A Crow Thanks a Man for Saving Its Life

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2011 talk “A Clear Message.”


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  1. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z: your message awakens to a higher consciousness. Obviously, it is my state of consciousness that determines my ability to see beyond appearances. Thanks to the ECKANKAR’s teachings I have been learning how Souls, without exception, are on mission, regardless of the bodies in which they are enshrined. So, there is a need to learn continuously to awaken and understand, rightly, what it is.
    I do realize that there are species other than humans beings that have many waking abilities. One really need to develop the sense of perception, attention, receptivity in order to capture the joy and happiness of talking and/or being with them.
    The ECK Spiritual Exercises help develop the above mentioned abilities.
    A few years ago a wild pigeon was carrying a message for me. That morning, for half an hour, it had landed on the flower-tub of my room singing incessantly. All my attempts to get that bird away were futile. Then I questioned the Mahanta who had kindly revealed to me the very urgent message that it (the pigeon) was trying to transmit to me. Oh, how wonderful it is to be ECKist! I’ll never forget. Since that time, I realize that even the most dangerous animal, insect, bird or plant can carry a message. They are also Souls indeed and, on mission too! That time I did thank the bird and the Mahanta for saving my life. Thank you again, Wah Z. I remain grateful.

  2. Lux Kronos says:

    Thank you sweet Mahanta. You are love. I love you and I love your stories about love. Especially the animal stories. 🙂 XOXOXO

  3. Joanne Kerrihard says:

    I have been nursing my very sick dog and seeking guidance and assistance from the Eck because I love this dog as much as I could love a child. This dog is my child. In the process of caring for him and praying he will live, asking the Mahanta for support and guidance I have discovered new avenues in my own spiritual growth. I have also discovered Prajapati the Eck Master for animals. With boundless love for my beloved dog I pray once again for my dog to be healed and found here the soft voice of Sri Harold, Harji.

  4. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for the animals story.

    Animals are indeed Soul.

    When ever we take up the challenge of studying animals and their behaviour, we become aware of just how little we know about life itself. The entire life is intertwine.
    Growing up as a little boy was real fun. Our backyard opened to the mangrove. Lots of cuckoos stopped by to pick up grains I always left behind for them to feed on. I had fallen in love with them. Everywhere I went, I always noticed them around. This recognition I guess is borne out of a strong bond between us. I often noticed two to three cuckoos by the window of my office every morning, singing. Always, I feel loved.

    With a very strong nudge one morning, I bought some rice, poured into my palm and put out for the cuckoo. They were weighing their options, I guess. One actually flew into my palm soon after I finished singing HU and asking The Master to show me love and started picking the rice until when her beck made me feel some sensation, that it flew away and never came back.

    I also have noticed that cuckoos have always lived where ever I am. They are my very close companions. And I love them too. Recently, as I walk out of the door, to go to work, came alone one cuckoo standing by the door. She appeared very sick. I squatted and touched her head. Then I sang HU for two to three minutes and said “I hope you get better soon.” As I turned to leave, the cuckoo made her way back to the nest which is right under the ceiling. I have no idea what has happened by now. But one thing I do know is that the nest is still hanging there with some cuckoos right in. They follow me everywhere I go. I love them.

    Thanks Wah Z for this love.

  5. Bob Bowers says:

    What a wonderful opportunity we have to see and hear our teacher, Harold Klemp, as he tells us stories and shares his insights with us. The gift of experiencing God’s love in our daily lives is available when one has the eyes to see and the ears to hear, especially the inner eyes and ears. It can take time to acheive, but it is certainly worth the effort.

  6. Bronwyn says:

    Thank you for your comment. I have always loved the birdsong of nature, pets, etc; and felt that these souls in all their forms communicate their love for us in our every day life. There is a special opening in our fence where the neighbours dog waited patiently for her dental treat chew and a pat each morning. She rewarded us by warning us with a special bark if a stranger was coming into our drive. This bark was different if it were a stray cat or dog. Bella (her name) translated in February 2018. She recently visited me in a vivid dream (a form of Soul travel) and I was delighted to give her a pat. ECKANKAR knows of a special Spiritual Master who looks after the welfare of all creatures great and small. The real life experience shared above was another heartwarming example .

  7. Susan Baker says:

    My awesome 5.5 year old kittyman Aeolus translated suddenly at the end of this past January. I woke at 1:15 am and he seemed to be having one of his nightmares. When he would have a nightmare I would put my hand on his hip and gently rock him and tell him to look for Prajapadi and Wah Z, and tell him how awesome he was, and how loved he was, and that he was Soul, and the Masters loved him and would help him work out his karma. While I was rocking him he let out 3 yips and then a long soft call that sounded like a HU, and he was gone. I continued to tell him how awesome he was, and how loved he was, and how proud I was of him. I understood the sacredness of the moment and let his little body stay curled on the bed through the morning and through the following day. The morning after his translation I sat having breakfast and I was given the blessing of a vision of all my dear pets from this lifetime, dogs and cats, all sitting around Aeolus with Prajapadi and Wah Z, filling him in on the ropes of his new existence. He looked at me and the love and gratitude was almost overwhelming.

    Thank you, Mahanta, every moment is a blessing.

  8. Nnena says:

    Gratitude is a special spiritual gift, It is the essence of living, let’s be greatful for little things of life. Thank you soo much Wah Z.

  9. Bernice McKinley says:

    Thank You Mahanta.
    I live with a wonderful soul, my cat Buddy. He has helped me in so many ways and taught me so much about love.
    When my dear little friend Coco, a cocopoo that came into my life when I was alone living up near the arctic, (another story) was nearing the end of her life, Buddy, then the newcomer, took us both under his wings. He made sure to wake me up at night to get Coco to the bathroom. Coco would lean on him as we toddled out the door together.
    In other ways, I see the how the ECK works with animals and birds as well as humans in my daily walks. As I declare myself as a vehicle each time I set out it sometimes is a dog that needs a kind thought of love, a bird or many birds. I even saved a tree once.
    These blogs are a real gift to me of sharing the beautiful gifts You have given us.

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