Homesick for a Past Life in Kenya

By Jonker, Netherlands

In March 2005, my wife and I paid a dear friend and her family in Kenya a visit. It was our first time in Kenya. When my friend married four years earlier, I was her best man. Although we are not related, she called me Abang, which means brother in the Malay language.

While visiting her, we took a three-day safari to the Maasai Mara wildlife reserve. Although I’d never been there before, I felt a strong bond with the endless African plains and the animals that roamed there, and also with the red-robed Maasai people who live in parts of Tanzania and Kenya. Wild beasts—lions, elephants, Thomson’s gazelles, wildebeests, buffalo, and giraffes—roamed the expansive dry grassland as far as the eye could see.

One day, as I watched a herd of heavily muscled buffalo munching in the tall, swaying grass, I was struck by how much I felt at peace, like in a meditative or contemplative state. This led to my wondering if I’d had a past life in Kenya. That would certainly have provided an explanation for my strong and instant connection to this place.

When I returned from my holiday, I experienced a feeling of homesickness. There was a longing for that connection with the land and the wild animals I had felt in Kenya. When thinking of the Maasai Mara plains, I felt an emotional attachment that would bring tears to my eyes. For me, that is an abnormal feeling. It haunted me for a couple of months.

One day, I did a spiritual exercise to find out why I cried. At first I chanted HU, our love song to God, several times and then went into silent contemplation. Inwardly, I asked the Mahanta, the Inner Master, to show me why I had this emotional attachment and why Kenya.

Suddenly I saw myself, as Soul, walking up to and into the Temple of ECK in Chanhassen, Minnesota. That is our spiritual center on this planet, like the Vatican for the Catholics. I saw an H and U on the two glass doors. Once inside, I wandered around until I ended up in an inner sanctuary. There the Mahanta, the Inner Master, was waiting for me. I sensed other spiritual beings, like angels, in the room, but they remained invisible for me. Then the Mahanta showed me, on a big screen, a past life as a wandering medicine man with three lions as my companions. It was a wonderful and peaceful life, and that caused my longing for the Maasai Mara plains and the wild animals. After many years, I left that life in Kenya with pain in my heart because I was leaving my lion friends behind. It was my time to leave that life.

I asked the Mahanta how to get rid of this emotional sadness and homesickness, and he gently, graciously touched my heart.

After coming back from this spiritual experience, something was gone. My emotional sadness and homesickness were gone, and are still. No more emotional heaviness. As Soul, I found my spiritual freedom again.

Anyone is capable of gaining deep insights into life and of healing the heart with the tools that are available on this path and with the help of the Mahanta.

It works! Ask the Mahanta to help you, whatever it is.


12 Responses to Homesick for a Past Life in Kenya

  1. Bright owualah says:

    Please is there any ECK centers in Kenya, where someone can worship on Sunday?

  2. Lovedales , Ghana says:

    Thank you Jonker for sharing this beautiful experience. This is the beauty of Soul and for being in Eckankar. Every question has an answer in Eckankar. How fortunate we are. Thanks .

  3. premsodi says:

    Thank you for sharing. I know how you must have felt—I was born in Kenya, left when I was very young but I didn’t realize why I felt something was missing. I went back to visit after 50 yrs. I visited Masai Mara—I had tears in my eyes. The Mahanta showed me my past life—it was very peaceful. I loved seeing those animals. It was a wonderful experience.

    Thank you Mahanta.

  4. Anna says:

    Lovely, thanks for sharing. These people and places we meet are incredible for that purpose to realize what we learned there!

  5. Yiscard Rubattino says:

    This is a wonderful story that remind us how Bless we are to have the Mahanta and be able to find Echankar in this lifetime. Baraka Bashad!!

  6. Richard Berling says:

    Thanks for the uplifting story. For me it illustrates the value of detachment. Emotional longing and misplaced desire are out of sync with spiritual growth. Good times yield to better times if we follow the tenets of Eckankar.

  7. Geeta Thuraisingam Bayala says:

    Thank you Abang Jonker ♥ We will be waiting for in our next country to see if we have any connection to our past lives there. Baraka bashad your sister

  8. emmangadiuba says:

    Your experiences are unique and also applicable to many Souls. In about my past lives in Europe during the Roman Empire and during the Industrial Revolution in Europe, that’s one of the main reasons I am back in Europe (Spain) at the moment to clean my pasts….

