A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the RoadThe question below (by Jack, age 19, California) is answered by Harold Klemp, spiritual leader of Eckankar.

Q: I feel that I am at a crossroads. I know the path people want me to take, but I am unsure if that’s what I really want. With such complicated decisions ahead of me, how do I know what is truly best for me as Soul?

A: Soul loves experience. Crossroads are a vital, though unsettling, part of living. In a way, Soul sings though the human self weeps.

Sometimes we have to play along with people who virtually demand we do their bidding. Time used in this way can be put to good use: letting us meet key people to help us in the future, gaining new knowledge or skills, or teaching us patience.

So how will you know what is truly best for you? You learn by doing. Experience will make it sparkling clear if there’s a better direction for you.

A bit of advice is to not burn your bridges behind you. You may need them later.


6 Responses to A Fork in the Road

  1. Lyn Patrick says:

    So applicable for me at the moment

  2. Idongesit says:

    Wow! This is very apt. Thank you WAH Z for your usual practical and insightful answers. I go with diplomacy and wisdom in handling situations. Life will always teach us better through experience. Great lesson for me!

  3. Ajeh Onen. Omenka says:

    This peace of talk is re awakening. I have had several experiences from my actions and inactions it had put me serious pain and deprivation. Today I am leaning gradually. Thanks Wah Z for your motivating answers, it keep us always alert.

  4. Bi V.N says:

    What a wonderful reply from the Master.
    We learn better from the experiences we go through.
    No matter what be the case, “Do not burn your bridges behind.”
    Thank you so much Mahanta for being there for us.
    I love you so much. May The Blessings be.

  5. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z : Thank you so much for this is edifying note. It evokes intelligence, tact and diplomacy. Honestly, the ECK Spiritual Exercises lead to the best choice and, of course the Mahanta watches over everything. There is always a way! I reiterate my love and gratitude. Truly love, Wah Z! ❤

  6. Moses Nduekhe says:

    A Fork In The Road.
    Really? We get very confused sometimes cos of the social lie. People want to live our life for us. Every of our decision must be wrong by their judgement. Sometimes it gets to a point we are no longer sure if what we do, say or think is right or wrong.
    In my own opinion, this is the time we need to fall deeply in love with the Sound of Soul – The HU Song. It’s also time to rely absolutely on The Inner Master for guidance. That is the source of true knowledge and wisdom. However, one can appear to be playing along since some of these people may be very influential and one may seem to up against very powerful forces.
    In doing all of those, as The Master puts it, don’t dismantle the bridges behind since they may be needed sometime in future. When something comes up, we may be found to have done something for not doing anything. Whatever the outcome is, we share in it. So isn’t it better sometimes that we take an action, perhaps make mistakes and learn from them?
    At all times we need the guidance and direction of The Inner Master. But if we ignore this, then the great Teacher (life), is always around to do its job.
    Always have it in mind that the arrow of karma never misses its target. It may be slow but surely.
    I had a dream some months back where I went to see a DEAR friend who in that dream is living in a different part of town from where he is currently staying on the outer. When I got there, he refused to come out to see me or even let me in until I left.
    That dream experience disturbed me a lot since I couldn’t understand the real meaning. But I knew something was going to go wrong. But what? I knew not.
    About four months later, the event took place. I should have worked more on or with the dream I had. Maybe, if I did, the pains I am now going through would not be there.
    People will always be people. You don’t get too upset if you later found out that you trusted someone too much.
    There’s always lessons to learn.
    Don’t always forget to sing HU and rely on the Inner Master.

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