Create a Brighter World

dream, Harold Klemp, Soul, uncomfortable experience, visualizeBy Harold Klemp

If you have an uncomfortable experience or dream—or one you don’t understand—take it into contemplation. Begin by singing HU for a few minutes. Then rewind the dream or experience, and run it through your mind. Next, visualize a door that opens into golden sunlight. This is the Light of God. 

Now take the uncomfortable experience from the darkness; take it from the silence and solitude through the open doorway where it is dissolved by the Light and Sound of God.

This exercise can get you in the habit of looking for a brighter, more creative world, where you can find more inner satisfaction. With the help of the Inner Master, the Mahanta, you are learning to take charge of your life. You are becoming the aware Soul, the creator of your own worlds.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, where more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.

5 Responses to Create a Brighter World

  1. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Create a brighter world with love.
    The spiritual exercises of ECK are only successful when done with love.
    I needed to hurry to do the above mentioned spiritual exercise expecting results.
    But i also knew that i need to “hurry slowly”.
    So i did the spiritual exercise on Monday night putting everything i could recall into perspective.
    Guess What? The result was a huge success. Just what i have been battling for years to achieve.
    I am so glad that i attempted the spiritual exercise.
    For me, it was more of a liberation. You too can try it, maybe you would have a story to tell.
    Thanks so much Wah Z for your wonderful love and care.

  2. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Wah Z: This post is your reply to my request to you this morning, following an unpleasant situation that I have been trying to throw away and, which strangely resurfaced on my mental screen very early this morning. You know.
    Indeed, I asked you for a spiritual exercise that could certainly help me clean up this painful experience, because it had no place anywhere, even less in a sacred place.

    Thank you so much. I will apply this exercise. Your love to me is indescribable. May the blessings be!

  3. Santhi Vellu says:

    Sri Harold’s article gave me a spiritual exercise to try and Doc Scientist sharing gave me a confirmation! Thank you so much.

  4. DocScientist Apple says:

    Wow! I had been doing this! I have had painful experiences. The feeling of hurt would wash over me every time I think about them. I would feel completely drained to the extent where I’d feel no reason to even live any more. But then one day in contemplation I discovered this technique to put the experience into an ocean of blue light. Every time I saw the experience dissolving in the ocean of blue light,I felt peace and strength filling me. It was so intuitive and healing. After days of doing it,I saw how I needn’t have to be trapped in experiences or things that are disturbing and no longer useful to me in any way. I saw how I had an option to be in a state of love and harmony every nanosecond. Over time I developed this technique further. I visualised myself sitting on the shore of a wonderful blue sea and visualised Mahanta coming towards me with a huge basket.I visualised myself Looking into the basket and visualised all the painful experiences in my head converting themselves into black colour cassettes and I visualised the cassettes falling down from my head through my ears (weird but creative) into the master’s huge basket. Then,I visualised Mahanta carrying the heavy basket containing the cassettes and throwing the cassettes into the divine blue water which I later named as the water of God. I visualised the cassettes dissolving into the water. As it dissolved,the hurt and pain the experience caused in me dissolved. I did this technique over and over again that at one point It came so fast and easily to me. Then I used this technique to dissolve not just the painful experiences of my past but also terrible thoughts about my deep fears,intoxicating obsession to certain things and also all the other negative traits of mine. I also realised that this technique was helping me surrender all that bothers and disturbs me to the Mahanta. I felt amused that there was indeed a spiritual solution to every problem. Thy will be done!

  5. Carol Cameron says:

    This exercise became an outer experience for me last evening when I stepped outside my door to walk around the neighborhood with my companion. Being in the now of sunshine, late afternoon, birds returning home, parents playing with children really chased away some cobwebs that had built up during the day. It was a happy stroll connecting with life.

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