  9. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you, Jonker. Your story is a reminder of how many times I have lived before, thousands of times, without ever dying. The ECK teachings openly offer the opportunity to all Souls to discover themselves, without having to resort to some intermediaries supposed to have the monopoly to know the fate of people. This discovery opens the door of freedom forever. It’s an unforgettable joy and happiness.

    Sincerely, life only makes sense when we can afford the privilege of discovering who we are and the reason for our incarnation here below.

    I was constantly “pecking” with one of my family members that I thought, did not like me. Our relationships were often so tense that I had sometimes cried. However, this animosity did not prevent me from offering gifts to her. The whole family found her very nasty to me. Rumors were circulating in the city that she may want to eliminate me, if given the opportunity.

    In this “unexplained” situation, I had nevertheless devoted myself to the ECK Spiritual Exercises to understand this situation which was so worrying me. I did rely my case on the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.

    One day, in a dream, the Inner Master, had kindly shown me a sequence of my life relationship with my relative that I had then married and abused. At this past life, the couple left their house as a happy, well-dressed and very much admired by the neighbors; unfortunately, it always ended badly; because I left her alone in the forest, finding pretexts to “make life”.

    In that past life, she was so unhappy due to the attitude I have had. During the dream, I asked the Mahanta what I should do to correct things. “Give her love,” said Wah Z to me. When I woke up, I was very sad and troubled by my actions of that past life.

    This dream has allowed me to understand the reason for the animosity which, in fact is only the return of the crank. Everything comes back one day or the other. Soul never dies. Souls always recognize each other. I did realize that I had some accounts to balance with my relative. I am not a victim. I only harvest what I had sown in the past whether it is distant or not.

    It took me some months to admit these truths. Also, the Inner Master, in his immeasurable love reminded me all the time of that past life’s debt and that it is beneficial to me to pay without delay. The corridor leading to my room was often my meeting place with the Inner Master to exchange on this past debt (karma).

    Then, one day I accepted, melting into the arms of the Mahanta. I realized there are no victims by the way. I was not a victim. I was just facing myself: past life’s karma.

    I have been trying to give love to my relative. Then everything changed. We became great friends. Our entourage was confused. Many find that I let myself be dragged too much on the ground by this person; they said it was a great humiliation.

    I am happy and very relaxed to have listened and followed the Mahanta’s indications. Nowaday, my relationship with my relative is most envious. I feel relieved of this previous debt. Great are my joy and happiness.

    The Spiritual Exercises ECK – HU – helped me to see the truth and understand that the debt is due and need to be paid. Anyone is capable of gaining deep insights into life and of healing the heart with the Spiritual Exercises and with the help of the Mahanta. It does work!

    Thanks again, Jonker.
    May the Blessings Be!

  10. Amrutha says:

    I suffer from an auto immune skin disease. I’ve been taking medications for over a year. But most doctors whom I meet do not know the real cause of this disease. The medical field has not found a cure yet though there are few people who have been cured somehow. I’ve been asking Mahanta to show me the cause of this disease for so many months. No past life was ever opened to me. Maybe He doesn’t show me because I might not be able to bear it. I don’t know. All that Mahanta tells me is to “love”. That “love” is the only best medicine for me now. And that’s what I’m doing. Love God, Love myself and love all Souls. May the blessings be with all Souls!

  11. Carol Cameron says:

    This is a compelling and beautiful account. It spurred my own memory of a family cat I loved. After his death I wondered what form he had taken and where he now lived. In a dream I was shown he was a lion. I seemed to stand at the edge of his “range” — understanding that he was now too wild and large for me to make direct contact. It even came through that he had become a small house cat this lifetime in order to renew a relationship with me and other loved ones. I know the divine love between us will always exist.

  12. David says:

    When very young, someone mentioned reincarnation. Can’t remember who, but it had a profound impact on me. I kept looking and wondering, if reincarnation is real, why don’t I remember anything?

    This search became the basis for my search for truth in ECKANKAR. Yet as a child, in my dreams I was a symbol of a kind of being that doesn’t exist here. It brought a sense of calm when going to sleep and visualizing myself as that being.
    It was dreams that started to fill in my memories of reincarnation. Today, my focus is more on the present, of creating memories that will transcend time, memories that remind me there is no time like the present to be aware of divine love.

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