Getting Answers in Dreams—There Is Always a Way

By Harold Klemp

At some level Soul knows everything. If there is something that you would like to bring into consciousness, here is a way to get help.

Before you go to sleep, relax and decide that upon awakening you will have an answer to whatever it is that you desire.

When you awaken, it will be in the forefront of your thoughts. At the moment of slipping from or into sleep, you are opened to truth and in direct contact with it. It is at this point that you will perceive your answer.

Immediately make note of it in your dream journal.

We know that there is an answer for every situation that comes up in our life. There is always a way, somehow. What holds us back is our attitudes.

Learn the value of doing a spiritual exercise just before retiring or upon awakening. It works to your advantage during these times of change in conscious awareness.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECKwhere more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


12 Responses to Getting Answers in Dreams—There Is Always a Way

  1. Bassey Philip says:

    The spiritual exercise of ECK work far beyond our imaginable thoughts…thank you Wah Z

  2. Chiagorom Ernest Uzoukwu says:

    I had an inner experience where my land was taken by a relations. In that dream I was so worried about how to go about it. With in a short time it manifested in the outer life. I was called by my brother that this our relation was trying to encroach into our land. I remembered my dream. I became much worried the way their are talking, that whether we like it or not that they are going to take the land. The funny side of the story is that they are influential in the community. I surrender to the Master after my spiritual exercise. In the inner I was told not to direct my complain to the community that they will judge against me. Behold my went to the community and report the case. This people judged against us. Then I went to the court and they sold all they have to obtain judgement. Now we have Apple against the judgement. The Master told me to go to court if I want justice. The learning point here is listening and obey. You can get inner guide from the Master, but you must follow the instructions rigidly.

  3. David Baillie says:

    Lovely. I am inspired. Yes, Trulyly there always is a way, living as Soul.

  4. Lovedales Kumah says:

    It always works through dreams and inner guidance unless one does not pay attention. Thank you Z for the reminder.

  5. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    It’s very true, there is always a way! Indeed, every Soul has well-ordered archives in the inner worlds. Upon request, the Dream Master offers, the opportunity to consult them to find answers to questions, regardless their complexity. The ECK spiritual exercises are very powerful keys that help mastering the process. Then, everything suddenly becomes clear and very clear. There are no more supposition. There are just lessons to be learned.
    I do feel very happy to be an ECKist. Thank you so much, Wah Z for your endless love. May the blessings be!

  6. Okongwu Sunday Chinedu says:

    May the blessings be. Searching for answers can be such a tough task. Thanks Mahanta. Spiritual exercises truly unlock every door with the help of the dream Master. Always may the blessings be

  7. Helena Elsina says:

    I’ll try this. I have tried, “Mahanta kindly show me truth.” No answers yet to my current consciousness.

    • Peter Akpokodje says:

      There is always a way. And an uplifting way, I might add.

      Sometimes, it just blows the mind away into new perspective.

      For me, patience, love and devotion have been great companions on the journey to this realization of the Way.

  8. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    It works. Yes it works, particularly if one consciously asks the Mahanta to use the dream experience to give one an answer to a situation one is seeking answers for. Sometimes it works immediately; but at times it may take some patience – a few nights of asking the Inner Master for the answer through dream experience. But in the end, it always works. Our awareness, and attitude – truly surrendering the situation to the Inner Master – and being ready to wait for the answer, also matters. We can’t be too anxious, and go pressurizing the ECK for immediate answers. Thank you Z for this channel of communication in times of need. May the blessings be.

  9. Moses Nduekhe says:

    The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, what a fantastic tool it is.
    Most times, whenever you see an ECKist grab a copy, look around him, there must be something hitting him somewhere.
    Looking at The Master’s writing, two things stand out :-Discipline and attitude. If we have enough discipline to follow through the Spiritual exercises of ECK, with the attitude of love and surrender, we may be open to divine spirit to the extend of knowing why things happen the way they do.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for this reminder.

  10. Temple Graeae says:

    Thank you very much. Our group will be trying this exercise tonight.

  11. Bi V. says:

    Yes, there’s an answer to every single situation that comes our way”. And as importantly stated above, it is our ATTITUDES that prevent us from getting the guidance for the solutions.
    Sometimes we’re too full of ourselves… self pride or
    “the know it all syndrome”, too angry and full of hatred blocking the doors of inner peace and guidance, sometimes we expect our own ready-made results at our own stipulated time, we even compare our situations with others’ which most often do not have the same bearing, we fail most of the time to assume resposibility over the situation and instead point accusing fingers to others etc etc.
    We need to know the root cause of our situation, accept our responsibility to the cause of it, for this could be the beginning of the solution to it. Be alert for guidance from the Mahanta or the Holy Spirit which could come through the inner guidance or otherwise. Be ready to learn the lessons that come with every situation, for there’s always a spiritual reason behind each situation we are faced with. Focus, Patience and endurance need to be added to our spiritual exercises or prayers, while expecting the best options for the solutions.
    Be grateful for the solutions, then move forward.
    Thank you Mahanta for the HU Song and the other spiritual exercises that help us in time of need.
    May The Blessings be.

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