Panther and Growler at the Food Dish

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2011 talk “A Clear Message.”


3 Responses to Panther and Growler at the Food Dish

  1. Nnena says:

    Cats have peculiar traits, survival is a life instinct in cats. What Mahanta is saying is that creativity is the gift of spirit, and its matter of contacting the source, which is the ECK to resolve issues. By using creativity Mahanta’s sister resolved a lingering crises. Thank you the God man Wah Z.

  2. Carol says:

    In this story I heard the Master telling me of a cat who was revising a learning something similar to me. I’ve recently been looking at living my life a little differently, making decision just a little more off the centre line that I’ve followed for years, looking to find a better balance to live life more fully.

    I heard how Growler solved his problem of getting enough food by being not only courage by reaching out his paw to bring the food bowl to him but also used his creativity in deciding this was the best course of action to take. Creative problem solving takes courage and it may not always give me the end result that I want but that is where further creative problem solving is necessary. I’m going to be more creative and courageous.

  3. Kemi says:

    This story really touched me because my husband and I once shared our home with an orange and white rescue cat, Andrew, who one day surprised us with the same maneuver. The cat who lost his food dish was equally shocked. We were so proud of Andrew’s cleverness and wondered if another cat would learn the trick too, but no one did. Roo was the best cat. He loved to cuddle, had the loudest purr and really celebrated life. When he translated after being quite ill with cancer, the members of his care team at the vet clinic were devastated too. Everyone loved his joyful spirit. It was an honor to have him in my life.

    This story brought back such wonderful memories. I know cats are very intelligent and can care deeply. They have their own view of the world, but graciously agree to learn about life with a human too. Every day they teach me to be grateful for every gift, no matter how small, and to love the gift of life. I try to do my best and be my best for them. They remind me always that ECK is love.

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