How to Let Go without Feeling Guilty

difficult people, Harold Klemp, patience, sin and guilt, spiritual insightBy Harold Klemp

Q: Can you give a spiritual insight on: How to expand into a more patient, more loving being? How to let go of attitudes or people that are hurting me spiritually? How to let go of them without having feelings of sin or guilt?

A: Yours is an excellent question. It bothers others too. The key is “without having feelings of sin and guilt,” because that phrase puts the concern into down-to-earth living.

Notice how changes in nature are most often over eons of time. The heat and cold of desert mountains set rocks to tumble—one here, another there. Eons pass. But the ages see those mountains turn into gentle, rolling hills.

Less often does nature change earth’s landscape by explosion or upheaval. Such rapid change leaves scars upon the land that resist healing.

When possible, let those people go without slamming the door. The exception, of course, is in cases where those people’s attitudes are a serious threat to your spiritual well-being. That may require a firm “no more of that—good-bye.”

Otherwise, the less harmful associations can be let to dry up and wither away.

Be unavailable to such people. Ignore their messages and invitations. Don’t give ear to their rumblings or complaints. Maybe they’ll get the hint.

With those who linger, be firm but kind.

Excerpted from A Modern Prophet Answers Your Key Questions about Life, Book 2.


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