Dream Prophecy Brings Spiritual Guidance and Protection

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2005 talk “The Wonderful Ways of ECK.”


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  1. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thanks so much Wah Z for the gift awakening of consciousness. Many people are unaware of the importance of dreams prophecy. Others reject them because they equate them with curses. Yet these are immeasurable gifts of God to all Souls. These dreams, usually very clear, are like a lighthouse projected in the darkness. It is necessary for the beneficiary to record them in writing and/or to keep them in his heart and to use them judiciously, in accordance with the strict indications of the Dreams’ Master. A dialogue with the Inner Master should necessarily follow. The ECK Spiritual Exercises offer the opportunity to achieve this. It also requires total faith and absolute trust in the Mahanta, the Dream Master.

    Some time ago, after a serious illness, I had serious doubts about procreation. My parents were really scared and did not really want to. Months passed, I thought I had turned, forever, the page of motherhood.

    One day, the Dream Master kindly had shown me a baby clothes store in which I bought wipes and other baby accessories. During the dream, the Mahanta had reassured me that all will be well and He given me a really ordinary medicine and the dose that I will take. When I woke up, I became aware of this new project and the provisions that it requires.

    Six months later, my dream came true. The first gynecologist I visited in my country gave me the same prescriptions as those of my dream. As the pregnancy progressed when an unexpected discomfort or problem arose, I turned my eyes to the Inner Master, taking care to make a possible connection between the Doctor’s diagnosis and the very reassuring indications of my premonitory dream.

    I constantly dialogued with the Mahanta whenever a change occurred.
    Finally, all the diagnosis made by the doctors consulted both in my country and abroad were out of step with God’s plan that the Dream Master has kindly shown me. I still remember when things seemed to be complicated I did ask the Mahanta to be my birth attendant taking care to chosing Himself, if necessary, the midwife of His own will to assist Him for my case.

    The day of my delivery, the doctor who was designated to handle my case- which they qualified complex- suddenly chose to go to his home to “get ready” before touching me. These words make sense in “black” Africa! In fact, this doctor was quite sure of the absolute necessity of a surgical intervention. Before he returned to work, my baby was born two hours earlier, without any surgery. In addition, no physical doctor was available for me. The midwife present did not return to service until that evening after a long unjustified absence.
    I sensed that the ECK was in action! The midwife seemed panicked. But, I was strength enough to transmit to her the indications that I had been receiving from the inner side to help her carry out the childbirth and my deliverance.

    The head doctor of this maternity asked me the religion that I practice. “ECKANKAR,” I did reply. “It’s very strong,” she concluded.

    This is another true story that reinforced my faith in ECK and, especially my love for the Dream Master. True, dreams prophecy provides spiritual guidance and protection.

    When the administration of my employer informed the colleagues based at the headquarters of the Institution that employs me and the doctor approved by the Institution who had diagnosed the absence of pregnancy and the absence of cardiac activities, they were quite surprised.

    Oh, wherever you are, the Mahanta can irrevocably change everything, if he deems it necessary. He is the ECK. He is the TRUE protector. He does cure.
    My growing up baby is under the dome of the Mahanta, the Dream Master, the Living ECK Master.

    Prophety dreams are signals that the Holy Spirit sends to all Souls. We have to pay attention to our dreams, so we do not have to waste time. Time runs away ….. Time is waiting for no one!

    Thank you again, Wah Z. I do remain very grateful!

    • Anne says:

      Thank you soo much for taking time to share this miraculous story of yours! Your story seems similar to that of Rebacca’s about which Z had written in the book “Eck Wisdom of Inner Guidance”. Every word of what you said resonated with me. Through my experience in Eck too, I have come to a conclusion that Eck can do miracles in your life if you put your whole hearted complete efforts into spiritualizing yourself and staying connected to the Inner Master.

  2. Marcelina McCool says:

    I have had so many prophetic dreams as well! There are so many countless blessings as being an Eckist that I often wonder about how much we may take from granted over a period of time. Needless to say, I am grateful to be an Eckist, counting my blessings with includes so many warning signals about difficult situations as well as future events and changes!!

    Thank you, Wah Z!!!

  3. David Gardner says:

    I truly enjoy the travels to the places the Mahanta takes me during my dreams. So many experiences, so many different places to explore, so many people to meet and get to know. My dreams have given me warnings, given me love when I was down, and taught me so many things. Thank you, Harji, for all of the blessings, the love, and the boundless patience you exhibit. May the blessings be.

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