Autobiography of a Modern Prophet Wins 2017 Best Book Award

By Linda Anderson, Minnesota

The e-book edition of Autobiography of a Modern Prophet won the American Book Fest 2017 Best Book Award for New Age: Non-Fiction. Autobiography of a Modern Prophet was selected by a distinguished panel of industry judges from 2,000 entries.

For me, Sri Harold’s momentous journey before and after God-Realization twisted and turned like a fast-paced novel. He wrote, “The heart of this book is thus not the experience of God alone, but also the narrative that precedes and follows the experience. It shows how I had to come to terms with this unexcelled state of God Awareness in my everyday life.”

After hearing about the national award, I thought it would be cool to find out why other people love the book. The results follow.

A Bookstore Discovery

Tammy Attama from Virginia tells about her experience of finding Autobiography of a Modern Prophet in a bookstore.

“Books of every kind lined the dozens of shelves before me. Slowly and deliberately I walked, running my fingers across the bindings and whispering the titles out loud. No reason to be there, or so I thought, except to pass time.

“What adventure shall I embark on today?” I mumbled to myself

“I glided through aisles of books before one jumped out at me. “Autobiography of a Modern Prophet,” I whispered, and the kind-looking man on the front cover seemed to call to me. I stared directly into his eyes, and something stirred within.

“Not understanding this feeling, I abruptly put it down, almost dropping it back into place, as I felt a wave of energy pulse through me. Despite this, I returned the book to the shelf. I didn’t know what a modern prophet looked like but I was positive it wasn’t him. Where was the white hair and flowing robe?

“I strolled around the store aimlessly. Having no idea what I was looking for, I picked up one book after another and then quickly proceeded to put them back. ‘A modern prophet’ crossed my mind over and over again despite my best efforts to think of anything else.

“Settling on a purchase, I approached the checkout and patiently waited my turn. One last quick gaze around the store, and where do my eyes land? On a shelf off to my side sat, you guessed it, Autobiography of a Modern Prophet.

“Giggling to myself, I picked up the book, stared deeply into this man’s eyes, and silently stated, “Okay, okay. If you are going to follow me around the store, I guess I have no choice but to take you home.” In my mind’s eye, I swore he winked at me! This would be the beginning of a love story I am still writing.”

Tammy took her next spiritual step by becoming a member of Eckankar a year after reading the book.

What Other Readers Say about the Book

Lorraine Buell from Southern California says, “I have recommended this book to others. It’s such a beautiful book. I frequently read it before bed or first thing in the morning. It reminds me that being stretched is the natural state for Soul when It’s moving forward.”

“I recommend the book because it completely summarizes the true, practical essence of the ECK [Holy Spirit] teachings from basics to the very advanced day-to-day terms anyone can understand,” writes Austin Audu of Texas.

Charles Richards, PhD, from California says, “Anybody who’s interested in spirituality and realizing their spiritual potential can read this book and get insights and understanding about deeper spiritual truths. Autobiography of a Modern Prophet is written from a contemporary, Western perspective. Sri Harold wasn’t raised in India. He came from a Christian background like a lot of us and he’s achieved Mastership in a modern society and culture, which is something I don’t think you hear about anywhere else. I’ve read nothing that compares to it.”

Below are a few customer comments and editorial reviews about the book that I found on

“I urge anyone slightly interested in finding out more about the spiritual significance of certain events in their lives to give this book a read.”

“Over the years and through the various experiences called life, Harold’s books have helped a great deal in that whatever I’ve had to go through, he’s gone through worse and come out the other side, his face firmly toward God.”

“When a true master (in any field) reveals his process—the successes and failures, challenges, pitfalls to avoid, timeless principles, motivations, techniques, tests, lessons, and qualities one must have to achieve mastery in his chosen field, sincere aspirants can reap immeasurable benefits.”

Thousands of people around the world have read Autobiography of a Modern Prophet. Many found inspiration, guidance, and insights about their spiritual experiences.

What treasures will this book hold for you and friends, family members, or spiritual seekers to whom you give it as a golden gift?


Soul Travel Experience

by Harold Klemp

from Autobiography of a Modern Prophet


Our breath is a sound of HU as we breathe in and out. My object was to go out, to Soul Travel, so the natural thing was for me to sing HU on the outgoing breath. Without straining, I then watched the inner screen of my mind, which was blank to start, in an offhand, easy way. It was then I had one of my first Soul Travel experiences….

This was my experience: A single pinpoint of white light appeared in the depths of the dark universe before me. It was far off in the distance but exploded toward me at a fantastic speed, like a tiny dot of light racing to meet a planet of unspeakable radiance.

It was like flying into the sun, passing through a curtain of light, and coming out on the other side to a world of gorgeous colors. I hung suspended in space, a splendid light (the glorious Soul body) of seeing, knowing, and being.

Below me lay the dazzling white sands of a beach, with a multiplicity of blue-and-green ocean waters, the waves washed mildly upon the sand. Small birds ebbed and flowed with the tide, mirroring the give-and-take of life. The bright blue sky was unclouded by haze of any kind. This must be heaven, I thought.


Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Goodreads, or Eckankar.


