Finding Dillon

Finding DillonBy Jennifer, California

My sister Carrie was on her way to visit me for my wedding anniversary celebration. I was happy she was coming and agreed to pick her up at the airport.

Almost as soon as she got into the car, she began to tell me stories about her new dog named Dillon, who is a Wheaten Terrier. Dillon was a rescue dog and very loving. My sister doted on him like a new mother over a baby.

When we arrived home, Carrie got a call from her husband, Jerry. He had taken Dillon up to their ranch in Montana. As he usually did, he let Dillon out to run around and explore. But this time, the dog hadn’t returned.

Dillon was missing.

My sister and her husband were concerned. But there were still hours of daylight left, and they believed he would show up before dark.

By nightfall, Jerry had still not found Dillon, and he began to worry about the many predators that could harm a small dog.

The next day, Dillon was still missing. Carrie was in tears. She was sure they had lost him.

I’d never seen her so upset. As my older sister, she had always seemed so strong and brave to me. Her sadness touched a chord in my heart. I wondered what I could do to help.

I thought it would be a good idea to take the situation into contemplation and ask the Inner Master for guidance. I decided to tell my sister about my plan.

“I’d like to do a spiritual exercise and ask for guidance on Dillon,” I said. “Is that OK with you?”

“Sure,” she said. “Anything that will help.”

I closed my eyes and went into contemplation. Inwardly, I turned the situation over to the ECK and the Mahanta. As I relaxed, I had an image of a red, latticework porch, similar to the one at my sister’s ranch in Montana. I thought that was interesting, but I put the image aside.

Thank you for the image, Mahanta, I said inwardly. But where is Dillon?

Then I heard an inner voice in reply.

If you want to know where to find the dog, the horses know where to look.

The horses? I thought. WellOKThank youMahanta. When I came out of contemplation, I shared part of my experience with my sister.

“I don’t know if this means anything to you,” I began. “But when I asked about Dillon, I was told that the horses know where to look.”

Carrie wasn’t sure what to make of that. They did have a couple of horses. But how could they find a dog?

As the day wore on, Carrie got ready to go to the airport to return home. She seemed a little happier.

“I’m really excited, Jenny!” she said. “I think what you heard means we have to do a mounted search for Dillon. Maybe that’s how we’ll find him!”

When she got to the ranch, Carrie and Jerry did a mounted search with the horses for Dillon. Although they covered every part of the ranch, they found no sign of him.

Despondent, Carrie sat on her porch and cried. She thought of how much she loved her dog and wanted him home. Jerry sat with her and they reminisced about the sweet times they spent with Dillon.

Suddenly the horses began to act in a peculiar way. They were nuzzling the latticework at the far end of the porch.

Carrie thought that was odd and went to check. As she approached, she heard the welcome sound of barking. Dillon was trapped under the porch!

The horses had shown her where he was. Jerry got the latticework apart and the family was reunited.

Carrie called me that evening.

“We’ve found Dillon!” she said. “It’s really a miracle. I never thought you could get information like that to help me find my dog. I think it worked because you love me so much.”

I agreed with my sister. Because I love her so much, I was able to let down the guard of my mind. Then the ECK, the Holy Spirit, was able to flow through more easily and give me the help I needed.

I learned I can always rely on the ECK and the Mahanta to get the answers I need, not just for myself but also for my loved ones. It’s such a blessing to see how love connects all life!


18 Responses to Finding Dillon

  1. Jeffrey C. Hunt says:

    Thank you so much, Jennifer, for sharing this beautiful story! It teaches us about the disciplines we need to do in order to bring the Mahanta’s love, protection, and guidance into our lives and the lives of our loved ones, no matter what type of body form they inhabit as Soul.

  2. Richard A Dillon says:

    It’s funny how things work, today I had decided to read the Eck blog, it has been sitting in my e-mail for several weeks. There is a parable about the jade master which connected with me very much, I had never responded to any of the stories today I did and now there is a story about finding Dillon, That is my name it is like Eck and I are finding each other again. What a wonderful thought.

