Becoming a Mature Soul—The ECK Way to Pray

By Harold Klemp

There are a lot of people who pray to God in the wrong way. They want others to do things their way, so they use prayer to control others and bring about their own wishes. It’s like a basketball team praying together before a game: “Dear God, help us win.” Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the court the other guys are busy doing the same thing. What kind of prayer is that?

When you ask God for help, you can say, “I am aware of the situation and the problem, and I want your help in whatever way you see fit.” This is the attitude of the ECKist. You look to see what you, yourself, can do to make the thing work; how you can overcome your own problem.

When you practice this, you are learning, unfolding, getting experience to become a mature Soul—someone fit to be a Co-worker with God.

Excerpted from The Spiritual Exercises of ECKwhere more than 130 spiritual exercises like this can be found. Learn more about spiritual exercises.


16 Responses to Becoming a Mature Soul—The ECK Way to Pray

  1. Ikechukwu Carlos Ajim says:

    Thank you so much Mahanta for this wonderful and great insight becoming a mature soul, in discussion class we can ask our question in any angle you did not understand then any body who have answer can tell, yes its a true teaching that everything happening in your life is as God want, but what about the Kal(Satan) power and other external power on earth, does it mean that they can not penetrate in us to bring conditions that is not from God in your life which?

    Thank you and may the blessing be!

  2. Isaac Ndubisi says:

    Thank you Mahanta for using every opportunity to teach us lessons necessary for our spiritual growth in this life time. The will of God has always been the best solution to every situation.
    Baraka Bashad.

  3. Peter Akpokodje says:

    Two days ago, I was on my way to a college in Lagos, Nigeria to attend an ECK Light and Sound Service concluding an ECK Campus Seminar.
    The weather was cloudy and when I took the bike (okada) to the venue, the bikeman observing the weather mentioned that it will not rain on our way to my destination, so I do not get soaked. I thought and asked him why? He stated because he had prayed over it. Then I asked him what about the man who has planted crops and needs this rain “badly”? To this, he felt indifferent and a little perplexed. I tried to explain to him that whether it rains or not, it need not matter, but what is important is God’s will (What will be).

    We got to the college and with minimal showers of blessings. I was thankful.

  4. Kinikanwo D. Wachukwu says:

    HU a non-directed prayer helps us listen to God. The best of all prayers ever known by few tells us the importance of surrender in all our dealings in this physical life and beyond. It is a prayer that says Let thy will be done not mine. Lets look at it in another angle- A man that wants to marry gave conditions on how his would be spouse should be on getting wedded the spouse could n`t deliver. What happens? crisis, crisis all the time, the man divorced and got married again same issues resurfaced again he divorced. This example shows how people look on God if mine or our prayers are not answered here and now we move to other places were Iron melt without heating and got there we realized former place was better. Then comes the lack of inner peace, this gentleman has forgotten that a marriage and life without challenges and problems doesn’t exist. Those that teaches a problem free life and asked it shall be given are far from truth. They had forgotten that whatever is given is what you earned. Nothing is free in Freetown. Why would anyone try to bend GOD? Is GOD a flexible connect? The answer is capital NO. Wah Z, Ancient one and modern Day Prophet thanks for the Eck teachings. May the blessings be.

  5. Moses Nduekhe says:

    A quick reminder such as this, is often very useful and reassuring.

    Thanks very much Wah Z.
    Here lies a private story of an ECKist.
    He ran out of cash for the family during one weekend in November. Thinking aloud, he said “what am I gonna do? The weekend would be extremely hard.”
    Another ECKist friend offered to lead him to a money lender who lives about two KM away. But before they left, they thought of taking along, something that would serve as collateral.
    What can that possibly be. A lap-top was taken along. But there was a big snag there. The lap-top has a power connecting problem. It got to be put on power before it can come on. Its been like that for so long. That was a very big concern.
    “What if the lender decides to press the power button to see if the lap-top would come on,” he thought to himself..
    Then he started to sing HU silently to himself, then said “whatever is best, pls let it come to pass”
    On arrival, the money lender opened the lap-top and pressed the power button, having been spoken to already on the phone.
    Guess what, the lap-top surprisingly came alive. The two ECKists friends were staring at each other wondering what happened.
    Well, before they left the office, he has been singing HU surrendering the out-come of their meeting to divine spirit.
    Miracles are still happening in GOD’s own way, in GOD’s own time.
    Singing HU is a non-directional prayer to GOD. It doesn’t really tell GOD what to do.
    Meanwhile the said lap-top is still having that power issue till date. The supposed difficult weekend was taken care of. Thanks to Wah Z who touched the lap-top to behave itself only on that occasion.

  6. Lovedales Kumah says:

    This is why mankind needs a Living Master and we are fortunate to be Eckists who have You as the Living Eck Master. You are constantly reminding us on the road to being matured Souls. Thank you Wah Z.

