Your State of Consciousness Is Your State of Acceptance

Your State of Consciousness Is YOur State of AcceptanceBy Harold Klemp

An individual’s state of consciousness simply means his ability to accept change in his life.

It includes new thoughts and new feelings, and the new behavior and actions that will naturally come as a result.

A state of consciousness is also flexible in that it swells (expands) and shrinks (contracts). Some events in our lives make us full of joy and goodwill, another way of saying an expansion of consciousness. Other events leave us suspicious or hostile or gloomy—a contraction.There are temporary changes in one’s state of consciousness as well as more long-lasting ones, the sum of all the lesser changes.

So your state of consciousness is a living thing. After all, it is a reflection of you—Soul—and is a product of each and every experience you’ve ever had. Ever.

Different experiences make for the difference in people.

The human race as a whole also has a state of consciousness, or level of acceptance. This ability does shift with the passage of time. Sometimes it moves ahead spiritually. At other times, there is a shift to a lower state.

Advances in Consciousness

For example, mankind had made some nice gains in the expansion of its world by the first millennium AD. Let’s overlook its never-ending lust for war and conquest, which will endure as long as human passions go unchecked. People had learned to make a record in writing of their exploits so future generations might profit by it if they so chose. A written language made it possible to review past mistakes and go on from there. A few, advanced in consciousness, had set down codes of conduct for society: like the sayings of Confucius, the ten commandments of Moses, the thoughts of Socrates and Plato, to name a few.

Those were signs of mankind’s progress in its state of consciousness.

Yet there were the dark times too. The most glaring example is perhaps the Dark Ages in Europe, usually fixed from the fifth through the tenth century. Some historians claim the only reason to call it a “dark” period is because so little written history survives from then. That is exactly the point. Why is there so little in writing? There was a falling back in consciousness.

But even as late as the seventeenth century, Galileo still felt the sting of the Inquisition, which censored his observation—made with the new invention, the telescope—that not all heavenly bodies revolved around the earth. His support of the Copernican heliocentric system shook the foundations of the Christian Church. It called the theory a heresy.

The Dark Ages reflect a retreat in the state of consciousness.

Every person has a unique state of consciousness, even as does every community, town, city, state, region, country, or continent. The same holds for races, religions, political groups, and every other association that comes to mind. For example, who would say there’s no difference in the teachings of Islam and Buddhism? The unique doctrines of each are merely an expression of two different states of consciousness, or the acceptance of certain universal ideas that appeal more to one group than the other.

So a state of consciousness is the level of acceptance that one has to changes in conditions.

For some of a certain temperament, blind faith in salvation is a comfort. It gives them courage. They are relieved by the idea that a more advanced spiritual person will take care of all the details when this life comes to an end and will assure them a happy, joyful existence in the hereafter. And that’s OK.

People of another state of consciousness may have a more hands-on approach to the issue of death, which punctuates human life for many with a question mark. Their state of consciousness says, “it’s up to each of us to find our own salvation.”

Is it any wonder that so much of our history is penned in blood? No human state of consciousness is of a shining purity. Each has its stains. These stains are from the five passions of lust, greed, anger, vanity, and an undue attachment to material things. But their state of consciousness does determine how darkly these stains color the behavior of people toward each other.

Excerpted from The Call of Soul.


23 Responses to Your State of Consciousness Is Your State of Acceptance

  1. Adekunle says:

    Thank you Harji for this enlightening piece which I read and enjoyed immensely. With my progress in the Eckankar spiritual studies thus far I am inclined to posit that our ability to give and accept God’s love in our lives and relationship with others is a gauge of our state of consciousness. May the blessings Be.

  2. Patti says:

    Several weeks ago, I met a woman who I hadn’t known before. In our conversation, I mentioned the word “God”. She was kind of startled and said, “You believe in God?!?!?” I said, “Of course, I do.” She asked, “Are you a Christian?” I said, “No, I’m not.” She said, “Well, how could you believe in God?” I was really shocked by that question, but I maintained my composure, and said, “God is for everyone. God is every where. God is for everyone.” She cocked her head, like she never heard such a thing before. Then she relaxed and sat back. She confided to me later in our conversation that her reaction was based on her husband’s very strict religious beliefs. She, herself, had much broader beliefs, including karma and reincarnation. Her state of consciousness was based on her state of acceptance. She emailed me a couple of days later saying I had given her a lot to think about. What an amazing opportunity for me to serve this Soul at a time when she was ready to begin to think for herself. I am certain the Mahanta led her to our conversation.

