Healing from Loss—A Near-Death, Out-of-Body Experience

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2013 talk “Seeing Clearly.”


5 Responses to Healing from Loss—A Near-Death, Out-of-Body Experience

  1. Anna says:

    What a powerful story. Healing occurs even when someone is just listening to your story.

  2. Eva says:

    How lovely to hear a story Mairi had told. She was such a beacon of God’s Light. She helped me through some very difficult times when I was new in ECK . And she just listened. What a wonderful Soul. I’m grateful to have known her and called her a friend.
    Thank you for that story.

  3. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you. This video is immersing me in past memories where I was sailing on sight. It is really not easy to me to make a quick connection between the past and the present. Indeed, very difficult to relive how wasted time, assumptions, conflicts, ignorance of our ability to know our true nature can cause many troubles. In fact, all Souls are spiritual beings!

    I would like to point out that all Souls without exception dream and have an out-of-body experience, even on a regular basis. Few do not know it. Others do not want to hear about it. Others think that they may diseappear during the process. Some categories, fearing criticism, are afraid to talk about it.
    Yet it is a gift of God to every Soul. By the way, Soul is not going anywhere! Soul travel – out-of-body experience – is just a matter of an elevation of consciousness. Soul are able to see, to understand and, to know.

    Spiritual exercises help achieve these potentialities. It is very true that knowing can end assumptions that often arise from losses or conflict situations.

    Some decades ago, we suddenly lost a family member. In Africa, such a situation commonly generates conflicts and attacks, aiming to frustrate and destabilize. Some members of the deceased’s family had decided to visit “marabous” and “fetishs” to check what had caused this sudden death. Result: More suppositions … which had deeply plunged them into doubt. Obviously, such practices were costly.There were a very high tensions in the family.

    During the burial ceremonies, a five year old boy, also member of the family had had an out-of-body experience (Soul Travel), where he met the deceased. The young did report what had really happened. The Mahanta had even granted him the privilege of some other clear messages related to the deceased.
    It was a relief; everyone has been healed to know the truth. Really!
    While I was listen to the boy, I noted that my mother who had no idea of the Soul Travel was frightened and embarrassed to hear a very young child reported facts in a very clear manner.
    I personnaly was aware that the Mahanta had kindly chosen this way to clarify everything. So, sight navigation and suppositions on that loss ended.

    Every Soul has a priviledge of an out-of-body experience. It’s a God’s gift to Soul and, ECKANKAR’s teachings can help mastering the process.

    The ECK Spiritual Exercises help to be conscious. The Mahanta’s love and protection cover all Souls, regardless their religions.

    This video makes me relive once again the sublunary 2013 ECK Worldwide Seminar, especially the Living ECK Master’s conference where he kindly pointed out the necessity to persevere and never give up the sacred teachings. Of course, these recommendations had deeply touched my son who sat near me. I’ve felt a real change in him. He was transformed. I do feel happy to be ECKist. Thank you all!

  4. Moses Nduekhe says:

    I was very distraught some two decades ago when our family witnessed two deaths from a similar kind of ailment in quick succession.
    That was very strange in my family growing up as a child. Where did the strange ailment come from?
    There were accusations and counter accusations.
    I needed to know the truth.
    But how?
    The The source of wisdom is always going within. I was willing to know the truth since both parents of the deceased were not telling the rest of the family what actually went wrong.
    Night after night, i would ask The Inner Master for permission to be taken to where i could find particularly the boy that translated.
    Each time i did,the chance to have a useful conversation with him would elude me.
    Then came the real experience (out-of-body).
    The experience was so real.. I told him about the big confusion in the family. He said no one was responsible for his death. That he died of cancer. He asked if i was unaware of the major operation he had at the teaching hospital. He lost all his hair. I had no idea then that, that’s what happens to some cancer patients.
    When i came back to the body, i felt a lot better. Then i knew that no one had a hand in his death.
    But who would believe me. So i told no one about my experience.
    That’s what Soul Travel can do for a broken Heart. Millions of people are having very deep-seated feeling of loss. They need answers.
    You too can also have a chance of an out-of-body experience. Singing HU, a love song to GOD would make it perhaps easier.
    A non ECKist cousin of mine narrated his out-of-body experiences in far away Cameroun where he grew up. He said he always saw himself in bed but at the same time another of his look-alike hovering at the ceiling area.
    He had this experience on daily bases. Each time he did, he would always had the feeling of ecstasy. He never wanted the experience to end. He needed explanation. I told him, it was Soul Travel. That members of ECKANKAR enjoy this kind of experience on a regular bases. He loved the experience really but was unwilling to let go of his many bottles of Gulder and occasional sticks of cigarettes.
    That’s his state of consciousness – his state of accepting truth. So i had to let him be.
    A lot of people out there are having this experiences but may lack the knowledge of what the experience is about.
    That’s where the ECKANKAR blog comes in handy as a very useful source of information for those who may not readily have access to an ECKANKAR book in their area. Here, all kinds of experiences are shared by ECKists from around the world. Enjoy your read.
    Thanks Wah Z for your love.

  5. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Sometimes, if not most times, all that is needed is just a listening ear. Indeed, it does bring healing of the heart.

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