A Visit from ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi

A Visit from ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi

Yaubl Sacabi. YEEOW-buhl sah-KAH-bee The ECK Master among the Mycenaeans (who invaded Greece during the period between 2000–1700 BC). He served as the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

By Eric, Ghana

I am filled with love as I share this experience I had after returning from an ECK regional seminar in Ghana.

The following day, tired after the long-distance travel (500 km), I woke up at 8:30 and did my spiritual exercise to surrender the day’s activities to the Mahanta. My bereaved wife was gone for two days so I would have to do the household chores.

When I started the exercise, I experienced a stomach upset. So I walked to the detached washroom of our house to attend to nature’s call. Immediately after I stepped out of the washroom and raised my head, I saw a bald-headed man dressed in a white, long-sleeved shirt and a sea-blue pair of trousers. He had a black traveling bag on his stout, right shoulder and sat on a wooden bench, a few meters in front of my kitchen door. I had a nudge that I knew this particular man very well, but couldn’t recollect how, exactly, I knew him.

When I walked closer to him, he greeted me by saying, “Welcome back.” I replied with a thank-you, then went to the kitchen to wash bowls and clean the gas cooker to complete the day’s household chores. It was now 10:50.

This man continued sitting there alone, looking here and there. I paused to look at him but we didn’t interact.

Finally he got up and walked to the kitchen door, where we stood face-to-face, gazing at each other. He said, “I have come to visit you.” I responded with a big thank-you. But then he started walking away. I was peering at him from the kitchen window across an area that was open for several hundred meters all around. When he had walked about forty to fifty meters away, I turned to pick up a napkin to clean my hand—a movement that took less than five seconds. When I looked back out, the man was nowhere to be found. I was astonished, though not afraid. The encounter had lasted twenty minutes in an absolutely quiet midmorning, with no one else in the house or area.

The following day, I turned a page on the 2016 Eckankar-Ghana calendar, from February to March. Suddenly I heard a clear, soft voice telling me, “Yesterday I visited you.” The calendar had pictures of ECK Masters of the Ancient Order of the Vairagi, including the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.  Each picture of an ECK Master was featured on the calendar for a period of two months. Yaubl Sacabi was featured for the months of March and April!

I realized it was Yaubl Sacabi who had visited me. This unforgettable, physical encounter with an ECK Master was preceded by another experience that happened years earlier, when I was a Second Initiate in Eckankar.

In a dream in early 1989, Yaubl Sacabi took me to the Hindu Kush mountain range to the west of the Himalayas. We went to a huge temple with mosquelike architecture to read the second book of the Shariyat. This was before I joined Eckankar in 1990. Since then I have had several other experiences with him. So I call him “My Old Man.”

For so many years in my daily contemplation, I put in a request  to see him personally. Lo and behold, on that lovely, serene day, his visit to me became a reality. Thank you, Yaubl Sacabi. And thank you, Mahanta.


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  1. Rob Ilechuku says:

    Not long ago I woke up with a very strong nudge to meet the ECK Master Gopal Das. Accordingly, I repeated his name all to the way to the City of London where I was working at the time. Then just before I entered our building, I asked him inwardly for help with software I hadn’t manage to perfect the day before. Instantly he told me that I had tried to invoke the same component twice in my software. I quickly tested Gopal Das’s advice, once at my computer, and found it was accurate. But the story doesn’t end there. I had been wondering whether to share the experience via email with my brother, an ECKist like me. Gopal Das gave me the go-ahead referring to my brother by his non-English middle name that he never uses!

    As an earlier contributor mentioned above, the key thing is to invite the ECK Masters to be with us. Another helpful technique is trying to keep their images in our mind’s eye as much as possible. Also, as an alternative to chanting yourself to sleep, holding the attention on an image of an ECK Master without chanting is a useful aid to meeting them in the dream state.

    May the blessings be.

