The Adventures of Soul Travel

Harold Klemp, LIght of God, out-of-body experience, Soul TravelBy Harold Klemp

Soul Travel is a valuable skill that can be learned by almost anyone who is willing to invest the time and patience. It is a bridge over the gulf that divides the human from the spiritual consciousness.

Soul Travel is a natural progression that is reached through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

A chela in Africa lay down in bed, covered his ears with pillows, and listened to the ECK Sound, which was like a sibilant, rushing wind in the distance—but still very close and within him. Soon, he felt a sucking motion at the top of his head, but he was not afraid. He then felt himself totally withdraw from his physical body and hover in space over the bed.

“The whole of this space was lighted with shimmering atoms and bright giant and small stars,” he said. He looked at himself and discovered he was in the radiant Soul body, very youthful and full of energy and power.

Then he sang “Sugmad,” a name for God, in a gentle lullaby. In that moment he realized that all the atoms and all the stars were part of him. As he sang quietly to himself, an energy vibrated continuously and flowed out from him to sustain all things and beings in this unending universe of stars. He felt mercy and love for all beings in this universe of light. He experienced a great Sound flowing from his center, touching and giving joyful bliss, life, and power to all in his universe. This left him in spiritual ecstasy, because of the act of giving.

The ecstasy returns to him even now in his physical state. This was an experience of brief homage paid to the Sugmad (God), and it has enhanced his life in every way.

This experience began as Soul Travel, but it went beyond that and ended as a spiritual journey to God. A touch of God is not the Sugmad in Its fullness, because the God experience, all at once, would devastate the individual, causing a setback for many ages.

The classic Soul Travel experience is leaving the human body in full awareness and having the Light and Sound of God flow directly into the Soul body. But some people have done that in earlier incarnations and have no desire to go through the ABC’s of spiritual school again. The Mahanta may give them a few brief refresher Soul Travel experiences, and from then on they go on to seeing, knowing, and being. This phase of experience in ECK is the ECKshar consciousness. To see, know, and be are the qualities of Soul that are at the forefront of attention in the Soul Plane and above.

Beginners in Soul Travel usually stay close to the body. The Mahanta or his designee will help the individual get above the human state of consciousness and take a short journey in the near Astral Plane. These experiences may include the awareness of moving out of the body, going through ceilings or walls, and flying into a blackness. A patch of light glimmers at the edge of the blackness, and the novice Soul Traveler emerges into the light, which is a world of light.

Here he may walk city streets that closely resemble those on earth. The people, however, are busy with duties that are unknown on earth: welcoming new arrivals who have died on the Physical Plane and are ready to resume their lives on the Astral, guiding people who have come to the Astral Plane by chance during a dream, and serving the spiritual hierarchy in many other things that are routinely done to make life go on in the worlds of God.

Soul Travel is a means of hearing the Sound and seeing the Light of God, in a way which cannot be done in the human body. The Sound and Light are the wave upon which Soul rides back into the kingdom of heaven; they are the twin aspects of ECK. When an individual has gone through the phases of visions, dreams, Soul Travel, and the ECKshar consciousness, and is an experienced traveler in all the regions of God, then he receives the enlightenment of God. This is God Consciousness, and nothing more can be said about it here because words fail.

Excerpted from The Call of Soul.


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  1. Lisa says:

    What is beyond the astral plane? I had a dream several months ago where I was traveling in an unknown area, and when I wanted to access a different place a being said to me, “You have to go beyond the astral plane.” I’ve been wondering about it ever since.

  2. Joe Homsey says:

    In March of 1973, shortly after a 2 year stint as a Military Policeman, I had a blockbuster out of body, into the future experience. At the time, I was an avowed atheist. But this experience was so amazing…so overwhelming that my thoughts of atheism were shattered. This experience didn’t occur in a dream. It was a wide awake, in the middle of the day venture. I went rocketing into a vast spiritual journey, past universes and dimensions beyond description. I ended up beyond time, where I was able to view the future of our planet. What I saw was so overwhelming that I wanted to come back. As I was slowly drifting back down into the physical universe, I was told by a deep booming male voice, “You earned this!”

