Ready, Set, Go Help Your Family

Ready, Set, Go Help Your FamilyBy Misty, Oregon

One of the things I want to be aware of is how to help out my family during transitions in life. The Spiritual Exercises of ECK help me do just that. Being in communication with this life source every day gives me nudges about my life, ways to solve problems, and insight into my dreams.

Just before my mom’s translation (death), I had a dream about her.

I was driving down a road in my car and looked out the passenger window. I saw my dad sitting at a table inside this ranch house. I could see him quite clearly through the grills in the square-shaped picture window. He was reading the paper. He looked up to see me, and I waved. He waved back, and then this look of amazement came over his face. I could read his lips. He said, “You can see me!” and waved even harder. I smiled, nodded, and waved back.

Then he turned toward the kitchen (another room) and shouted to my mom (whom I could not see), “Hey, she can see me! She can see me!”

I looked down at the ground between the house and my car. There wasn’t any grass; there wasn’t any sidewalk. There was nothing there—only a void.

I woke up and realized I had had a chance to see my deceased father across the divide, and he was in communication with my mom. She was still in another room (still in her physical body), but she was there.

Furthermore, my dad was telling my mom that communication could be passed from there to here and back again. And he would not forget that. As Soul, he was learning that communication can be passed on after death, and he was sharing that with my mom. He might possibly carry this knowledge into his next lifetime.

Because I do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, I feel I am able to tap into dreams to witness this and understand what Soul is learning.

Later, I spoke with my mom, but she was busy with appointments and gardening, so I wasn’t able to tell her about the dream. She translated (died) a couple days after that.

A few weeks later, I asked my spiritual guide, Wah Z, the inner name for the present-day leader of Eckankar, for an experience to let me know she was OK. A few nights after making the request, I had another dream.

I was in a room, and the whole family—my sisters, brother, children, and parents—were gathered around. Even my dad was there, although he had translated over ten years before.

We were laughing and exchanging greetings and memories. My parents were in their forties—very young and spry, unlike when they passed away in their late eighties or nineties. They were sitting on top of a bunk bed, on the upper bunk, near the back, close to the wall.

We were talking about going someplace or doing something as a family. So my parents decided to get down from the bed by jumping off. Not only did they not jump off the front of the bed, but they made an elaborate descent. They flipped off the back of the bed like acrobats and landed between the bed and the wall, holding up their hands as they landed together. I was so astounded to see them as acrobats that I woke up laughing.

I know they did that on purpose, just to remind me I am in a dream. They wanted to show me they are well and happy, and that they are not just the parents and memories of who they were to me in this past lifetime, but Soul—playful and loving, joyful and happy.

I am so grateful to have this gift from the Mahanta—to know my parents are OK and happy, and to be able to understand my dreams through the study of my spiritual exercises.


Spiritual Exercise: Getting Answers in Dreams

“At some level Soul knows everything. If there is something that you would like to bring into consciousness, here is a way to get help.

“Before you go to sleep, relax and decide that upon awakening you will have an answer to whatever it is that you desire.

“When you awaken, it will be in the forefront of your thoughts. At the moment of slipping from or into sleep, you are opened to truth and in direct contact with it. It is at this point that you will perceive your answer.

“Immediately make note of it in your dream journal.”

Excerpted from The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, by Harold Klemp.


7 Responses to Ready, Set, Go Help Your Family


    Till this day, I believe there is a special bond of love between me and my mother who translated thirty three years ago. I see her in my dreams, sometimes in company of my half brothers and sisters, sometimes alone. Sometimes, she protects me from attacks in the dream state. On the last recalled encounter early this year, I was standing with her on the balcony of my residence when she kicked a young doe coming towards me unconscious (I was beaming with smiles, ready to offer love to the doe as she pranced towards me when this happened) while the deer-mother stood some distance away, chewing cud. She (the deer) didn’t show any concern about the experience of the doe. I was alarmed and unhappy as I wondered why my mother would visit such violence on the innocent looking doe. (When I relate these dream experiences to my elder brother under whose tutelage I spent my teenage and early adulthood before and after my mother’s translation, being an enlightened Soul, he reassures me of our mother’s love and concern for my well being even though she has translated from this physical plane). Days later after this dream experience, I realized her action was in my interest; to protect me from falling prey to illussionary charms of beauty and innocence manipulated by a negative force in the background. These encounters reaffirm the teachings of Eckankar about the infinite and eternal nature of Soul beyond the physical plane and the constant presence of the Mahanta in every Eckist’s life. Truly, the Mahanta is always with his chelas in many ways not readily apparent to our physical senses. I miss her a lot and sometimes wonder why I have not encountered her of late. Could it be she has moved on as Soul to new roles in her cycles of infinite existence? Thank you, Mahanta, for these dream experiences and for the sharing of other chela’s experiences with translated Souls.

  2. Paul Akpokodje says:

    Thank You for sharing this experience. I can relate with it. Dreams are a window of Soul.

  3. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    It is a true blessings to find the Mahanta and, realize Its presence all time with us. How great it is to helping out during transitions in life! We are here for a purpose, on mission to serve each other, as a channel for God. It (God) freely chooses Its channel to fulfill a mission.

