My Acres of Diamonds

Star_sphere_color_HIIn “Acres of Diamonds,” from The Road to Spiritual Freedom, Sri Harold Klemp shares a story about Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A lesson the story illustrates is that we may search for wisdom or wealth far and wide, yet unnoticed treasures often remain at home in places/acres where we least expect to find them.

Sri Harold writes, “This is where the teachings of ECK come in. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master will help you see the things you need in your spiritual unfoldment—see the diamonds that are all about you—so that you, the diamond in the rough, may become a polished stone of God, a jewel of God, and be able to receive and give this divine love in return.”

In the story below, Grace, a member of Eckankar in Nigeria, shares how she’s discovered acres of diamonds in her life.


Inner Help at Every Turn

Through the inner guidance, the Mahanta has opened my consciousness to acres of diamonds surrounding me. I have learned to put more love into my efforts, and I can see how doors to so many opportunities are opening.

For instance, I set out to sell fresh fruit juice—an idea that the ECK had dropped in my heart. Usually, before I do anything, I sing HU, a love song to God, and surrender to the Inner Master. So, after packing my fruit juice in a cooler that day, I briefly sang HU and asked the Mahanta to guide me on where to go and how to go about my day.

As soon as I left home I had a strong nudge to go to the national orthopedic hospital, but I ignored the nudge, wondering whom I knew there. Instead I set off to see a friend who works at the airport, hoping she could make some connections for me. I was only able to sell a few bottles of juice.

On my way back from her office, I passed the hospital and again had a strong nudge to just go in. This time, I decided to give this inner nudge a try. To my greatest surprise, all the juice I had sold right away, and I got fantastic comments about the juice.

Two days later, I decided to take more to that hospital, this time trying another ward. The response and patronage was amazing. Besides the patronage, I made some contacts that promise to bring more business opportunities in the near future. I couldn’t thank the Master enough for this realization and for helping me learn to follow my inner guidance.

From my experiences I have learned that the Mahanta is always with me. I just need to invite him or give him permission to step into my situation through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. 


Want to Contemplate on This?

What are your acres of diamonds? How will you find them?


8 Responses to My Acres of Diamonds

  1. Ameerat says:

    Ever since I started listening to my nudges; mostly inner but some outer as in the case of Golden Tongued wisdom, things have been smoother for me. Some years back if I ignored them and something unpleasant happened, I’ll always say to my self ‘…and something was telling me o’ And I’ll regret not listening. Things just work out better if we can listen to those silent nudges, if we can surrender and trust the master. About Acres of Diamonds being all around us, and seeing obstacles as stepping stones, it could be hard you know? But it’s not impossible! We need to keep trying; keep giving love, keep being SUGMAD’s channel, listening to the whisper of spirit and singing HU. Although infinitesimal at first, the change you’ll elicit will bloom your heart and transform your entire world. BARAKA BASHAD

  2. AdemolShote says:

    Acres of diamond are all around us. Several times I sent my car to automobile workshop to fix the gear. They would do something return it to that it fixed, and indeed it was fixed but after driving on a bumpy road the problem will come up again. All this while I was having the nudge that I can fix it permanently myself, but I paid least attention to it.
    One day my son came in and just by accident he opened the cover to the selection handle and saw that a small nut fell off the handle.
    In less than 5 minutes the nut was screwed back in place, and that was it, problem fixed. I thank the Master for this insight, for saying me the grace of returning to the workshop to fix something I can do at home.

  3. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Thank you for sharing. If Soul can become aware of the benefits that are at Its feet, It would cherish every present moment and never complain.
    It is very true. This inner voice that speaks to us awakens us. We do not pay it attention. And, we fall. We scream. We cry. We regret our actions. Sometimes, we plunge an accusing finger at X and Y, shouting that they have plunged us into an error. Yet we are responsible for our respective lives. The responsibility of any action we pose is ours; because we would not have listened to our heart. The voice of the heart never deceives!

    Over time, I realized that this thin voice, fast as a flash is that of Mahanta. All Souls without exception benefit from this voice. It is a palpable proof that the Mahanta is constantly with Souls, whether one recognizes it or not. There is an inner voice that manifests itself in everyone. One need to discern this soft and flash voice from any other voice that defeats or pushes to violence.

    The ECK Spiritual Exercises are of great help for anybody to achieve the sublime joy and happiness of listening to the heart, the inner voice.

    Sometime ago, when we first discovered a calabash containing red oil, blood and others in front of our garage, the reassuring inner voice told me the proper directions to follow. Not to go too far. But, I just have to throw the calabash away in the bush. The next day after I got ready to go to work, I have subtly the nudge to wait at home. What I did. The driver had to go back alone to office. Some colleagues had feared a penalty for me because of this incongruous absence. So, the reassuring voice of the Mahanta soothed me. So, I did not show up for work that day. In the evening, my assistant came to report briefly the case of robbery perpetrated that day in the office, to the point the priest of a religious congregation was invited to find the thief. So, they did not work. All employees were required to take off their shoes; the priest made them drink “some water”.
    For sure, my presence would have caused a backlash because I would not complied to these practices. And, they may deduct that I was the culprit; my spirits would have been slaughtered.

    The next day, the driver told me of the events by confirming me that I was the target and the goal was to destabilize me. I did thank the Mahanta for this inner guidance.

    The Spiritual Exercises ECK practiced regularly awaken us to the inner direction. Mahanta is the ECK; He is true love. There is no need to go far before seeing.

    These are some of my discovered acres of diamonds in my life.

    We are Soul. As such, we are fortunate. There is Inner help at every turn.

    Thanks again for sharing.
    May The Blessings Be!

    • Anne says:

      Your words “We are soul. As such, we are fortunate” appealed so much to me. Thanks for this gentle reminder. Yes, Every Soul is fortunate because God loves It.

  4. David says:

    In that book I found a unique solution to problems that we are not able to solve. Transmute the problem into something more useful. Problems can be stepping stones.

  5. Dimče says:

    “What are your acres of diamonds?”
    It may be said that Soul’s acres of diamonds are, or comprise, It’s accumulated wisdom. Hard won, through the trials of experience over countless lifetimes. Soul’s greatest diamond however, is It’s ability to love.

    “How will you find them?”
    The answer lies in the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad”, Book One, Ch. 7. “Every man must first seek to give love if he expects to receive it.” In the giving of one’s self in service to the ECK, to all of life, Soul is able to transcend It’s daily concerns and enter into a new, dynamic, spiritually directed existence.

    Finally, I couldn’t help but being reminded of the spiritual principle of “connecting diamonds”. In “The Spiritual Laws of Life”, p. 77, Sri Harold writes, “Events are like diamonds. Invisible lines connect them, a part of a divine plan. The God lover learns to see and follow these lines, for they smooth his way.” I experienced this principle of “connecting diamonds”, when, in wishing to express my gratitude to the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, the various images came – not only from my own inner worlds, but from a number of other ECK writers, including some personal friends. I humbly offer my thanks to them as well.

    “Wah Z”

    Dark pools
    Raining silent fire.
    Stirring my atoms

    I cannot say,
    Yet remember;
    An ancient promise,
    A far-off land.

    Your eyes…
    A gulf of countless eons.
    This moment,
    The next.

  6. Shiva says:

    In my daily exercises I had some guidances to find a good job.

  7. Clement pewan says:

    The MAHANTA, the living ECK master always speaks to us if we remember to always invite him to all our problems. The easy way is by singing the HU. You can open yourself to the help that it’s offering you to help you take next step in our spiritual unfoldment . Thank you HU Z . May the blessings be

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