To Allow the ECK to Clear the Way

To Allow the ECK to Clear the WayBy Harold Klemp

The Mahanta appears again in this world to gather up Souls to return to the true heavenly home. Wherever he goes and whatever he does, the great ECK power clears the way like the whirling winds of a storm.

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book One, p. 180

What challenge do you face in your personal or spiritual life?

As clearly as possible, see this situation playing out in a “Situation Room” on the inner planes. As the challenge gets under way, imagine you hear the whirling winds of a storm approaching. The sound may get very loud, and gusts may begin to disturb the activity in the room.

Soon, nothing can be seen but the great ECK power as it clears the way and breaks up the old order.

You may find that you feel refreshed and at peace when the winds die down. Watch as a new order begins to take its form from the spirituality of Soul.

From Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book One, p. 132.

6 Responses to To Allow the ECK to Clear the Way

  1. P Kannan says:

    Thanks you very much mahanta – once again I realised you are always with me.

    For your information – during the travelling time_ when I searched for ECK books for tune myself with eck., unfortunately no book in my car right now.

    Asked mahanta inwardly – what do I do now? Spark within me_ and advised me to check eckankar website for seed for contemplation., but automatically my fingers typed eckankar blogspot site – as well as found the above exercise – I read with tears say my gratitude to mahanta. NANDRI

  2. HAD says:

    Wah-Z, the Eck will always nudge one towards what we need to find answers to our problems. More than a zillion time plus this one you present a Spiritual Exercise that will provide me respite from the heavy storms that I face in my life. And I feel deep down that you are handing it to me personally. Thank you. I accept with both hands. Like one bright Soul before me, I off you dispell the storm with your help.

    I love you!

  3. Bi V. N says:

    Thank you Mahanta for these priceless tools to help us ride the waves back home to God.
    Thank you Moses for sharing your very inspiring experience too.
    I actually just needed this reminder that all i need is around me.
    May the blessings be.

  4. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    I still wondering how it would be for me if I did not know the teachings of ECKANKAR. Honestly, I could say that it is a merit to be ECKist !

    This seed of contemplation requires Spiritual Exercises, absolute trust and total surrender to the Mahanta. No problem is without solution, as full-bodied as it is. When one realizes that Soul – true self – exists because of God ‘s Love, he/she could not have fear. One need to be loyal to the inner master – the Mahanta – who is with all Souls, regardless the religious congregation of which one is apart ; no matter how old we are or our social rank. It is an invaluable gift to realize that everything is at hand for all Souls. It depends on everyone. How does one comply with the rules and principles ?

    Sometimes ago, a member of my family was facing an ambiguous situation in his profession. All the physical interventions seemed to complicate things. A simply situation rather turned bizzares, even political. I even sensed that the attorney felt discouraged. The stress was at its height.
    Sitting in a corner of the courtroom, I confided the whole story in details to the Mahanta; I truly relied on Him (the Mahanta).
    A few minutes later, the judge ordered a few minutes break. I had had a brief, but deep sleep.
    When the hearing resumed, the initial order of things has changed. The judge declared that we were not concerned, not involved in anything. We were cleansed of all suspicion. The Wind died down. I sincerely recognized Mahanta’s hand. ECK is Light; ECK is Sound that drives out the darkness. Indeed, we did feel refreshed and at peace, since the winds died down.

    Personnaly, I know that the Mahanta can definitely change the world, if He deems it necessary!

    True, ECK Spiritual Exercises and the ways of ECK are loaded with divine love that can resolve any situation in seconds!

    Whenever I face situation, I use the technique. You know, Wah Z!

    Thank you so much. I remain grateful!

  5. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Now I know why I enjoy certain storms for the freshness they bring. A much needed spiritual exercise. Off to try..

  6. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for this wonderful problem solving do-it-yourself spiritual tool.
    Often we are quick to forget that The ECK has provided us with great potentials to ride the wave to a more richer and happier spiritual life.
    Challenges would hit us from all corners leaving us drained of energy.
    We cry for help.
    Help is always there but our attention has been on the problem itself instead of being on the solution.
    The spiritual exercise discussed above could prove to a great antidote for any life’s challenge(s).
    But a lot depends largely on our ATTITUDE.
    I have been going through huge challenges that could fire up ones blood pressure.
    After my morning’s spiritual exercise, i thought it may be nice to once again write to The MASTER just mentioning these things by way of surrendering these whole stuff to the ECK.
    While on the letter to Wah Z, my son ran into my room reporting that his Mum could no longer walk.
    As i got to the living room, she was in a real bad shape. She was in so much pains and could move any part of her body. So i helped her to the couch wondering what would have gone wrong with a woman that got up healthy that morning to get the kids ready for school.
    Then i recalled that i was still on my letter to The MASTER. Okay, i would add this as well, i said. After all, there was no cash for hospital bills.
    When i was done with the letter and went back to the living room, she wasn’t there.
    Where could she be. Then i heard her voice from the kitchen. When i opened the kitchen door, i was shocked to see her doing the chores.
    What happened? She had no idea.
    So these things work. Wow. That was great. Supper fast.
    The MASTER has provided us with lots of spirit tools to make our lives better and happier.
    But most times when trouble comes, it takes away our head from the shoulder. By the time we remember who we really are, we may have been far deep into lots of crises.
    I am going to again try the spirit exercise mentioned above. It has worked for me in past, its certainly going to work again.
    Thanks very much Wah Z. This is very timely.

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