of giving so many years ago, my life has never being the same again. May the blessings be.

  10. Todd Gambino says:

    Love reminds me it’s around with a simple call from someone I care about during the day.

  11. Nnena says:

    Selfless service is the key to ECK teachings.. We do all things in the name of the Sugmad, ECK, and Mahanta.

  12. Samson Ehijinwa says:

    Selfless Service gives me a Golden Heat. Few years ago a bad contractor tared my street. He left three hips of grinate on the street covering one kilometer. Motorcycle drivers were falling down, wounded. It was causing accident for more than a week. This was worrying my mind. The ECK told me to do some thing. I hired a laborer, I blocked one side of the road with my car. While the laborer was clearing the hips of grinates, I was controlling traffic to protect him. We used this method to clear all grinates. Our service stop accident on the street. I paid laborer for a days job. I was glad for this selfless service.

  13. Felix AKHIBI says:

    Thank Thee, Master for the gift of the Living Guide and the HU to mankind. The human brain or the mind is too small to understand the unendless love, expanded awareness, treasures and happiness, and much, much more in the Teachings…

  14. Doug S. says:

    Reply to Zoe,
    A simple answer to your question is yes. There is information about membership on Eckankar’s main web page at See the left panel. Since I don’t know where you are located, I can’t tell you about Eckankar in your area but on the main page there is also a link to Eckankar around the World. Also, feel free to call. See contact us on that main page.

  15. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z, you subtly awaken me to a higher consciousness and the related qualities to reflect the status of a real ECKist. I’ll be trying to comply more. Well, that’s the benefit of having a living guide who constantly guides.
    Your love is endless and I am so grateful. Everyday. Everytime. Thank you so much, Wah Z!

  16. zoe says:

    Can someone just walk into an eck building and become a member? Or you have a process to follow? Or be recommended? Because I want to know more, kind of intrigued.

    • Brian W. Mead says:

      Yes. You can visit an ECK Center and request a Advanced Spiritual Studies brochure, fill it out and send it in and you are a member. You can also join on line at

  17. Jacquelyn Dibble-Robinson says:

    When Love is in my life there is a continual flow that grows and grows. As assisting my 15 year old dog when out walking meet other people and animals. There are physical, verbal and emotional exchanges that show love from and to animals and people.

  18. Carla says:

    As a new Eckist I’m thrilled to have found this amazing religion of light, sound, and love. My 30 years of seeking brought me to my final resting place where I feel inspired and excited to learn all there is. It’s so cool to me that I was pulled to this year’s convention in Minneapolis without even being a member! I felt at home. On my journey there I ‘happened’ to be sitting across from a lady I was about to stay with at the hotel and was sitting beside a couple that were going to attend the convention as well. All this at the Toronto International Airport, lol God is great

  19. Ernest Edukere says:

    Somehow the Holy Sprint always knows and connects us with those who need our love
    Life is fun. when a gift of the heart is given and received, the recognition of It gives credence to the elevation in unfoldment that Soul finds!

  20. Renee Wholey says:

    Love Sri Harold’s answer

  21. Dudu says:

    in my life i always have this feeling that they is a path that is so deep that i have to in burg on in experiencing different levels of spiritual awareness. The reason that i have the strong feeling about me being a spiritual teacher is that , i am always curious about the level of awareness that an individual can have in their journey ..I know and believe that nothing is a coincident and every idea that comes in my mind is intentionally. God always puts the desires in our hearts.

  22. Peter S says:

    The teachings of Eck are about Love ! The story of the
    Librarian and her new friend show it so beautifully !

  23. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for that straight-to-the point respond.
    The respond made my day. I am particularly in love with the statement- “The ECK Teachings are for the individual. The group comes second”.
    “Those with the eyes to see shall look for selfless deeds of love and service done without fanfare by initiates in ECK,”., QED
    For me, this is a contemplation seed. I love this. I really am. I hope this can sink in really well.
    Its about me and not really the group or the community. The judgement of others is also immaterial.
    I declare myself a vehicle for The SUGMAD, The ECK and The MAHANTA everyday as i set out to meet people both within and outside the ECK Community. Some days can be rough. But life goes on. Watching out for an opportunity to serve can be a bit challenging. We grab the opportunity whenever it does come.
    The real key is serving without fanfare
    Thanks very much also Lorraine Lunzer for sharing your inspiring experience.
    They all sum up. .

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