    For months I went on a massive search to find anyone who had seen the same things I had seen. Then one day, Eckankar literally knocked on my front door. The gentleman, who had been looking for a suitcase of his, mentioned the word Eckankar. I asked what Eckankar was. He stood straight up, shoulders back and said, “Eckankar, the Ancient Science of Soul Travel.”

    “Soul Travel” I thought. That’s what had happened to me. So I went ahead and listened to this guy. Within hours I knew. A few days later and after sending away for discourses, I was taught the HU. I knew within in seconds this was the real McCoy.

    Reading into the second chapter of the Tiger’s Fang, it felt like the author was walking through my brain and putting down on paper, everything he was seeing. Then another couple months later, while reading the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, all the scenes of the future I had seen six months prior appeared on the page in front of me.

    I was home.

  3. Lynda J. Weber says:

    In 1976 during the labor of the birth of my 2nd child first girl, The labor pains were so strong & uncomfortable I did not think I would survive this pain. I asked for medication or something but they said no that I was too dilated which meant the baby was coming soon. I found myself wanting to die to stop it, and was surprisingly lifted up out of my body, so relieved that the pain had stopped I looked at my hand which felt normal but is was all made up of twinkling live stars. I then found myself re-entering my body through the area where the baby’s soft spot is at the top of my head, lined up with my physical body and gave birth to Sarah my middle child. This was a real turning point in my life & I started searching for reading material about this experience an foun a book by Paul Twitchell “The Tiger’s Fang” & a book by Brad Steiger about Paul Twitchell called “In MY Soul I am Free” I haunted New Age bookstores & the Library. that was the 1970’s I searched so many years joined meditation groups, and finally in January 2001 I found Eckankar then in March 2001 my son Stuart who I had given up for adoption in 1969, found me. We have been since then with marriages & grandchildren. But only my Sarah is an Eckist. But my youngest granddaughter asked, “What are we doing here on earth?” So I plan to send her an Eck book—she lives in Prague. Thank you for being the Mahanta of my times Sri Harold.

    With love in Eck.

  4. Ameerat says:

    In my Soul Travel experiences – the one’s really magnificent I had to term Soul Travel. I find out that I am always conscious. What I mean is, I would know I am Soul Travelling. It would start out as if I am climbing something. An intense feeling of moving higher yet feeling lighter and then it and I would explode and I’ll be able to go anywhere I want. I haven’t seen the Mahanta in them yet but I do see him smiling in my dreams. Soul Travel is one of the experiences that re-validates the ECK teachings in my heart. Thank you Wah Z.

  5. James Isiwu Aguwa says:

    Thanks for sharing this Soul Travel experience. The basic is to give up all passions of the mind and willingly with great thrust surrender to Mahanta. The Mahanta decides if such experience is needed by the person concerned.

  6. Manners Bobmanuel says:

    The topic of Soul Travel is so interesting. I wish to have the experience soon.

  7. James C. Potter says:

    Following my second initiation, I drove to the Initiators home to chat. I asked her a question that puzzled me. One of the major attractions of the ECK teachings is the Sound Current. Before I knew this existed, I always felt like I was plugged into a wall socket that generated a continuous hum. From my earliest memories, my ears would ring as a high pitch whining noise. The constant sound was more obvious during quiet times and seemed to augment in volume when my body was sick with an elevated temperature.
    So I asked the H.I. about the constant whine in my ears. She told me it was the Sound Current. She also recommended I listen closely to it when tuning out all other sounds and distractions.
    That same night I went to bed focusing on the inner sound. I awoke on the inner and could hear the high pitch tone whispering its presence. I focused my attention on the Sound when it unexpectedly swelled into an intense and furious crescendo. The unbridled wave was accompanied by the presence of a tiny blue star against a backdrop of a bright white light on my inner screen. The Sound grew so intense I thought my head would explode. I petitioned the Inner Master to ratchet the Sound Current down a few decibels. Of course, the Sound abated as I lay there wondering about this raw and powerful current that has always been with me.
    I knew if I did not have this current it would be as though I was unplugged from the source of life. The Sound is always present and I am grateful for Its company. I could not survive without it.

