Key to the Door of Truth

Key to the Door of TruthBy Harold Klemp

How do you recognize truth?

Most people respond to the Light and Sound of God indirectly by listening to their intuition, trusting their feelings, or following their conscience.

But others do see the Light directly; It often appears before the Sound. They are two parts of the Voice of God, the ECK, which speaks to all whose spiritual eyes can see the mysteries of divine love.

Each of us is a unique individual, with our own peculiar combination of experiences accumulated over many lifetimes. The truth of ECK comes to each of us like a special key, custom-designed with millions of little notches and grooves. It is the only key that will fit the lock, turn it, and open the door of Soul.

You can pick up the inspiration to find this key for yourself. If you can take the inspiration into contemplation, you can build the spiritual strength and understanding to accept the ECK, the Holy Spirit, as It speaks to you every moment of every day.

The ways in which the ECK works are limitless.

A Simple Request

If you’re unhappy, open yourself to the possibility that there is something better.

If you’re an ECKist say, “Mahanta, please show me thy ways. Show me what may be there for me.”

If you’re Christian or Jewish or of any other faith, look to the God of your faith. Look to your savior, look to your way of spirituality, and ask, “Show me truth, God.”

If you’re sincere, God’s Voice, the Holy Spirit, will begin opening you to truth.

Excerpted from ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance.


16 Responses to Key to the Door of Truth

  1. Huseina says:

    Thank you Wah Z for your wisdom and guidance on seeking truth.

  2. Koffi A. Antoine BABA says:

    Thanks for these amazing spirituall experiences.

  3. John Ebadan says:

    Spirit will oftentimes respond in ways or manner we are not expecting and we may not recognise.
    So don’t give up, just ask again without any preconditions of what we may think the answer is.

  4. Nirven Maharaj says:


    So if there is no response then we can infer that the request was not sincere? Would that be the only reason spirit would not move to assist?

  5. Disraeli W. Smith, Sr. says:

    Said It Is, “When The Seeker Is Ready, The Master Will Come.” MyOneSelf Individualized BEing Anticipates & KNOWS With Innerstanding That This Simple, In Appearance WithOut Yet Substantial Unto Purpose WithIn, “Committed Exercise” Shall Yield Fruit Unfathomable And Tangible Upon THE ALL ALMIGHTY CREATOR GOD WITHIN That Am I BEing All Ways. Namaste

  6. Tony Dimegwu says:

    I had been searching for many years to understand the God phenomenon. One evening like that in a small African village where I live, a very bright light covered my compound so that it seemed like noon! Just like the flood lights of the stadium. Then I saw something like star fly past. I ran out. I asked other people if they saw the light. They said no. I realise the truth of the Mahanta’s word “the truth of Eck comes to each of us like a special key…” My life has not been the same since then. What a wonderful new word where every word falls in place.

  7. Atulaegwu Nwoke says:

    Mahanta, You are the key to the door of truth. In all situation where I needed help, knowledge and understanding, You are always there to offer assistance. You open this door and all I need to do is to walk through it.. Thank You Wah Z.

  8. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for these inspirational words.
    Nothing short of what you always do.
    Its indeed worth reading and contemplating on.

  9. Joseph Y. Ablekpe says:

    Grateful for the gift of life and the keys to unlock the hidden possibilities.

  10. Charity Omokwe says:

    Thank you MAHANTA for opening my eyes to see the key to the door of truth behind my present life experience. This article opened my consciousness to a greater understanding to the mysteries I have been unable to unravel. I am indeed grateful for the new awareness.


    Dear Mahanta. What a beautiful reminder to be alert to all around me! Thank you for the tips.

  12. Lovedales , Ghana says:

    Beautifully explained. Thank you.

  13. Roland says:

    I live with my family in the countryside of the Philippines where it happened two days ago when I see under the dining table a young cobra snake. Where is this snake coming from? I was asking the Mahanta because I felt to be sure that all the openings like windows and doors where closed. Snakes in our area are shy and do not attack humans if we respect their psychic space. When coming closer she was already showing me her open mouth and defense attitude. But I needed to bring her out of the house in some way without killing her. After chasing her from one room to the next she was hiding in a shoe. This was the moment to lift the shoe carefully with a trash can and bring it outside the house so she could escape into the bush and grass. Going back into the house I was asking the Mahanta again, where is it possible for a snake to come into the house? I could not find a place. Just one day later my wife was discovering another small snake just coming in through a door I had covered with insect mesh. The Door of Truth I thought the Mahanta was showing me. By a closer look I could see some small openings under the insect mesh, a just perfect way for a small animal to enter the house. The key was me, Soul, asking the Mahanta for help and understanding. The Door of Truth was a real door of the house that was not perfectly secure.

  14. Keith says:

    The old axiom, The truth lies within. The sound, in my experience, can be heard both as the notes of the higher planes and even the spoken word. It takes some getting used to when a tone comes in loud and clear to the inner consciousness or a spoken warning if a situation concerning yourself or someone else needs immediate attention. It is not a good idea to ignore such inner guidance, as I have personally found to be true.

  15. Jo Jo says:

    It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit works! Even when I am down and feeling sad or stress, the Mahanta finds a way to show me that I am not alone. A simple request for help is answered by the whisper of a bird or I will see my favorite symbol — a butterfly. Somehow a butterfly will come near me or I will see someone wearing something with butterflies. It is fascinating and true that the Mahanta knows my heart.

  16. Stella Udu says:

    What a beautiful simple prayer. No telling God what do do, just asking to see God’s ways.

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