  2. Essien Bassey Edet says:

    Although I’m not an Eckist, I endorse the genuiness of the spiritual path of Eckankar and have read many Eckankar books and continue to do the spiritual exercises for several years now. As a little child, I used to have certain spiritual experiences so, later, as an adult, I became greatly interested in the spiritual side of life. Sometime in 1994, while doing various spiritual exercises from assorted spiritual backgrounds, but which I rounded off by chanting HU in the Eckist manner, the Inner Master Fubbi Quantz appeared before me physically. Having being familiar with the portraits of the Masters, I recognised him immediately. It was about 05:00am and I was sitting cross-legged on the floor as I did the contemplation. He didn’t speak to me. I wasn’t sleeping but was in total control of my full physical conscious awareness with all my senses functioning normally. I looked at him till after some minutes he wasn’t there again. Imagine my great surprise when some time later that day I visited a friend, whom I didn’t even know before then that he was an Eckankar member, and lo and behold, Fubbi Quantz was the Eck Master displayed for that month on the Eckankar calender that was placed on the wall of my friend’s office! I couldn’t help shouting, “Is this not the person who visited me…” You can say any other thing about Eckankar but don’t say that it does not work as for me, personally, I’ve had many such inner experiences despite not being their member.

  3. Harolde HENRY says:

    Thanks for sharing Eric. The Eck Masters are everywhere and it time to see them, none will stop it and it becomes your own reality and truth.

  4. Sebastian CASMIR says:

    Loved to be part of those who experience the HU.

  5. Jeremy Clayton says:

    I once saw an image of Yaubl Sacabi Eckankar children’s coloring book. It didn’t fit what I thought he looked like so I asked if I could see him and get this straightened out. At a seminar in Los Angeles I was sitting in the lobby and looked to my left. Sitting a few people away was Yaubl Sacabi – in profile – just like in the coloring book. He had a little smile on his face. It was a gift. Thank You again Yaubl Sacabi!

    It impressed me immensely that an ECK Master would so kindly respond to such an unimportant request.

  6. Afefa says:

    Hummmm! Eck Masters are real. Many years ago, a friend of mine took me to hospital to deliver my baby. The father was overseas and I was alone in New York. It was a cold day in December. Neither one has thought of calling the ambulance since I was not in pain. In Big Apple, you never find a taxi when you need it! As we were waiting, my friend who was an Eckist too starts singing HU. We sang for less than a minute when a bright blue car crossed the road and stopped right in front of us. (in Manhattan, all taxi are yellow). The driver rolled down the window and asked “which hospital?” When we arrived my friend said “let me help my friend get to the lobby, first. She is in labor.” Before I got down, the driver turned around and said “everything will be ok.” There was so much love emanating from him. My friend came back few minutes later to pay but the driver was nowhere to be seen. I did delivered two hours later with no pain whatsoever. The doctor could not believe it!

    I have never seen such a blue car again in New York. For years I wondered which Master helped me that cold day. Twenty years later, as I was doing my spiritual exercice, I called all the Masters one by one, imagining him or her entering the room for the HU song. Then I saw his face and heard his voice, “which hospital?” It was Rami Nuri! 😊💙

  7. PeterJ Santsaver says:

    The visits will continue as need arises. I had a visit from “Your old man” in AZ. He came with an escort of an older gentleman called Fubbi Quantz. I feel they come to assure you of their own reality as well as our own. We are fickle to a degree. It’s part of our born consciousness. As our awareness grows our consciousness does too. I believe they came to me to assure me my decisions were taking me correctly. The experiences are vitamins for the Heart.

  8. Bob Bowers says:

    Dear Eric,

    I have also met your “old man”. It is truly an unforgettable experience! Thank you for sharing your story.

  9. Bi V.N says:

    Ha ha haaaa, Moses you stole the show with the Vol.1 of your story on the protection of the ECK Masters. Thank you for sharing and don’t forget to bring in the Vol. 2.
    Thank you Eric for equally sharing your story.
    It is very interesting the subtle way these wonderful masters live and move with us. They do more than we know.
    They uplift us spiritually, guide us, comfort us, protect us and shower us with much love. More interesting is the minute by minute close conversations we enjoy with these masters if we choose to. We just need to invite and give them the permission to be our close dailly companions, one at a time or more if need be.
    Together with The Mahanta, the highest messenger of God, they work for our spiritual benefit.
    I am grateful for their love and services.
    May the blessings be..

  10. Lovedales, Ghana says:

    Thank you Eric for sharing. It is very great to have experiences with the ECK Masters. I had a series of them with Rebazar Tarzs when i was a teenager. These experiences are treasures no one can take away from you.

  11. Marian Zephaniah says:

    Thanks Eric, the many blessings are always around us. With a loving and open heart we receive more love and protection from the ECK.
    I had an experience with the Master Wah Z how he showed me he is always with me.
    May the blessings be

  12. Rose H. HOUNKPE says:

    May the blessings be. (I speek french, so I’m not fluent in english. But let treay).