  3. elaine voda says:

    I also had a wheaten terrier. He was a pleasure to have around and gave and received a lot of love.
    Sadly he was injured and had to be put down. I few months later we moved to another town. All our belongings had already been moved out of the house, but we had to come back to the house to wait for the buyers to return with papers from their attorney. With no furniture to sit on, we sat on the carpet in the family room. I had vacuumed the carpet until spotless. All of a sudden my husband and I noticed this large clump of hair by the door. When we went to examine it, we were surprised to see it looked like a big wad of our dogs hair. We knew it was not there before. We knew it was our dog Morgan’s way of saying good-by to us.

  4. Willie Gborgla says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I don’t have pets but my goddaughter a non -ECKist is great animal lover. Koku

  5. Amrutha says:

    Inner guidance truly works but a complete surrender to the divine spirit makes it easier.

  6. Karen says:

    Lovely story! Thanks for sharing Jennifer. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences, opinions and advice. Much appreciated.

  7. Angie says:

    We are bonded by God’s unconditional love, whether it be human, or a furry friend. We are blessed with these connections. To understand and experience it, the Mahanta guides Soul. The guidance comes wether we are asleep, awake, in contemplation or somewhere in between. The guidance is always available. We just have to ask and leave room for an response. . and . . it works!

    It amazes me how God’s Love Just Is. I just can’t get over how simple it all is, God’s unconditional love. We are loved simply because we exist. That’s it!

    I just spread the love around. Let it flow out and the ECK places it wherever IT sees fit. It’s all so awesome 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Lana Douglas says:

    Love has no boundaries. Animals are so much more aware of divine love and the presence of the Mahanta.. May the Blessings Be

  9. Omo Nosa says:

    Animals too are Soul and so exhibit the qualities of Soul.

  10. Narinderpal Singh says:

    This is a petition or request and the surrender to the Mahanta in full faith that the answer will come.
    When one petitions, do not propose or expect the solution to unravel as we want.
    Surrender in the belief of a positive outcome.

  11. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jenny. Your story pointed out how ECKists can help; how we can serve life. This requires strict application of the ECK disciplines. As a matter of fact, we are real channels of the Mahanta. So, one needs to follow the process that you’ve rightly observed (self discipline, spiritual exercises, true contemplation and absolute trust in the Mahanta).
    Few years ago, when embarrassed with some cases, my dear attorney we commonly call “master” said to me “ask for help from your Master to enlighten us ….. Please talk to Him.” My attorney knows that I’m ECKist. I contemplated and relied on the Mahanta. And we strictly complied with the guidance of the Mahanta. Then, everything suddenly turned around; we have seen miracles, even beyond our expectation. I did thank the Mahanta.
    My attorney humbly concluded: “Your Master’s strength is indescribable …..”
    Yes, truly the Mahanta protects His chelas and their properties. This protection extends to our lovely ones. I always rely on the ECK and the Mahanta to get the answers I need. It’s really a blessing to be ECKist! I’m very grateful to the Mahanta.
    Truly, love connects all life. Thanks again.

  12. Carol Cameron says:

    Animals supposedly “see” our picture thoughts. I’ve often found that if I think of my pets over the years, and a favorite bird and squirrel we feed, now, they suddenly or soon show up. It is a very sweet thing. Small pops of love with another species… I’m so glad Dillon was located with a little help from his friends and the inner guidance…

  13. Orjinweke, evi says:

    A great story that shows the miracle of inner guidance! Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. holly says:

    Brilliant story about how to not push aside the images of contemplation!
    Animals are helpers to so many because they seem to have a clear link to spirit that the mind does not block. Our Dog has been a great help in our family like your horses!
    Thank you for sharing.

  15. Moses Nduekhe says:

    What an interesting story on love and the miracles of The ECK
    Thanks very much Wah Z.

  16. Lovedales Kumah says:

    Thank you Jenni, that is a great story. It tell us how fortunate we are as Eckists. Having the Inner Guide and following It is a blessing. Let us count our blessings always.

  17. vicente rivera s says:

    realmente conocer eckankar y tener de guia a el mahanta es una bendicion es la salvacion. saludos

  18. Jill Soudyn says:

    What a beautiful story. Animals are so much smarter and more “knowing” than we are. They also watch over us – especially when there is love involved.

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