    I came to realize that refusing a mission would be tantamount to missing an opportunity. Since God always provides appropriate tools that help succeeding the mission. The Inner Guidance is always available. One has to open his/her heart to capture and assimilate it wherever the way we get it (dream, nudge etc..). We are just a channel. Nothing else. As does God, the Mahanta knows the aptitude of each Soul. Honestly, when we fullfil the mission, we are quite transformed. We become light, we fill happy.

    One day, the Dream Master offered me an opportunity to assist one of my comrades; a lovely but delicate person known for her complicated character. We were not close. I kept on asking the Mahanta to show me the way. Then, I realized that I have to take the first step. I have to go tactfully to her. Through many experiences I did sense that the Holy Spirit started working to facilitate my mission.

    One day, an opportunity arose, the woman needed help. She was trying to walk along the road looking for a taxi to take her back home after a two hours meeting. I quickly seized this opportunity by offering her a place in my private car. This was the beginning of an about twelve months adventure.

    I regularly visited her without ever telling her that I have been committed by the Mahanta. In the meantime, she told me about her sickness. Progressively, visits were limited for all outsiders except me. She had confided me a lot and, had given me thoroughly some wake up advices. She had assured everything in rightly place, everything tidy, like a real move.

    Then, one Friday she laid down in her bed for about a couple of weeks, moving progressively for the journey to God. When she started losing the floor, I hummed her songs she liked. She admitted with a smile. One evening she passed away.

    Two weeks prior her “travel”, the Dream Master had kindly warned me again through a dream.

    This was an additional transformal experience to me. When I remember all episodes, I melt in tears of gratitude.

    Being a channel for God just requires an opened heart. The ECK Spiritual Exercises are the key. They do help to find the way for a great accomplishment.

    After the burial ceremony, I met my deceased comrade in another dream. She looked very young pretty and quite healthy. She was very busy, handling a yellow pad.

    Assisting Soul in Its going back home is a priviledge. It was possible due to the attention I paid to dreams as well as the Inner guidance.

    I still remain grateful for the Mahanta. Thanks Misty for sharing.

    Love to all.

  4. Meechin says:

    My mother passed away about 30 years ago and here and there I was thinking how she is doing since I joined Eckankar. Two weeks ago, I had a dream. There was a family gathering and I particularly remembered my mother in her 40s smiling happily and playing with her grandchildren. Just before I woke up, my mother was standing and waving to say goodbye. I knew then my mum will be on her way to reincarnate and gain new experience. Thank you Dream Master for letting me know.

  5. Engr Emeka Maxwell Vincent says:

    My greatest experience on Eck Masters. It is a true story and true life experience. I was terribly sick and ready to give up and I found my body been smashed with four story buildings, each pillar was held by an angel with white flying wings, immediately I saw a man near a huge sea and he took me with him across the sea and secondly he hand me over to The Living ECK Master (Wah Z) and he said to us that its work has ended here and The Living Eck Master took me along, on our way I saw a statue mounted on the road and he told me that the statue is Jesus Christ which Christian worshipped and lastly near the bush, I saw an old man with cloth acrossed his chest with long stick on his hand (Rebazar Tarzs) and he handed me over to the man said my work has finished here. Suddenly Tarzs took me to a place and placed his hand on the ground and a shining box come up and inside the box contained difference test tube with blue sparkling liquids and the box also contained an alien key with difference sizes on it and he told me to choose one of it and open the box and I took one and opened it and he placed his hand inside the box and he gave me one and I drank it. To my greatest surprised, I felt strong and vitality. Spiritual Travellers is real.

  6. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thank you Wah Z for allowing Misty’s story to be published.
    Thanks Misty also for sharing your story.
    Indeed The ECKist is international, interphychic, inter-planatry and inter-spiritual.
    A month before my older sibling called to complain about the encroachment of our step-sister into a small piece of land we bought from someone just next to our home in the village, I had had a dream attending that our step-sister’s funeral.
    He spoke passionately about all that have happened.
    I was patiently listening.
    I asked if he would be willing to listen to what I had to say. He responded in affirmative.
    I told him that I wasn’t too comfortable with his decision go and confront our step-sister just in case anything happens. Like what? he inquired, nothing, but please don’t.
    Some three months after, he called on a Sunday morning telling me of the death of that our step-sister.
    He thanked me for advising him against the planned confrontation. Going by the understanding of the native people, he would have been stigmatized all his life as the killer of our step-sister. No one would have believed he wasn’t.
    I guess as an ECKist, that was my own little way of helping out at the family level of averting what otherwise would have been a major family feud.
    Thanks very much Wah Z for the pre-knowledge of what was going take place.
    The Master may use us to reach out to the rest of the family if needed.
    Thanks to HIS GRACE.

  7. David says:

    My wife’s father just passed away last night after many weeks of not eating. Through it all, my wife remained with him and her siblings as difficult as it was for her.

    She said her father spent 40 years driving away the 3 children. In the end, he struggled to stay with them as long as possible because of their love, Soul is not evil but its inexperience creates problems.

    It is never too late to understand how important love is. At any moment we can change our destiny and the Mahanta will be there to take us wherever we need to be. This creates a unique opportunity to leave nothing unsaid that needs to be said from the heart.

    God loves Soul so much that It sent the Mahanta to lead us home. Eckists have this unique perspective on freedom and love.

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