  3. Joyce Millman says:

    Thank you Mahanta & others. I find my state of conscienceness is effected by my attitude & is difficult when hurtful past experiences hidden away, present themselves suddenly which confront me effects me as to react w anger etc; later guilt sets in so I just keep trying. Hope my theory helps by keeping happy thoughts, the law of silence, & remember my Grandpa always said, “Joy, if you can’t say something good about somebody, then just don’t say anything at all.” Seeking God consciousness & faith in the Eck, Mahanta. It is easier said than done, so I just keep trying & forgive others and forgive myself when I come short of the Glory of God. May the Blessings Be.

  4. Raymond Ekedigwe says:

    It’s worthy to mention the lack in the sum total of ones level of acceptance, arose from error in unconscious ignorance. People some time want to believe whatever suit their emotion without give a thought on how it may affect others.

    Thanks the Mahanta for the gift of consciousness.

  5. Robin Michaels says:

    I enjoyed this topic very much and all of the comments, as well.

  6. Elke says:

    “Different experiences make for the difference in people.” How wonderful that we are not all the same! It allows us to learn from each other.

  7. David Coldwell says:

    I like to think of God as a state of infinite possibilities. It is the natural environment of Soul, of direct perception and action without intermediate steps we have to go through here to create anything. Here, we need to create the idea, then tools, then put time and effort into creating something before it can exist here. This allows us to fine tune a creation before it gets to the stage where it becomes real.

    This contrasts with the state of infinite acceptance where there are infinite possibilities. It is what one might call spiritual abundance because whatever Soul wishes to create, it can create without the laborious efforts we go through here. This requires a much finer self control over what we choose to acknowledge as real.

    This is why spiritual abundance cannot be built without unconditional love. By its very nature, unconditional love exists independent of any conditions. It is the difference between being God directed and self directed.

  8. Anna says:

    sounds like what is going on here in this lower world these days- we go backwards and we go forwards! May the Blessings Be

  9. Willie Daniel says:

    thank you very much for your wonderful reminder. may the blessings be

  10. Christine says:

    Pain, anger, frustration and all other “negative” feelings and emotions, I believe, come from a resistance to accepting a new reality.

    We hold so tightly to old and outdated opinions that hold us in the past. But life will give us experience that will eventually loosen the grip of the old state of consciousness to let a little light in, and to illuminate new possibilities in our lives. How tightly we hold that old consciousness will determine how difficult those experiences need to be.

    When we open our minds and hearts to these new possibilities the negative feelings fall away like an old and cumbersome overcoat that no longer fits. It’s a fresh new start.

    Thank you Sri Harold for these precious insights.

  11. Niyi Bankole says:

    Paul described consciousness as “the shape of the altar”.

    What is this shape of the altar?

  12. Peter Ikem says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this reminder. It has given me cause to take a look at my level of acceptance again. Consciousness is a living thing indeed. MTBB

  13. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Thanks Harji… very illustrative ansd explicit read. It is far-reaching. Shared.

  14. John Marikos says:

    I remember the first time I really saw this connection between consciousness and acceptance in Sri Harold’s writings and talks. It was like an ECK Initiation where all the boundaries of perception, thought, expression, feeling, and more go away suddenly–Poof!–and everything around me was wide open, new, and waiting for me to step forward and explore it. Such a simple idea! And an easier way to live, to be, when I allow it.

    There are so many ways that we have become experts in limiting our states of consciousness, our ability to accept. As kids it often seemed easier to do what other kids did, dress how other kids dress, listen to the music other kids listened to. For men, there’s an almost religious devotion to sports with the denominations and sects being football, golf, soccer, baseball, hockey, hunting, bowling. Immersion in any of these activities can encase us within opaque walls reflecting only what we are already doing. I remember attending a conference in the beautiful mountainous and wild regions near Banff Alberta Canada. During one of the breaks, we had been driving all around, exploring the mountains, lakes, and rivers, taking lots of photos. There was so much to see. As we drove back to the resort, we stopped off at the golf course where friends were playing. One of the golfers suddenly looked up and all around him and realized just how beautiful the setting was around the golf course. This caused another golfer to experience the same thing. They seemed stunned as if they had been suddenly dropped into this natural wonderland and were seeing it for the first time.

