A Spiritual Experience in Australia That Changed Everything

By Daniel, California

I was nineteen, going on twenty, and working late nights at a restaurant in Brisbane, Australia. A few months earlier, I had dropped out of Queensland University where I had been studying engineering. Academic life wasn’t what I had hoped for. I was yearning to grow as a person and to rub shoulders with life, but university just seemed to be a much more challenging version of school with very little scope for personal growth. I was a seeker.

I loved the nighttime crew that I worked with. Many were travelers saving money for the next leg of some exotic overseas backpacking or ocean adventure. Late at night, after the restaurant cleanup was complete, we would often sit around one of the big, round tables and share stories of adventures. While I felt happy, I was conscious that I was getting my enjoyment from other people’s lives rather than living my own adventure—and I knew that wasn’t going to keep working forever.

Late one night at the restaurant, I had the first in a series of spiritual experiences that, over time, changed everything. I was serving a large table of about twelve people, and I noticed right from the start that they felt special. There was a glow about them, and they seemed truly happy. I have always been sensitive to people’s emotions and states of consciousness, and I’ve learned to trust my perceptions. I knew these people were genuinely happy, and I also knew, from all the tables I had served over the previous six months, that this wasn’t too common. What I noticed more than anything, though, was how good I felt—I was like a bee buzzing around a beautiful spring flower.

Time passed all too quickly that night, and it wasn’t long before my table of happy, smiling people departed. Afterward, while clearing away the dishes, I noticed they had left a green paper bookmark on the table. On it was a quote that I knew I had to read, but it was the busiest part of my shift, and there was no time. So I pocketed the bookmark for later, all the while feeling that I was carrying some great secret.

After my shift ended, around midnight, I sat with a coffee and read the quote. And something happened—something hard to describe. It was as if an inner explosion tore through my consciousness and connected me to something limitless and true that I had known since the beginning of time. It was unexpected, amazing, and very real.

The quote was from a book called Eckankar—The Key To Secret Worlds, and this and later experiences ultimately led me to the spiritual teachings of Eckankar. It didn’t happen overnight—in fact it was a few years before I became a member of Eckankar. But when I look back today, I can see how the hand of Spirit was moving quickly to make changes in my life that would bring more meaning, happiness, and freedom. Just a few months later I had moved to Sydney and was back at university. And even though I faced huge challenges, there was a real purpose and direction in my life.

Today I feel such gratitude for all the rich challenges and experiences that have come my way. I wanted to share this experience and acknowledge Eckankar, the spiritual teaching that has been such a foundation for my life.


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  1. Joe says:

    Daniel, thanks so much for sharing. Your words below touched me deeply:

    “It was as if an inner explosion tore through my consciousness and connected me to something limitless and true that I had known since the beginning of time. It was unexpected, amazing, and very real.”

  2. Amato says:

    I’m very happy to write my stories because I am so proud for the ECK gift in my life. I experimented the year of light and miracles in my life. We are Soul.. I in Democratic Republic of Congo, and speak french, but my last children has 7 years age and speaks english easily as can’t his sister. The lesson of Karma it become so reality in my life. Visualization, HU song, all I learned at Eckankar it’s now a reality in my life.

  3. Theophilus says:

    Please I need guidelines on everything about eckankar

  4. Laurence says:

    Interesting and powerfully uplifting story, Daniel. I didn’t know this was how you found Eckankar!

  5. Bronwyn says:

    Thanks Daniel my journey into actually joining membership in ECKANKAR took many side steps (stepping stones) and a duration of almost twelve years from first contact by reading a small ad in the local classifieds column . Each step a burning desire to “know truth” you name it I studied it course after course book after book.
    And there it was I came full circle ECKANKAR yes! another ad in the local newspaper patiently waiting until I was ready to be guided to the most dynamic spiritual spiritual teaching on the planet today . That burning desire for truth is ever unfolding as I begin to grow in awareness with the inner guidance I receive. My life has changed forever and for the better. I loved your story Daniel the journey continues😍

  6. Kate Finn says:

    That was a lot of fun Daniel–thanks! The ECK is sooooo clever in finding just the right way for each of us to connect. I was actually introduced to Eckankar by a hitch-hiker! The quote that was left for you would not have been so meaningful if the group had not been so meaningful….a good reminder for all of us to express the greatest LOVE, which is each of our gift and birthright!

  7. Mangakane Theresa Puoane says:

    Thanks for sharing Daniel, very interesting story and uplifting.

  8. Nnena says:

    Thank you very much Daniel for this intriguing story. Eckankar has its way to teach us better.

