Dream Guidance Opens the Door to a Miracle

Dream Guidance Opens the Door to a MiracleBy Harold Klemp

Some years ago, doctors told Rebecca that she was barren—she would never have children. She’s a member of Eckankar and has come to believe in her dreams. Despite this prognosis by the doctors, she still wanted to be a mother, to have her own children. So she opened herself to the ECK and said, “If there’s any way for me to have my own children, please let it be so.”

She determined at this time that she would begin living her religion. So as a member of Eckankar, she began to do her spiritual exercises every day. She read a lot of ECK books, and she practiced the ECK principles as best she could.

What was she doing? She was spiritualizing herself.

She was doing everything possible to put the most positive light on everything in her life so that it would uplift her, because she knew that then the power of God can get through more easily.

One time, Rebecca did a spiritual exercise which she felt would help. She used a visualization technique in contemplation. She was trying to imagine herself in a place of healing.

She awoke in a dream and found herself in a large hospital on a higher level of existence. A doctor examined her, took her into the operating room, and operated on her. After it was over and she was about to be discharged, the doctor handed her a prescription. He told her the name of the medicine, and she memorized it.

Just at the moment the doctor mentioned the medicine, she felt this movement in her lower abdomen. Something moved inside her. Then she awoke.

She wrote down the dream in her dream journal. On a separate piece of paper she wrote the name of the medicine. Then she went back to sleep.

Next morning she got up and began to call around to all the pharmacies to try to find this particular drug. Everywhere she called, the answer was always the same. “Madam, this drug is very rare. You can only get it at the regional hospitals and some big private clinics.” It was a new drug.

Rebecca looked at the situation and said, “I can’t really go to a doctor and say, ‘Here’s my dream prescription. Would you fill it please?'” So she said, “I’ll let this be.” She’d wait for God’s own time. She went about her life and practically forgot about the dream.

Then one morning she awoke with a terrible toothache. Her gums were swollen, and it felt as if her teeth were going to fall out. Rebecca got permission from her supervisor at work to go see a dentist at the dental clinic. When she got there, the dentist looked at her teeth. “You’ve got quite an infection,” he said. “I’m going to give you a prescription.” He mentioned the name of the medication, and it was exactly the same drug that the doctor in the dream state had prescribed—a very new, rare drug.

Rebecca went home with her prescription, and before the bottle was used up, she was pregnant. Her child is now a little over seven years old. For Rebecca this experience was proof that the Mahanta was listening, that the Mahanta is always with her.

It Helps to Ask

If you want something from life, first of all you have to earn it. But you also have to be open to the gifts life is willing to give you, and that means you have to ask for them.

All too often we don’t like to ask.

It never hurts to ask, because somebody just might say yes.

Life might say yes too. A lot of times the bounties of the Holy Spirit are held back from us simply because we don’t ask. We want something to come into our life, and we just sit around and wait.

But if you ask for it, be sure you know what you’re asking for. You may have to earn it, even the hard way; but by asking, at least you have opened the door. And if it is not for your well-being, the Holy Spirit, in Its infinite wisdom, will help you to know in some way that this is not for you.

By making a request, you put it into the ECK, but then you have to take the steps to figure out what you must do to earn it.

Excerpted from  ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance.


19 Responses to Dream Guidance Opens the Door to a Miracle

  1. Karen says:

    By making a request, you put it into the ECK, but then you have to take the steps to figure out what you must do to earn it.
    I love that last sentence (above) from that wonderful story. Rebecca, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed the comments of everyone too.
    May the Blessings Be!

  2. Ann says:

    This is such a wonderful story of trusting the Mahanta, asking with love, and something which touched my heart….doing the work. I’ve had a few bumps in the road and asked for help. For myself, I have noticed that doing my spiritual exercises daily, at the same time of the day and surrendering to the Mahanta made all the difference in the outcome and often the outcomes were a total surprise, not exactly what I had asked for but better than I could have imagined.

  3. Bi V. says:

    I love everything about this article… faith, trust and Love for the Mahanta, the ECK, and the Sugmad is primordial, then the spiritual exercises….the great road map to spiritual freedom.
    Just new in a big city, i needed some guidance to move around. Where ever I got stocked i just asked… “Wah Z, where are we now…considering Him as my permanent companion. Please, lead me to where am going”. At that point help comes either through the inner voice or somebody around the corner.
    It’s so marvalous asking and acting as if you are walking with the Masters. It may sound awful to some ears but to the eckists and others who have had such experiences, it’s so amazing..
    It is indeed good to ask for it probably may be the first step to get what we need. The ECK-Holy Spirit will lead us step by step to it if we rightfully have earned it.
    Thank you Wah Z for these priceless gifts in the ECK teachings. May The Blessings Be. ♥♥

  4. James Isiwu Aguwa says:

    Thanks to Mahanta for being there for us always. One thing is to ask and another is the readiness to accept the gift from Divine Spirit. The importance of dreams to ECKists cannot be over-emphasized and as such attention should be paid to them always.