    We limit our acceptance as we age physically, emotionally, or mentally. We decide it’s too much effort to keep up with the new changes swirling all around us. We build our cozy nests like forts against the encroaching growth.

    One weekend, we spent time with one and then another young family. Each family had toddlers. Each toddler played and explored, then exclaimed, “Wow!” with genuine and innocent wonder again and again. I found myself wondering how adults lose their “Wows.” I contemplated what it might take for people to rediscover the wows of life. It takes acceptance–more and more of it–move us out into the regions of wonder and wows.

    It can also take a guide, a mentor, an example to demonstrate what it’s like to continuously live in wonder and still be okay. Contact with tha Mahanta, the Living ECK Master and the other ECK Masters shows us what our levels of acceptance can be. They are so accepting. They flow with the flow of life with a spiritual freedom that inspires us to step in there with them.

  15. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    It is true that our state of consciousness is a reflection of our ability to accept change. I realized that as long as one does not know or until one really realize that change is inherent in this life, one will find it hard; hence the relevance of truly associating with the Mahanta and being guided by Him every time. All in all, at some point, Soul reaches the higher consciousness. She/He (Soul) is truly transformed and takes a fresh look at life. Everything in life. The ECK Spiritual Exercises offer the opportunity for expansion of consciousness. Even if we choose to hide, it remains obvious that our actions, our behaviors bring out the state of our consciousness. I feel very happy to be ECKist, feeling aware of the presence of the inner Master who constantly regulates my life. Thank you, Wah Z.
    May the blessings be!

  16. Rodez says:

    Merci beaucoup pur ce rappel

  17. Andrew says:

    What a wonderful subject; this State of Consciousness’.
    I recall Paul describing a true miracle as one’s ability to alter his/her state of consciousness.
    The first step is to find out for one’s self. What is it really?
    It might be helpful to describe the structure that makes up the states of consciousness from within the human experience and the roles of those fixed states as they assist each soul to experience life within the time space experience. Afterall, this journey is all about Soul projecting into the human mind vessel and displaying the divine imagination.

  18. Bi V.N says:

    Yes, quite true of this saying Wah Z….”our state of consciousness= our state of acceptance.”

    The passions of the mind really have a role to play in this. When we succeed in working with them, then we will be very flexible in our state of acceptance. Self-discipline and responsibility especially in doing the spiritual exercises is a plus factor.

    We live in a world of rush, rush now and there seems to be just little time for the spiritual exercises. I suggest we can at least remember to do everything in the name of the Sugmad, the ECK and The Mahanta; or better still declare ourselves as clear channel of divine love for the Sugmad, ECK and The Mahanta. This indicates already our state of acceptance.

    Thank you Mahanta for everything.

  19. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Harji for this piece of advice.

    Our state of consciousness is indeed our state of acceptance. This state of consciousness colours our level of relationship with other people. When we treat others with a little more respect and a little more love, then perhaps we can say that we are operating at a more higher state than those who do not. We would love to be respected but that’s only if we can treat others with respect. We would need some level of freedom but that’s only if we can allow others the freedom to live their lives. As ECKists, do we allow others the freedom to worship GOD in their own way and manner? After all, True worship is living in the society every day with others. We would equally desire to be loved but that’s only if we have the capacity to love others.

    ECKANKAR, our Religion allows us the freedom to act as we would like to, but of course not without accepting responsibility for our actions. So, our state of consciousness determines what we think, say or how we act at all times. Our words and deeds are borne out of where we are coming from – state of consciousness. What do we really accept?
    Some have come to find out about HU, sing it and accept The MAHANTA, while some don’t. That is their state. Its okay. Life goes on. No Soul is lost.

    A couple of times I have had to introduce the ECK Teachings to people but instead receive a lot of bashing from them. Some accept with joy. Its about people’s State of consciousness – acceptance. What is being rejected today may turn out to be very useful in a matter of months and years to come.

    We sing HU and accept The MAHANTA as the guide and way shower. We love HIM too as HE loves us very dearly. Consciousness is all that there is here. As an individual, I have moved via time and space. But I am here now.

    Thanks very much Wah Z.

  20. Bright Jordan kishombe says:

    Definitely…it’s the state of acceptance…. I personally….need more of it

  21. Joann Shelton says:

    Thank you so much for your statements!

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