  9. Pamela says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. ECKANKAR is indeed a beautiful path.

  10. Gary Curtis says:

    A wonderful story, Daniel. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  11. Linda Medley says:

    Thank you Daniel for sending in your uplifting story of how you came to find the spiritual path of Eckankar. This story motivates me to participate in more Vahana activities so that others too may find the real experiences the ECK provides to show how you can be freed from the condition of the human mind and find meaningful happiness. Thank you

  12. FranZiska says:

    Beautyful… very touching…

  13. Azita says:

    Amazing! It really touched my heart. The Eck has wonderful ways to reach the people who are ready to start their journey in higher worlds.

  14. Bi V. says:

    Thanks Daniel for sharing with us your beautiful and life-changing experience.
    Life is not a random walk nor a game of chance, but it is finely planned by the divine hand. So wherever we are and whatever we are doing at any given time, we are on a holy ground, weeding and clearing our path to Spiritual Freedom. We should just try to put in the best of us. When the rightful time arrives,The Mahanta opens the doors for us.
    Thank you Mahanta for always being there for us.
    May the blessings

  15. Lovedales , Ghana says:

    Great story and thanks for sharing Daniel. When Soul is ready, nothing can stop IT from tapping into the fountain of life.

  16. Michelle Cameron says:

    Thanks for sharing, especially about the explosion of consciousness that tore through you. Timeless and limitless!

  17. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Dan for Sharing your story.
    An interesting story, i must say.
    Growing up as a little child was fun. Far more interesting were my nightly dreams.
    I’ve always had someone sit by me on a trunk of a tree that fell across a River.
    Night after night, He would talk to me about GOD. Waking up would have me not able to recall all that He had to say.
    But the feeling was always that of ecstasy. A feeling beyond words.
    It was only a matter of time, i would know who the thick bearded guy really is.
    From that moment, i knew i was gently guided in into this path of Spiritual Freedom.
    Thanks to Wah Z.
    I am here now.

  18. soul says:

    i have questions about eck and Spiritual experiences If possible please send me an active email for ask my questions

  19. Inyang Imah says:

    I enjoy this story and from now on I will always love to open this blog to read more, thank you Mahanta, thank Daniel. May the blessing be

  20. Joyce Smalling says:

    Daniel, Thank you very much for sharing you story. ECKANKAR saved me from myself. I love the path I am now on and the bees are still buzzing. I now know it’s Love and gratitude.

    Baraka Bashad!!!

  21. Moses Ezeala says:

    Thanks dear, for sharing this story with the ECK Chela’s the Mahanta is always with us no matter where we are or what ever we are doing the ECK chela is always cherished beloved and protected by the ECK Master in every act of the Chela’s life.

  22. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you Daniel. Your story leads to the retrospection, to the attention, to the receptivity and, to the gratitude. There are always reasons behind the situations we face. ECK always pursues appropriate paths to achieve its goal and, nothing can stop the sacred fire. Nothing at all.

    In the past, my life was peppered with similar experiences as, for example, Sri Harold, Paul Twitchell and Rebazar Tarz ‘s photos affixed to the walls of the living room, forgotten by the previous occupant of the villa we had rent. Eventhough we had handcarry the stuff to the owner of the villa, we had no idea of ECKANKAR teachings.

    Later on, I realized that it was one of the unfathomable ways that the ECK had choose to touch my heart. Then, anything that could obstruct the passage was progressively swept away for renewal.

    I did not understand the reason. But, I religiously followed the indications coming from my heart (the inner voice). A few months later, the real hour struck; I had adhere to the ECKANKAR’teachings.

    I felt so happy to discover that I am Soul; that I am a particle of God and that I could communicate directly anytime with God. There is no limit. I realized the freedom and the happiness which I was looking for so far. The Mahanta had raise me up! Moreover, in the meantime, He (Mahanta) had kindly show me reincarnation.

    Thanks to divine love, the Soul that leaft us, meanwhile came back to the family (reincarnation). We met again!

    This additional discovery deeply transformed me. As a matter of fact, there is no loss! Everething is in its place. Now, we kept on pursuing together our mission, taking care of our children and grand-children. Sincerely, words cannot deeply describe what divine love is really!

    Mahanta’s love is indescribable! I’ll remain grateful, giving thanks all the time!

    Sincerely, words are not enough to express my gratitude.
    Thanks again, Daniel for sharing.

    May the blessings be!

  23. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Lovely article Daniel. Thank you so much for sharing.

    It is not easy to follow the Call of Soul. It takes courage and zest. But most importantly, it requires divine love and the help of the Mahanta. Indeed, it is the most worthwhile adventure, Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom.

    Discover your spiritual purpose.

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