Going Home to God

Going Home to God

Fubbi Quantz. FOO-bee KWAHNTS The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master during the time of Buddha, about 500 BC.

By Christopher, North Carolina

As a spiritual seeker, I found the Eckankar website very helpful and informative. In my heart I knew this was for me. I wrestled with it for almost a month, but then I thought, What would hurt to get a one-year membership? After all, if I was unhappy with it or didn’t like it, I could get right back into metaphysics. So I jumped right in. I went online, made a donation, and signed up for membership.

The next day, I decided to do the HU. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. So I started to sing HU. I felt awkward, but I continued. Still feeling awkward, I pressed through the battle in my mind. I focused on my Third Eye. I began to feel the pure vibration I had felt a short time before, when I visited an ECK Center. I began to be filled up with love. The awkwardness was certainly gone. I was raptured in Spirit.

Before my Spiritual Eye was a door. I saw light coming from it—a lot of white light, but also blue light. The door opened, and out came Sri Harold in a blue suit, just like he looks in real life. Behind him was someone else. Sri Harold greeted me and said he wanted to introduce me to a wonderful ECK Master. Out stepped a magnificent, white-robed, white-haired fellow. When he looked at me, I saw such ancient wisdom and love. My heart was so drawn to both of them. I know now the other ECK Master was Fubbi Quantz. Such love radiated from both of them to me. I felt a kinship with Fubbi, but I didn’t know what it meant. I felt Sri Harold was a much more suitable guide for me than the metaphysical spirits I had been looking to before.

They both gave me a loving welcome to ECKANKAR. Fubbi assured me that he would watch over me but said that Sri Harold, as the Mahanta, would be my primary guide and teacher. Sri Harold assured me that if I’d follow my discourses and do my spiritual exercises, my journey to spiritual freedom would be achieved. He said I was indeed embarking on a great adventure and journey. As my contemplation was nearing an end, we said farewell. The two of them went through the door. I slowly came back.

WOW! I now knew I had become part of something very real. I was filled with such love, greater than any love I had experienced before.

It truly has been an adventure. I have found what I am looking for. I feel so satisfied in ECK. My search is over. Soul is on Its way home to God.


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  1. Joey Paragas Reyes says:

    Wonderful experiences from ECK masters …May the Blessings Be. I thank you for inviting me to sign up for this blog ,wish to learn more from this path..
    I knew from within that much greater LOVE awaits us .

  2. ezekwe kingsley says:

    Hmmm—Am realy greatful to God almighty for the light that have been shone to me in live everyone is been called to serve but there are many ways to serve and each way has it own parth and the secret of a man destiny is his parth to me Eckankar is the true part to the all mighty God I believe in the great Mahanta wish he could find me am always ready to serve because am like a sheep that need a sherpard all I believe in has fosaking me but I know Eckankar is my destined path and my Soul is willing to serve at the right time I love u the great Mahanta—long live.

  3. Lovedales, Ghana says:

    Thank you Christopher for sharing. whiles reading your story, I remembered mine. I stopped going to church when i was a teenager because i was seeking for something which i could not explain. My dad one day came home with the news of Eckankar. I embraced it wholeheartedly because i needed an alternative. That night, i prayed and after sang the HU and asked Jesus (because he was the only Master i knew at that time) about Eckankar. In a dream, Jesus appeared to me and said “you asked a question and the answer is this man” . He pointed to a sweet white man in a light blue shirt ( Sri Harold ) who was standing at the opposite side of where we were. Jesus said “for your spiritual freedom, follow him” . I asked Jesus “what about you?” He shook his head and said “He is my Master”. He then beckoned me to Sri Harold. As soon as i woke up i started demanding Eck books to read and i have never regretted stepping on this path.

  4. Marcus Udoyo says:

    I read through the stories of Christopher the contents and message is understood but am still not clear enough as i need to know more I am having issues and very troubled in my heart I need spiritual freedom because I want to serve God and also discover my self I all want to live to fulfill my destiny and enjoy life to the fullest worshipping the most high i want to be free from spiritual bondage and be in light.


    Its all about love, when the grip that passions have for the mind decrease to barest minimum the beauty and understanding of oneself begins.The joy and acceptance of more responsibilities in one’s life changes things. At this point, one finds that he can love unconditionally. To me ECKANKAR is the most beautiful way of of living life!!!

  6. Randhir says:

    Your story filled my heart with love and made me feel so much love and delight. Thanks

  7. NWOSU EMEKA says:

    This is one of the proof of the ECK Masters are real, no matter what people say, your experience is your Authority.

  8. Bi V. says:

    Christopher thank you for sharing with us your spectacular experience with the ECK, the holy spirit.
    The HU song, is the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. It opens the doors to magnificent regions of the heavenly worlds where we can meet the ECK Masters- the guardian angels of our choice, depending on our spiritual needs.
    Thanks to The Mahanta, The Living ECK Master who is the Way Shower, we can visit heaven while still alive, here and now.
    I feel so loved and blessed by the Mahanta for this gift of belonging- in ECKANKAR this life time.

    Thanks to you all for the rich contributions.

  9. Richard Berling says:

    Thank you for the inspiring story.