  5. PeterJ Santsaver says:

    Help is always, always available. I had help as a child of 3 My lady in blue came. She was always with me after I had a bad fall. It took many years to find out who she was. The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, Chapter !! first edition had a picture of Kata Daki She was my Blue Lady.

  6. Isaac Ombe says:

    Mahanta, this is quite uplifting, and telling us, as ECKists what we should always do with the HolySpirit.
    WAH, Z , I have started preparing for my 2018 ECK WOLRD Wide Seminar at Minneapolis Convention Centre and I have started the preparations with you. We are preparing together to be at the event together. It will be my first time to make the trip.
    May the Blessings Be.

  7. Randhir says:

    I enjoyed the story and the comments like dedication and trusting the Eck. Asking for help is another important one. On the eve of this 2017, this story and the lessons through your comments is best new year tasks for me. I love Eck, Mahanta and Sugmad for timely advice. Mahanta, you are there for me always, I have to just keep reminding myself and do my spiritual exercise daily. Thanks a million.

  8. Bonny Audu says:

    This is yet another real example of absolute inner reliance and trust in the Mahanta. And this comes to be by only doing the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and reading ECK books.

  9. Bayonle says:

    Absolute inner reliance on the Sugmad, Eck and Mahanta is key to every endeavour. It always good to ask but also let the divine spirit leads. Mahanta has been of tremendous help in my life from childhood till this moment. He is a way shower and always with me. He is my best friend. The Mahanta is always with us.

  10. Rufin says:

    Thank You Mahanta, You are always there to take care of us whether we are have it in our conscious or not.
    Thy Will be done!

  11. Lucille says:

    Today as I read your letter Rebecca—it is very uplifting because the miracles are always there when we have the awareness to recognize them. Thank you for sharing—life is a beautiful gift from GOD.

  12. Ola Olaniyan says:

    The key is to have a dream journal where we record the lessons from the dream master, the Mahanta and also learn to let go and let God.

  13. Elke Hughes says:

    I really like that you had the patience to follow God’s timing and somehow I have the impression that you also followed the Law of Silence which allowed Spirit to work Its miracles. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Franck O OBEY says:

    Merci Mahanta pour l’amour divin qu’il nous donne sans cesse.

  15. Leland says:

    Timing being everything sometimes in life, I was prompted by the inner Master to see what new info the outer Master had posted here in his Eckankar blog🎶
    Sure enough there was something about a dream, dental infections, & new baby that related to a close friend’s situation as of this very moment (& ongoing🎸)
    So I have related the pertinent info Sri Harold shared above (& link, of course) to those Eckists directly & indirectly involved with our non Eckist friend (& perhaps eventually even to our mutal friend when appropriate 💤) Huuuuuu

  16. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    This story is uplifting. It awakens to absolute trust and total surrender to the Mahanta. To me, nothing can hinder the strength of ECK. One have to comply with the spiritual disciplines! I could not forget many many miracles that the Mahanta has produced and still producing in my life. I truly love you, Wah Z. May the blessings be! ❤

  17. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for this story. I’ve always loved it.
    Thanks also Rebecca for sharing.
    When the going gets tough, only tough gets going.
    ECKANKAR is an experiencial path. We do all we can and obviously leave the rest to divine spirit. Whatever happens, it is IT’s will, not our wish.
    In the end we always get help. Maybe not how we would have wanted but certainly what is best for spiritual advancement.
    Asking for help doesn’t hurt as The Master puts it—Life is what it is.
    When we look around us, we can still recognize the subtle miracles life brings to our feet.
    I remain eternally grateful to The MAHANTA for the abundance of life.

  18. Nnena says:

    I have always trusted the ECK in all my life endevours. Even when life becomes unbearable, and the ECK has not forsaken me. This experience equally adds a boost to my spiritual life, when the going gets tough, those who trust the ECK keeps going in ECK. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Lovedales Kumah says:

    This is a great experience. Thanks Rebecca for sharing. Most of the time we underestimate the power we have as souls. It all has to do with dedication and trusting the ECK.

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