My Acres of Diamonds

Star_sphere_color_HIIn “Acres of Diamonds,” from The Road to Spiritual Freedom, Sri Harold Klemp shares a story about Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A lesson the story illustrates is that we may search for wisdom or wealth far and wide, yet unnoticed treasures often remain at home in places/acres where we least expect to find them.

Sri Harold writes, “This is where the teachings of ECK come in. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master will help you see the things you need in your spiritual unfoldment—see the diamonds that are all about you—so that you, the diamond in the rough, may become a polished stone of God, a jewel of God, and be able to receive and give this divine love in return.”

In the story below, Grace, a member of Eckankar in Nigeria, shares how she’s discovered acres of diamonds in her life.


Inner Help at Every Turn

Through the inner guidance, the Mahanta has opened my consciousness to acres of diamonds surrounding me. I have learned to put more love into my efforts, and I can see how doors to so many opportunities are opening.

For instance, I set out to sell fresh fruit juice—an idea that the ECK had dropped in my heart. Usually, before I do anything, I sing HU, a love song to God, and surrender to the Inner Master. So, after packing my fruit juice in a cooler that day, I briefly sang HU and asked the Mahanta to guide me on where to go and how to go about my day.

As soon as I left home I had a strong nudge to go to the national orthopedic hospital, but I ignored the nudge, wondering whom I knew there. Instead I set off to see a friend who works at the airport, hoping she could make some connections for me. I was only able to sell a few bottles of juice.

On my way back from her office, I passed the hospital and again had a strong nudge to just go in. This time, I decided to give this inner nudge a try. To my greatest surprise, all the juice I had sold right away, and I got fantastic comments about the juice.

Two days later, I decided to take more to that hospital, this time trying another ward. The response and patronage was amazing. Besides the patronage, I made some contacts that promise to bring more business opportunities in the near future. I couldn’t thank the Master enough for this realization and for helping me learn to follow my inner guidance.

From my experiences I have learned that the Mahanta is always with me. I just need to invite him or give him permission to step into my situation through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. 


Want to Contemplate on This?

What are your acres of diamonds? How will you find them?


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