23 Responses to Autobiography of a Modern Prophet Wins 2017 Best Book Award

  1. Joseph Homsey says:

    I did not know that “The Autubiography of a Modern Prophet” won the 2017 Best Book Award for New Age non-fiction.. This is great to know! My daily ECK regimen , for years, is singing HU followed by a passage from the Shariyat…and a passage from the latest discourse. Yesterday’s discourse passage enabled me to see some things. Today’s 6:00 AM wake up call is this Book of the Year newsflash. Some things are finally falling into place!!!

  2. Pita Ezu says:

    I love the simple and down to earth manner of the presentation. Very easy to read and understand. The stories are so clear and vivid. The sense of Humour is awesome. This book sure left an indelible impression on me. May the blessings be.

  3. Amos Asiedu,Ghana. says:

    I believe this amazing experiences of Wah Z light the way for me too, so as to reach both the exalted states Self-Realization and God consciousness in this very lifetime, as I grow in spiritual awareness.

  4. Bob says:

    Yes. I love the book too! Now I’m inspired to read it again. God’s love is the inspiration I feel. Many thanks!

  5. Elke Hughes says:

    This is the most fascinating and uplifting autobiography I have read. Everyday life and spirituality are entertwined and invited me to discover more love and meaning in my own life. Thank you!

  6. Kimberly Coleman says:

    I do love reading this book. It has brought me a deeper understanding of what spiritual experience can be like. Divine love is worth the struggle.

  7. Sidnei says:

    I absolutely love this book, which I have read twice. Whenever I think life is tough for me, I think of all Sri Harold´s gone through and I realize you´re never given more than you can take. I totally recommend this book to anyone interested in spirituality, ECKist or not.

  8. Jon Uan says:

    Truly good to hear this. A down-to-earth description of a spiritual journey.

  9. Iriowen says:

    Will there be an audio version sometime soon?

  10. Deinma Ateli says:

    Splendid book. My favourite book. If you want to be a Master on your life, read about a Master’s life. Thanks to ECKANKAR fir the gift of this book.

  11. Bi V. says:

    Mmmmmh! CONGRATULATIONS Wah Z and to all who contributed to make this a success.
    @ Tammy Attama, thanks for sharing your very inspiring experience. Be The HUUU.

  12. Adekunle says:

    Like every other book seeming so ordinary as the Master adheres his personal life experiences with Divine Spirit (ECK) on the road to Mastership. There is no way you read this book without getting high in spiritual energy… You get high on the ECK pure spiritual energy pouring out into our World.. No matter how many times you read it, the energy is always there..

  13. Tammy Attama says:

    This is a book worth reading again and again! I’m on my third time, maybe even my fourth, I’ve lost track! Each time I read it, I discover something new that I don’t remember reading before, another jewel to add to my treasure box. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

    Harold Klemp takes you on his spiritual journey, weaving you through the ups and downs of becoming the Living ECK Master for The Path of Spiritual Freedom, Eckankar. One can appreciate the love and the honesty in which he shares this personal account. This book is for everyone but especially for those serious about their own personal spiritual journey.

    It is sure to touch your heart! It certainly has mine!

  14. Uju James says:

    This book totally deserves this award. Autobiography Of A Modern Prophet is an amazing book. The stories and experiences of Sri Harold Klemp are so vividly narrated you feel like a part of it. I have read it twice and it was still as interesting as the first time.

  15. Anna says:

    Wonderful. So grateful he can share his wisdom with us all 🙂

  16. Caroline says:

    This Autobiography of a Modern Prophet mesmerized me from start to finish.. This truly holds its own as a book that changed my life. I absolutely recommend it ..

  17. Austin Audu says:

    This book is now available as an e-book so yes you can read it online
    there are very few books that could give a better understanding of the Spiritual life in ECK,
    how to understand your experiences and keep expanding in awareness in balance with the ECK or holy Spirit
    It doesn’t matter if you are new to the teachings or have been studying and practicing for over 40 years!

  18. Lovedales , Ghana says:

    I am really trilled and excited about all these comments from those who read the “Autobiography of the Modern Prophet”. Eckankar is a practical path. I am blessed to be a member. Thank you Mahanta.

  19. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    That’s great! This book shows the importance of ECKANKAR’s teachings in this world full of uncertainties. Few people are aware that they are created in the image of God and that their happiness depend only on themselves. Others, although they accept their true identities, have a very limited knowledge of ​the​reincarnation. Soul never dies! We are the result of our past lives! This book is full of truths important to know, to read, whatever religion one belongs to. And what about HU’s gifts? Everything is in the book.
    I’m sure the other versions will be available soon for the benefit of the whole world.
    Congratulations Sri Harold and the team who made the project a reality. Many thanks, Linda for sharing. May the blessings be!

  20. Holly says:

    This is very exciting!
    The teaching of Divine Love and Spiritual Freedom are being accepted and cherished.

  21. Moses Nduekhe says:

    The Autobiography of a Modern Prophet is an incredible piece of art work.
    Give yourself a treat if you haven’t done so already.
    The Title of this book is thought provoking.. Who could this prophet possibly be
    Grab a copy to find out who He really is and you’ll be glad you did..
    Thanks very Wah Z for your relentless efforts in bringing the pure ECK teachings to the waiting world.

  22. Olakunle Ogunsanya says:

    Please, can I be reading the published spiritual books online?

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