Two Keys to Happiness

Two Keys to HappinessBy Harold Klemp

I saw an advertisement for a little electronic device that makes a sound like a dragonfly. The ad said dragonflies are the mortal enemy of mosquitoes. “Be safe from mosquitoes!” it said.

Since we had a trip to Africa planned for this summer, I thought the device might be a good thing to take along. They have different insects there who haven’t tasted me yet and might consider me a delicacy. So I bought a few—then remembered on the plane that I’d forgotten to pack them.

When I got home from the trip, I was eager to try these things out. Feeling kind of foolish, I hung one of them around my neck. Then I figured if I was going to try these things, I might as well do it right—so I put on two and went outside.

The device was making a peculiar noise, a clicking sound like dragonflies supposedly make. The instructions had said that it’s best to use the device in a quiet area where noise doesn’t drown out the click. So I was out watering the flowers and feeding the birds, and the mosquitoes were just tearing into me.

“This thing isn’t working,” I said. “Maybe we have mosquitoes who are hard of hearing.”

Then I realized the water from the hose was drowning out the sound. So I turned off the hose. And the next thing I knew, a dragonfly flew over to me. The dragonfly kept trying to come closer and closer. This wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I bought the devices.

I went inside and told my wife what had happened. “I can’t use these things,” I said. That week we got two more of them in the mail from an ECK friend. So I sat one in the window by my desk. One day I noticed a dragonfly buzzing around the screen.

The device didn’t repel mosquitoes, but it did a good job attracting dragonflies.

No matter what you do in life, if you can just love what you’re doing and see the gift of God in little things, you’ll be happy. To me, the dragonfly coming over was a big thing. It doesn’t take much to keep me happy.

Excerpt from What Is Spiritual Freedom? Mahanta Transcripts, Book 11.


17 Responses to Two Keys to Happiness

  1. Ozovehe Faith Ozohu says:

    Amazing how you are always speaking to me! Thank you for your ever abiding guidance.

  2. AdemolaShote says:

    My take here is enjoying the very moment now, irrespective of our expectations. Thank you Wah Z.

  3. Geetha Murthy says:

    Beautiful tips to remain happy. Thank you Mahanta, for the same. Sometimes, even though I love what I Do or whatever I choose to do, I am not happy and grumble for the things I only chose to do with love. This story explained so much, I am sure I will not complain or grumble. I have a beautiful and wonderful life because of your guidance and love and I must preserve it, nourish it. Once again, I am grateful for your compassion.

  4. Chidera Nzeakolam says:

    Thank you so much. The beauty of life

  5. Gary Curtis says:

    I love the last sentence, “It doesn’t take much to keep me happy.” I believe that’s an attitude that we could all benefit from adopting.

  6. Yiscard Rubattino says:

    Thank you Wah Z, for this beautiful story, and also for the people that took the time and write down theirs in this post. Baraka Bashad

  7. Sylva Ukpor says:

    ‘It doesn’t take much to keep me happy’ just melted my heart! Thank you, Wah Z

  8. Hoppe says:

    Love & Thank you

  9. Sue Haebig says:

    I love your humor, Mahanta! Every twist and turn in this story brought me so much joy. Thank you.

  10. Lyn Patrick says:

    Lovely story and so true.

  11. Carmen Schoene says:

    WOW! What a wonderfully touching story. That’s it. Life is full of surprises – and still, there is Love and be able to see the Love around us.
    Thank you, Wah Z

  12. Mark Nudelman says:

    I read this story with great interest about the dragonfly and about the noise it makes. I have recently watched a YouTube video about ancient mysteries that was intriguing. The learned speaker spoke Of ancient technique’s and lost technology which was used to Levitate heavy stones to make megalithic structures. He spoke of using sound to accomplish this. He also spoke of the dragonfly as an illustration of this principle in action. He said that experts could not understand how the dragonfly can fly at all because an analysis of its structure by engineers would conclude that it is impossible for them to fly as say a fly does. He said that the wings are filled with veins but do not contain fluid they are hollow. He said that somehow the sound that the dragon fly emits can levitate itself and move through the air. I was thinking of all this as I read Sri Harolds story. Sound plays in important part in my singing the word HU and I am lifted too!

  13. Lovedales, Ghana says:

    Thank you Wah Z. I was very eager to finish reading the story because from the beginning of the story, I felt the electric device will rather attract dragons and it did. Soul knows. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z: This is another story full of subtleties that awaken Soul to a higher consciousness, despite apparent obstacles or barriers. Thank you very much! Soul goes through various experiences in this school of life. You always teach me that any difficulty contributes to the development of Soul. I am fully aware of it.
    Fortunately, your love and your guidance never fail, whatever the situation. In addition, you assure me that you are always with me. True. I really feel it!
    I will continue to follow your recommendations. Thanks again Wah Z for these reminders.
    I really love you!
    May the blessings be! ♥

  15. Onyii Okoye says:

    Beautiful and simple. Thanks.

  16. ann lapatka says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the dragonfly and others. I find your spiritual observations very refreshing and unique. I am glad I found Eckankar.

  17. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji.
    Way back in high school a teacher taught us to always say : “what you have to do, you must like it.”
    We have to be able to create happiness for ourselves- love whatever we are doing and love our lives too.
    Pay attention to details. Take care of the little things in life as well as the big things.
    Love The MAHANTA and trust HIM absolutely.
    Live a very simple and quiet life.
    Use your GOD given talents- creativity. Do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK regularly.
    With all these, you are happy.

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