Stepping Out of Fear into the Light

Photo by: Connie KroskinBy Harold Klemp

A woman had run her life by the forces of power and control instead of love. When she came into contact with other people, her inclination was to control them, to tell them what to do. The woman had developed some bad habits, but she couldn’t pinpoint what this was doing to her life.

So the Dream Master gave her an experience about habits. One night in the dream state, the Dream Master took her into a basement with a group of people. The basement was very dark. Leeches were crawling on the floors and walls.

The people in the basement felt it was very important to pluck the leeches off themselves. They spent most of their time just sitting in the basements, plucking and plucking.

Suddenly a door opened from the outside. Sunlight poured in, and a second group of people entered the basement. They seemed very unconcerned about the leeches, even though the first group tried to warn them, “Keep plucking them off, because they’ll stick to you!”

The second group was happy. They laughed and enjoyed themselves. The first group wasn’t able to impress upon these happy people that leech plucking was important enough to worry about.

About this time, as the second group left the basement and the sunlight poured in through the open door, the dreamer awoke.

The dream was upsetting and left the woman with a feeling of discomfort. So she developed a spiritual exercise to resolve her discomfort.

She imagined herself walking out of the dark basement into the sunlight. She was trying to move from a lower, darker world into a higher, lighter one. As she did this, she realized that the leeches were her habits of control, fear, and power. The second group was simply concerned with living in the love of everyday life and loving the Holy Spirit. She realized that the love was in the Light and Sound which was outside in the greater worlds of God.

Excerpted from The Book of ECK Parables, Volume 3.



How might this story help you move out of control, fear, and power into the Light?

Is there a spiritual exercise you could create today to help you solve a problem in your life?


25 Responses to Stepping Out of Fear into the Light

  1. Tracy Aniefuna says:

    I have a 6-month-old, and each time he falls ill – which happens quite often – I have this gripping, debilitating fear that he is going to die. I do not know why, I just become so, so afraid to the point of having a nervous breakdown. Because of this, I sometimes wish and pray that I do not conceive again, for I do not know how I will cope with two children falling ill. My husband wants more children, but I cannot tell him of my silent wish, because he does not seem to understand my deep fear. He fell ill today again, and the fear returned. I called upon the Master to help me understand this fear and find a path out of it. I wrote him a letter online and he led me to this article just now. Thank you Wah Z. I am so grateful.

  2. Seeker says:

    The story really helped me in understanding that light and sound of God can purify the Soul so that it gains freedom from Kal traps such as power, attachments, lust etc..I have also been suffering from such attachments and power. To be honest, it actually took me years to even realise that I was actualy suffering BECAUSE of such traps of Kal. When I actually did realise after my meeting with ECK, it was too late because such attachments have sown a seed deep in my subconcious that I was constantly getting thoughts related such attachments and power. It had already become an obsession.
    I discovered a spiritual exercise to deal with it. I would visualise Mahanta holding a basket and asking me to put all negative thoughts in it. When I did put it in, I would feel relieved. At times, I would simply sing HU when such thoughts crop up. It would open my heart to God’s love and help me separate myself from the negative influences of mind. It was like cleansing myself. Over time, these exercises have made me be more connected to Eck and become a better channel of God’s love by purifying me (taking away all negative thoughts and emotions).

  3. David Coldwell says:

    I was just going through a discourse and trying to grasp how to get past the desire to control others instead of controlling myself. And here is the answer! I really must get used to these conincidences. These coincidences are far more common than I realized.

  4. Lucille says:

    I am so very thankful for the love of the Master, to always know that what ever the fears in my life, the Master is always there

    guiding , loving and protecting me , When old fears tries to creep in , I fill my heart with love and sing my love song to God knowing

    that all is as it should be. Thank you for all the love Wah Z.

  5. Bronwyn says:

    Heartfelt thanks Wah Z our spiritual gift of creativity (for me) goes hand in hand with your inner guidance 💙
    Trust and gratitude when a breaking free of our self imposed limitations are finally resolved (for me) is part of the journey.

  6. Raymond Ekedigwe says:

    This is a typical illustration of people that control in every step of the way. It is either their way or nothing. Little by little, they shut down the outside light coming into their life in their attempt to be overly on top of everyone around them. To them, life is matter of competition, as against cooperation.

    Thank you Wah Z.

  7. Tina Snyder says:

    I constantly fight Fear on a daily basis until I had a dream about flying with Rebazar on Pegasus. And on the wings were ALL of my worries, attachments, uncertainties of others. As the ECK master and I circled the mountainous canyon I begin to lovingly nudge my Fears off Pegasus’ wings one at a time. Sort of like a fledgling bird. One by one these fears flew in their own direction as Rebazar and I watched high atop a mountain ledge. I believe this is a spiritual lesson on detached goodwill. I am ever so grateful for the Dream Master .

  8. Rama says:

    Thank you Wah Z. for a beautiful story. I will make an spiritual exercise to over come problems. Then I can tell how to over come problems and fears in my Satsang class. Thank you very much Mahnatha for the guidance, love and protection.
    I’m very happy to be in ECK.

  9. Nnena says:

    Thank you Mahanta, a lesson well learned.