  10. HAD says:

    Thanks for sharing such an amaizing experience. Yes. Soul is on its journey back home in y experience in Eck!

  11. Robert Frohm says:

    I don’t know what Mahanta is. Is it a secret?

  12. John Nei says:

    Thanks Christopher.
    Going home to God is an adventure of a life time.
    As Souls, our inborn goal is to become explorers and co-worker with Mahanta, characterized by love and a radiant compassion like a beam of light.
    Truly with Mahanta’s help, I have become more aware of my purpose, which is simply going home to Sugmad.
    Baraka Bashad.

  13. Bernice McKinley says:

    It is heartwarming to see how far we have come in such a short time.
    Thank you Mahanta for the blogs and sharing.
    I find that every moment is a miracle and these stories affirm the miracles happening around the world .
    The love is flowing.

  14. Clement pewan says:

    Thank you Mahanta, also thank you dear Christopher for sharing your story. May the blessings be.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that the hu is found in Rumis poetry. He was the student of shamus tabriz.

  16. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you Christopher for your story. The Holly Spirit usually has Its way to awake Souls. Sight navigation ended too when I discovered the HU. As the matter of fact, the HU’song gives me the opportunity to find a lot of truths; as for instance, it helped persuade me gradually through DREAMS, my true nature – Soul – a particle of God, feeling on mission in this lower world. Then, I progressively realized that the inner voice that subtly guided me so far, was the Mahanta’s voice, eventhough I was not ECKist. In addition, hidden truths become more apparent to me. There is no need for magnifying glass, nor for measuring even less artificial counter. These are indescribable blessings indeed !

    This blog is an invaluable gift. I’m connected daily to taste and share the spiritual fulfillment that my religion – ECKANKAR – holds. Even when jumping everywhere from plane to plane, it does help me to keep my connection with Souls worldwide.

    I feel really happy to be ECKist! Nothing can distracting me from the truths I still discovering, the happiness, the fulfillment that the Mahanta is kindly granting me.

    Following the spiritual disciplines and guidelines of the Mahanta is great. The later is available to helping all Souls going home to God.

    Thank you again Christopher. It’s timely. May the Blessings Be!

  17. David Coldwell says:

    It is remarkable how the ECK Masters can reach us no matter where we are and no matter what our troubles. Met Paul Twitchell (founder of Eckankar) at work one day (after he had translated). He was there to tell me I couldn’t work there anymore. The spiritual notebook had been left at my work. I couldn’t stop reading it and recognized the photo of Paul, the same man who had given me the message. Went to an ECK introductory talk and I knew this was the same path I’d been on before. Then moved because my dad couldn’t accept me going to Eckankar. The experiences continued. I told dad about Sri Harold’s experience of 3 wall papers that were put on the wall inside the ECK temple when it was being built. They were trying to figure out which one to choose. Two fell down. The one still hanging was chosen. My dad thought that was silly. I could see that he wasn’t ready to accept that God can help us choose what’s best.
    After moving I was given an inner message to wait a few years until Eckankar finished going through its growing pains then I joined.
    The 2nd initiation is when we decide if we are going to make a commitment to following this path. I knew that regardless of the difficulties ahead, I had to follow this path. There was no where else my heart belonged.
    I barley made it through the tough times. Today I look back and would not change the struggles I’ve had to endure. Eckankar has helped me be a more loving person and one who is glad to embrace the difficulties that helped me embrace the spiritual life again. Once past the struggles to survive in these challenging times, there is only the joy of wondering, how shall I serve all life?

  18. Ant. says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story.
    We are indeed very blessed to be the Mahanta’s chelas once again.

  19. Ameerat Bello says:

    Thank you, Zee. Thank you Christopher. Your courage really paid off. May the blessings be

  20. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji, for allowing this blog.
    Thanks also Christopher for sharing your story.
    Going Home to GOD is an incredible journey. It may not really be a journey but an on-going every day life experiences.
    What a wonderful sound of Soul – HU.
    Singing it could help us experience divine love as well as expand our awareness.
    Singing HU helped me have an understanding about colours.
    I have always had my resentment for black as a colour. None of my clothes was black.
    But continuous singing of HU opened me up to the realities of life.
    Walking down a sandy and dusty ancient road on the inner plane came along in the opposite direction someone who was donning in black robe that flows down a little below the knee. He was also carrying a walking staff.
    When we met, HIS appearance fit perfectly of The ECK Master that i have always known but the confusing element in this wonderful experience was the colour of the robe HE was wearing. So i decided to run a test on him by singing HU, a love song to GOD. HE didn’t disappear.
    HE was still standing there staring at me. Looking into HIS eyes, i was convinced that i was standing in front of this Great Being – Rebazar Tarzs. Then i fell to the ground and started saying ” i am sorry Great One, Please forgive me” HE picked me up and gave me something that i would describe as the most precious gift all times.
    You see what i almost missed because of my judgement on colours?
    The ECK Masters can decide to appear in which ever form they choose.
    I am particularly grateful that Wah Z arranged this meeting to teach me something about colours and to also receive that wonderful gift.
    Soon after that experience, i began to buy and wear black trousers. It was more of a liberation.

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