What Is the Purpose of Life? Is Every Experience Spiritual?

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2010 talk “A Golden Contract.”


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  1. ANIL PATEL says:

    The key purpose of life is simply to become more Godlike in everything we do. The teachings of ECK are structured, precise, and of the highest quality known to mankind. They are geared for making this everyday transformation, this raising of consciousness, a profound and practical reality. Only then are we truly awake and living life with full awareness and expansiveness. Until Soul meets the Mahanta (the inner spiritual master for members of ECK), he is asleep, in limbo, and destined to wander for many years, many lifetimes, searching for that oh so elusive measure of true happiness and contentment. In the toys and trinkets of the world, he will yearn for true meaning, loving all those worldly aspects of life which cannot love him back. In time, he will come across the opportunity to meet the Godman, perhaps through a book, ECK event, a relative, a dream, or a friend. Once Soul sees the play of the ECK in his everyday life, then every experience becomes spiritualized as now he views life with the eyes of Soul. Having experienced Divine Spirit (the Light and Sound of God), Soul becomes a zealot for unconditional divine love and never looks back. Next time you get a chance, look into the eyes of a member of ECKANKAR, and you will see a joyous light unlike anything else. They have caught the wave and discovered the true meaning and purpose of life. Babies and young children also have this special illumination, before the world closes in on them and firmly contains Soul in its unmerciful iron grip of the social consciousness. Do you want to fight over a roadkill, with the buzzards on the ground, or do you want to fly with the eagles beyond the sky of many colors? May the blessings be.

  2. CINDY M CARSON says:

    The golden contract. Yet again, Mahanta, you speak the perfect words at the perfect time for me. For Soul. Recent inner teachings about the golden contract have left me filled with joy. I am not the composer, not the conductor, not the musician, not the music. I am the flute.

  3. John Ebadan says:

    When any one start asking them self’s the one hundred trillion dollar question, what is the purpose of life, why am I here in this life, what am I doing here in this life and why is this happening to me in this life, then this person is beginning to awaken from the playground which this life is, and the search for the true answers is the search for the Mahanta the living Eck master, the way shower, the true guide, to show one the easier way back home to God.
    Thus all of life’s experience are spiritual in the fact that our experience and how we handle them brings us closer or further from the original purpose of life.
    Thank you Mahanta

  4. PeterJ Santsaver says:

    There is always a situation within situations that you’re needed as a vehicle for spirit. While it was here, Borders book store was a retreat for me. I would go and check the current groups of books on New Age and Religions. There was a nice seat close by the book racks where I could take a book to read excerpts adding to my library of knowledge. On this particular day, an older lady had taken over my seat. She was reading a book on Biblical new testament quotes. I asked if she found Words interesting, she replied in the affirmative and we began to discuss Jesus’s parables. There was a book on the shelf written by Harold and Paul called Keys to Secret Worlds. I took it out and explained how the book had helped me. She was quite grateful. Thanked me whole heartedly and as she turned to leave with the book she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Last night I prayed to God for help and He sent you!”

    I never forgot this blessing to have the words put in play that I too can be a channel for Spirit. “The way has already been prepared for you!”

  5. Gmc says:

    Every moment of every second within the worlds of my physical life, thru the sleep/dreaming states of consciousness to the awareness of soul as a vehicle for the ECK in all worlds within time and beyond time “every moment is of spiritual significance.” I now grasp far more now than yesterday, knowing fully I’ve only made one step upon this enlightenment.

  6. Dimče says:

    I find that every experience brings an opportunity to further refine ‘that which I am’, or Soul. As such, there are no good or bad experiences, only opportunities for spiritual unfoldment. I had been planning to submit some new musical compositions to be considered for an ECK Regional Seminar here in Australia, but circumstances prevented me. My friend in ECK then contacted me and asked would I like to open for an “Unplugged” performance he had scheduled? We were speaking just prior to going on stage, and without thinking, the words “every audience is an ECK audience” came out. I had been given my opportunity to perform, just not in the exact way I had planned. We are indeed blessed to have the Mahanta as close to us as our very heartbeat and carry this love with us out into the world.

  7. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thanks so much, Wah Z for this additional video. It leads to a deep introspection and awakens to the mission of Soul. An individual mid-term review of actions is necessary! We (all creation) come from God, holding a gold fixed-term contract. We belong to God. We will obviously return to Him (God). These truths raise awareness of how each Soul chooses to accomplish Its mission, which terms are recorded in Its road map. There is no escape!

    Life is one of the wonderful opportunities that God has kindly offered Souls in order to becoming better beings. It is easy to get to school. It is no less important to apply the rules and laws that govern it. Time does not wait. It runs without worrying about our choice or the application we make. However, Soul has an eternity to perfect Itself.

    After several comings and goings, It (Soul) resolves one day to make the judicious choice of Truth. Of course, this make Soul free forever. What is the purpose of life?

    Fundamentally life offers opportunity of discoveries; it is settled to help discovering oneself, to awaken proceeding with adjustments, to help becoming better beings and, start to “packing”/standing ready for a harmonious return to Home, back to God. We are each on mission! We need to be conscious of these different stages and follow the rules and laws that govern life.

    ECKANKAR Teachings awaken each Soul to Its mission. One need to know the reasons for His/Her incarnation here below. My choices of past lives determined my present life. This is neither the effect of chance, let alone any arrangement. Whoever knows these trues should work to stop wasting time. We have each obviously, a golden contract with the precious life that binds us to God.

    The ECK Spiritual Exercises help to seeing clearly. The apparent shock I receive wakes me up and, strengthens my faith. At least, I leave the stage asleep to the waking stage. Every situation I face contributes to my spiritual evolution.

    That’s why every experience is spiritual. There is no surprise, let alone injustice. There’s no hazard. Everything is spiritual.

    Each Soul functions according to the contract It has designed the clauses.

    I keep on dialoguing about everything with the Mahanta, the Inner Master that kindly directs me to the proper management of situations.

    In doing so, one gradually perceives life as a game. A real one. The ECK Spiritual Exercises provide strength and inner peace to consciously managing life in whatever form it presents. They are the basis which makes it possible and help discovering the Mahanta. What is more precious than knowing the reason for our passage here below? The wandering ends up. Truth is obvious. Every experience is spiritual.

    When invited, the Mahanta, the Dream Master kindly provides guidance, regardless our religion. There is NO MORE time to waste. The Mahanta can help us to discover truth on ourselves, about life. This is random, biased and may not be found elsewhere.

    Thank you again Mahanta for your immeasurable love. I had wandered, thanks to You, I now know. I’m still grateful.
    May the blessings be!

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