    Thank you Eric for sharing this amasing experience.
    The ECK Masters Existe realy. Your expérience makes me remenber an similaire experience that I have had some years later, when have Had an serious way accident.
    The first night I couldn’t set down, I couldn’t sleep al my body is seriousely penning me. I new in my mind that some thing will happen. But that night I recive a visite of several ECK master they came together I our home.
    In the morning, when I Wake-up I feel better.
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Peter Akpokodje says:

      Thanks Rose. Your effort at helping us connect with you is most appreciated. I understood and enjoyed your response.
      Que les bénédictions soient.

  13. Jonathan Nwamah says:

    Thank you for these medium to share our experiences of the Master’s protection. Before now, I had felt alone and with some negative experiences I decided for an ESA session. It was successful. On my return at Rumuji town there was a market at the left side of the express road a woman was on my side crossing to the market side while I was on 120km/hour. Well we escaped this crash by whiskers. I skidded through the edge. My companion, an ECkist shouted, Wah Z with me chanting HU. Our lives were saved, my vehicle was secured and we drove home with the ECK’s protection.

  14. Alvena Golden says:

    Thanks for sharing these amazing experiences and showing how we are saved from many terrible things that could happen to us if it wasn’t for the the Sugmad The Eck and the Mahanta and the Masters watching us and helping us along the way! ♥️♥️♥️

  15. Emerald says:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience

  16. Ameerat Bello says:

    Thank you Mahanta. Thank you ECK for leading me to this story today. It’s true! The ECK Masters are always with us and we really should do all things as if they really are. May the blessings be. 😀

  17. David Coldwell says:

    The presence of the wonderul ECK Masters can appear in many ways because they are vehicles for the Holy Spirit.

    One night, I was cleaning a bar because I had a janitorial contract and had the side door open to let cool air inside. A dust devil came in through the doorway and brought a swirl of dead fall leaves inside. The leaves swirled around in a circle for about a half minute. As this was happening I realized this was impossible. The doorway should have broken up the dust devil before any coherent airflow could enter the room.

    As I think back, when I was a few years old lying in my crib, a stream of translucent water came flowing through the ceiling and curved back up through the wall. Spirit has such freedom. Walls that hold us captive are no barrier to spirit. I wanted that freedom to go anywhere. These events helped me to remember why Soul is here in this world. Love has no other way to exist in this world, except through us, anywhere we may choose to go.

  18. MUZURO Remmiek Beilin says:

    Wonderful personal experience.
    The ECK Masters do appear to the Chelas—once this one is ready. Dear Soul, friend, thank you for sharing this divine’s meeting with the Highest Man.
    May the Blessings Be

  19. Chidera A. Nzeakolam says:

    This is very uplifting. The other day I was going home late at night, I saw this big dog right behind me and it was a lonely road. I immediately had the nudge to sing HU since I was very scared of dogs. As I rolled the HU, I was so calm that it even surprised me. I thank the ECK masters for their presence in my life. I love the ECK.

  20. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thanks for sharing Eric. Since this morning, I was trying to count the immeasurable blessings of the Mahanta and I concluded that there are no words to describe rightly ECKANKAR. I finally told myself that it’s a kind of life that offers the opportunity to experiment TRUTH and, to really feel it from the very depths of our being. When we reach this stage, faith is strengthened. Nothing can shake it.

    The ECK Masters visit us all the time. the Mahanta and/or the other ECK Masters accompany us in all our businesses when we invite them.
    Your story evokes faith, surrender, attention, receptivity and, gratitude.
    It is a very transformative special gift to welcome a Master at home, to meet him or to interact with him.

    Sometime ago during one of my trips, I sat next to a bald man. I could neither know nor realize who I was dealing with. He had take great care of me during the voyage from Washington to Minneapolis. This is very rare to me! I was very tired indeed and, especially stressed. We did exchange contacts.

    A few days later during the visit at the Temple, I saw quickly the same person. I was quite aware of meeting the man with whom I shared the flight. But he quickly disappeared. I was astonished and really surprised to lose sight of him in seconds. I found that very bizarre.

    When I returned to my homeland, I decided to send a word of gratitude to the nice man of the flight. My message could not be sent despite many efforts I had made. In the same week during a contemplation, the Mahanta had kindly gave me a nudge that my companion was Yaubl Sacabi and and it was him I had seen at the Temple.