  7. Lynnzie says:

    Thank you Mahanta for this quote on the right way to pray, it was very timely:
    Just this week I met with a group of people, at the end of our get together one person suggested we all pray for her sick brother. I said I did not feel comfortable doing that. I was quizzed on why not? I said it was in violation of the brothers psychic space. Again more quizzing, “Well does that mean you would not pray for your dog or a plant?” I said the brother has not given us permission to do so, and even if he did it is not our will – its God’s will. Everything happens for a reason. Sri Harold said, “God knows when the sparrow falls, but that does not keep the sparrow from falling.”

  8. Isaac Greight says:

    Mahanta, I am very grateful for this reminder. I live in a Christian home with fanatical parents who would pin me down to pray in the normal way…but through your help, I have always come to overcome this challenge. I uphold this truth in my heart forever!

  9. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you Mahanta for the gift of consciousness : Becoming a Mature Soul. When I was a teenager, I fiercely opposed to entrust my life to a category of people supposed to be talented to communicate with God. I was always concerned about the true meaning of prayer. Such a prayer that does not exempt them from resorting to other sciences and, to force things, nature, etc… To me, no one can ever succeed in submitting and defending exactly my record or that of another to God better than myself/himself. I was convinced that God, who created because of love and who sees from all time, can not ignore what every Soul needs to flourish here below.

    ECKANKAR’s teachings are revolutionary in that truth about the ultimate meaning of prayer is unveiled. There is no secret! I pray for myself. I ask for God’s help while doing my part. God, in His infinite love, fills me with what I need, at the right time.

    In fact, fear and ignorance of one’s true nature drive one to dictate one’s will to God. This way of doing challenges faith and trust in God. It is very dangerous to impose one’s will to God. It is also a waste of time because only God’s Will is to be accomplished.

    The ECK Teachings strengthened my faith in God. The ECK prayer – the ECK Spiritual Exercises, HU for example, followed by the contemplation – awaken and raise all who practice it. Every Soul- including animals and plants- can communicate directly with God. There is No barrier. It is illusory and very bad to pray for someone. The ECK Spiritual Exercises offer the opportunity to realize this truth without a hitch. Everyone, without exception, can practice the ECK Spiritual Exercises.

    A few decades ago, I had suffered from an illness that was usually fatal. Doctors from the largest hospital in my country have found a dark picture and, had recommended that my family prayed a lot for me. But, I did not want a directed prayer. Before falling into a coma, I had refused and rejected all the “directed prayers” hammering that I have already conversed with God and that His Will will be done. They (my parents) had found my reaction bizzare at that time indeed! Result: God’s Will has been done. None of the three people they had contacted to pray for me was available until God’s Will has been fulfilled. They had clamed that it had been a miracle and that I had been lucky.

    Miracles are always fully accomplished when prayer is not directed. Seeing with Soul’s eyes can permit to realize the unspeakable wonders of God. In fact, they. (miracles) are intentionally hidden behind the Will of God. ECK Spiritual Exercises can help to achieve this, regardless the religion one belongs to.
    I feel very happy to be ECKist!
    Thank you all for the opportunity. Gratitude to Wah’Z! May the Blessings be!

  10. David says:

    Thanks Sri Harold for mentioning some years ago that we need to listen twice as much as we talk. We know we are making headway when we realize God doesn’t have difficulty speaking to us, but that we often have a difficult time hearing unless we practise the spiritual exercises.

  11. Lana Stevens says:

    HU may this powerful word change my life and miracles come from singing HU.
    Sincerely, Lana

  12. Akpobome Ogbon says:

    Thank you MAHANTA for this wonderful reminder. Just in line with what I need.
    I love HU always.

  13. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    It becomes very difficult to let your spouse understand that in Eckankar we do not pray the way Christians do. That you do not force God to do your will, or to answer your prayer. Particularly, if things are not smooth-sailing, and he/she wants you to force God to change things through prayer, and you say “you cannot force God to change things just because you want it so”. You say “God already knows what is happening; and all you can say is that if it is no longer necessary, may God change it at his will”. It is always a big debate.
    Thank you Wah Z. You have taught us to know that the Sugmad is always on top of all situations; and that everything is as it is because it is the proper way to be.
    May the blessing be.

  14. Bienvenu M. N'gbédjagni says:

    Nous ne devons pas dicter à Dieu de nous faire quoi que soit dans nos prières. Que sa volonté soit faite.
    Merci MAHANTA. Je suis heureux de t’avoir découvert.

  15. Bi V.N says:

    Thank you Master for this reminder.
    Even when we are in a difficult situation, we make our petitions to God and instead of letting God take charge, we keep pushing and wanting things done our way and at our time.
    God knows all about us, knows what is going on in our life and the reason for these happenings. And all is for the good of Soul, you and I. For this reason, certain things happening to us must run the complete circle.
    The better way to pray therefore is to sing the love song ‘HU’ to God, then let Its will be done. Avoid telling God what to do, and especially for others without taking permission from them.
    If we force in and short circuit things to happen our way and time, we risk picking up some karma or we face the same situation in the near future.
    God will do it whatever way fit for us. We just do all humanly and physically possible and surrender the rest to God.
    Thank you Wah Z. Love HUUUUUUUUU.

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