  10. Katie Lawler says:

    We have a choice, don’t we? Step into the light or stay in the dark? Thank you for this beautiful story. It made my day.

  11. Helga Hoffmann says:

    Years ago, when I became a member the of ECKANKAR, I had a similar dream. I was in a dark basement by myself. I did not see any leeches, but kept saying to myself; “There must be a way out.” I bumped into things but kept on going. Then from some far-a-way place came a beam of light. Walking toward the light I came soon to a flight of steps. I walked up and stood in the bright white Light of ECK. I felt that after a long, not even conscious surge for God, I was wrapped in It’s Love and Light.
    Always grateful for this experience and all the others which followed.

  12. Rahil kim says:

    To stay in the light, my exercise today will be to keep my attention on love. Any time Kal tries to bring fear or negative thoughts in I will think of all the people in my life that make me happy, all activities that bring me joy. It does not mean I have to be in the company of those people or doing those activities. But will try to remember the feeling of, as if I was there.

    I am excited to start this day (which happens to be a Friday) with a purpose.
    That you Mahanta and all the souls who replied, you have inspired me.

  13. Janet Teltschik says:

    I have learned so much in such a short time. Rediscovering ECK at this time in my life has truly been a God send. Thank you for being here for all of us. The stories I’ve read, the exercises I’m practicing have been just what I need. I lost my husband of 23 years recently and in turn lost myself and my way. ECK has gotten my back on track. No longer lost I see my future. I will continue on as an ECKIST filled with love and hope. Thank you all!

  14. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    This is a great story. Most times we keep holding on to things like worry and fear that only put us down and make us stagnant. But when we embrace the love of life and living only then do we realise that we alone choose freedom for ourselves.

    Thank you Wah Z for this wonderful story.

  15. Billie Hess says:

    Thank you for this lesson today. I have been living in fear of a serious situation and cant shut off my mind about it. Last night I asked for a way to stop the negative loops of thoughts, I found my answer today in this lesson. I will step out of fear today and dwell in the light and sound of Sugmad.
    Thank you for your love and presence in my life.
    May the blessings be.

  16. John Eide says:

    For me this is what I been looking for! I just have to be able to do this exercise yet! I am full of fear! Never seen an exercise like this!

  17. Ogbarode .A. Ogbon says:

    Wonderful Lesson of life. Her ability to develop a spiritual exercise to resolve her discomfort was creative. The importance of the spiritual exercises can never be over-emphasized. No matter the challenge we face the Master is always there so instead on dwelling on the challenges we should always look for solutions and love. Remember why we are here in the first place as soul to learn. Muchas gracias

  18. Gladys Orupabo says:

    Thank Wah Z for this great story. It taught me to always sung the HU. May the blessings be.

  19. Peter Akpokodje says:

    This story reminds me of a war movie I recently watched close to bedtime. It was meant to be sci fiction, but when I went to bed, it only continued with me a key actor in the non fiction. I dodged a number of times and tried escaping a large number of zombies.. now that I type this, I realize I had been glued to my tv set like a zombie watching the war film.
    But the Master is always guiding. So in the inner world, I realized the actor of the tv sci fiction I had been watching, could jump really high away from and above restrictions. So I did and even higher. Applying creativity felt great and made me happy. Thete is always a way.
    I went further jumping into the Light. Thank you Mahanta for guidance, love and protection.

  20. ellen says:

    Thanks Wah Z! The story made me realize that doing the HU is a is a good way to stay out of the dark basement!

  21. Bi V. says:

    Thank you Wah Z for your gifts of love and the lessons in all these stories.
    May The Blessings Be.

  22. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you for this very edifying story.
    It’s very true that passions and their derivatives pull down. In addition, the interference in the affairs does not count much in our terms of reference here below. No matter how old we are, no matter why we did it, one has to take full responsibility of his/her act. Straightforward, everything comes back one day or the other. We are each the craftsman of our happiness.
    Fortunately, the Mahanta, the Dream Master offers the opportunity to improve our behavior everyday, everytime.

    I have been accompaning by the Mahanta for all my acts. The Spiritual Exercises ECK help to achieve this.

    I feel very happy to be ECKist. Thank you Wah Z. Truly love. ♥

  23. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for this story.

    ECKANKAR doesn’t promise a problem-free life. But it does promise that our lives would be better and richer in a spiritual sense.
    The highest gift of all times is the gift of life. Whatever we do with this life that has been so freely given, is up to us.
    If we want to live our lives based on the principles of love or control of others, its absolutely our choice to make. And the out-come?

    We enjoy it.

    Far more interesting is that The Inner Master is always on hand to guide our steps no matter how terrible a person we have become.
    WHY? Because The Master loves us beyond what we can ever imagine.

    Thanks very much Wah Z.

  24. Kemi says:

    The illusion of power, control and fear really do leech all my energy and take my attention off the abiding love of the Mahanta. Thank you for the reminder that we can create our own spiritual exercise to get our focus back on the Light and Sound, a reminder to have that absolute reliance on the Inner Master. The love is there, it is always there, we are the HU, we are the love. This blog is such a gift of love. Thank you Wah Z. Thank you for all who share from the heart here too.

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