    This is one of the TRUTHs that have strengthened my faith. ECKANKAR is a kind of life. Really ! Thanks again. May the blessings be!

  21. Anderson Nwobi says:

    Very interesting story. Yaubl is like that. Once as I was walking down a road in Sokoto Nigeria I noticed Yaubl’s presence but didn’t see him. Instantly I started singing with great joy:
    Yaubl Sacabi! Yaubl Sacabi! Yaubl Sacabi!Yaubl Sacabi! on and on and on.
    The more I sang this wonderful name the more joy I feel.

    Even now and whenever I see his picture, read his name or hear his name my face will light up with smiles and I’ll start quietly start repeating the song which is his name.

    ECK Masters are real!

  22. Peter Akpokodje says:

    It never seizes to amaze me how the ECK Masters cherish and love Souls, to guide, to protect or just to have a friendly interaction or visit towards spiritual upliftment.

    I have one of such illustrative 2018 Eckankar-Ghana calendar, and from May to June, ECK Master Yaubl Sacabi features.

    Thanks Eric for sharing. A good read.

  23. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for arranging Eric’s spiritual experience.
    Thanks also Eric for sharing your story.
    The ECK Masters have always been around with man for guidance, divine love and of course protection.
    Every one has a chance to find spiritual freedom. And spiritual freedom is becoming more and more aware of the presence of GOD.
    Love and love alone is the doorway to this spiritual freedom.
    Regular practice of the spiritual exercise such as singing HU would help in linking us up with the divine reality – The Light and Sound of ECK which indeed are the expression of the love of GOD.
    If we need love, protection, healing, or guidance, then we have to keep up with the HU Song and put our attention on The Inner Master.
    It was pretty cool with me being in school without an interest in campus politics.
    But that was going to end very soon. Some guys approached me with the idea of becoming President of a students’ association.
    My response was a capital NO. However, they found a way to push further, bought the form and did the campaigns on my behalf.
    The election day had me win my closest opponent by just two votes. Exactly as The Inner Master had shown me in the dream state two days to the election.
    But the drama has just began.
    On my directive, a bank account was opened for the association that had none from inception.
    I deliberately was not signatory to the account. Financial Secretory and Treasurer were. I signed only vouchers not without meetings minutes attached to them.
    That’s how we were carrying on throughout the tenure.
    The activities behind the scene came to the fore when some members were clamoring for the association to be separated. I was hated for putting the motion to a vote.
    At the time, our launching was just close by. All preparations were made.
    Just back from library. Sat on my hostel bed. Then came Sri Harold’s voice speaking directly to me, “Moses, you are in danger.” I jumped up. Looked under the bed and behind the hostel building, but there was no one close by.
    I came back and sat down thinking, maybe I was hallucinating. But no, I wasn’t. The message cane in again in the same manner.
    At this time, it was no longer funny. I began to panic. At first, I forgot to sing HU. I felt like I should use the convenience. I made my way to the porters lodge and dashed into the toilet but could only pass urine. Then I recalled that I should have sang HU. So I started doing just that and I found myself becoming very very calm. As I got back to the porters lodge, one member of the association took me aside and told me that he was just coming back from a meeting where a decision was taken for me to be poisoned on the day of the launching.
    The next day was final meeting before the launch. There were serious arguments regarding additional persons to be introduced who would serve drinks and food on the day of the launch. It took great wisdom from from The MAHANTA to resolve the already brewing crisis. So two new members were brought in by the plotters.
    These two new persons were the ones who brought my drink and food on the launching day.
    Of course there was no way I could have fallen into that trap since The Master had been gracious enough to warn me before hand.
    This is just volume 1 of this story. The second will come in a later date.
    This is one of the many ways The ECK Masters could be of help to those in need of their assistance.
    I am sincerely grateful to The MAHANTA for that protection.

    • Peter Akpokodje says:

      Moses, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed every bit and learnt firsthand from you about divine protection. Do recall our f2f discussion and journey journals.
      Thanks ECKANKAR for creating this outlet for the love of God to flow through Souls. It is indeed a golden opportunity in these Golden Years of ECKANKAR.

    • Abdoulaye ZONON says:

      Moses, I am still waiting for the continuation of your beautiful story. Thanks

    • DocScientist says:

      Beautiful! Mahanta always shows us the right way. Thanks for sharing your story. Waiting for the vol 2. May the blessings be.

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