    • Anne Paris says:

      I was so delighted when I read your comment because I too have been hearing the same sound current you described for the past few months. I too have had instances when the hum was so high pitched that I couldn’t sleep at nights with it. I sometimes got scared of it because it felt so new to me as I was new to Eckankar. So one night I did a spiritual exercise which was about surrendering the Sound. Ever since that night, I haven’t gotten to hear such high pitched hum unless I ask for it to Mahanta. It is true that when we hear one of the sounds of Eck, we feel so uplifted and loved. I too felt so loved by Sugmad. I also get to hear other sounds such as the sound of wind and the low tone of the word “Aum” when I do my daily chores. It has been tremendously uplifting me in every little way. I am now more filled with love and light than I have ever been before. Million thanks to Mahanta for bringing me into this path and helping me change for my better. I love you Z.

  8. Nancy S Calumet says:

    I was given the gift of Soul Travel in 1994 when my grandmother appeared to me in a dream. She told me I was to wear a ring I had in my jewelry box. She handed me the ring and told me I was to wear it. This nurses Air Force ring expanded to become a large open portal and when I woke up in the morning I went to my jewelry box, put on the ring and I have been wearing it and Soul traveling ever since.

    This is my experience. A friend recommended I explore the teachings of Eckankar to learn more and here I am!

  9. Peter Akpokodje says:

    My first ever conscious Soul Travel experience.
    I was in the University and had gone home to get some provisions, food stuffs and see family. Life was tough but there was love and friendship all around. There was and always has been and will be the constant presence of the Mahanta, my spiritual guide. And so on this eventful day, I got home and tried surrendering my worries to the Mahanta. Soon I was lying down and up on the clouds in the sky floating really high above the grounds. The horizon from up there was beautiful and amazingly free of any worries. I was seeing so clearly and my perception extraordinary. I felt great and eternal love. And when I was just about to wonder if I was alone, a hand gently touched my right shoulder from the rear and I suddenly wondered, where did that come from? In that instant, I woke up.

    The experience answered a number of questions for me, namely is ECKANKAR real? Is Soul Travel possible? Where did my mum’s friend who recently translated go? Is Soul eternal? What is Soul? Am I alone? Why do we go through whatever we are experiencing?

    Thank you Mahanta for the gift of consciousness and the realization of Self beyond the physical body.

  10. Koffi A. Antoine BABA says:

    Nice teaching!

  11. Grayce Gadson says:

    Thank you for this wonderful explanation. I had the experience once before joining Eckankar in 1971, and not so vividly since. It caused some concern but the daily contact of the ECK and Mahanta has been such that now I feel serene feeling the touch throughout of the Divine when I pause, remember, and accept. The works are forever bringing peace, even in the midst of turmoil. I am grateful.

  12. David says:

    Thank you for an answer to the question I’ve had for a while. The question was, why do I not have much of a desire for Soul Travel as I once had? Handling the very coarse vibrations of the physical plane during an early Soul Travel experience was very difficult. Now I find that dreams ease the transition into vivid inner experiences. It seems much more natural and easier to understand what inner experiences are about too. I’m grateful for this transition.

  13. Tetekpor Yenia says:

    As Arahata, I will share this excerpt in my class Eck-Satsang on the Discourses: “Soul Travel 1, The Illuminated Way.” for more understanding.
    Thank you Z.

  14. John Marikos says:

    Thank you, Sri Harold for answering a question I’ve been exploring for a while. I was under the impression that we ran concurrent lives on each of the lower planes. If this was so, why would someone be greeted on the astral plane after translating (death of physical body)? He was already there, wasn’t he? The part about resuming their lives on the astral plane answers this question nicely. It’s all about focus. I was questioning the advisability of getting too involved in personal research concerning this question. I still have much to do in service and to learn this lifetime. Thank you for this clarification.

  15. Anne Paris says:

    I’ve been having hard time trying to Soul travel. This story gives me some hope…

  16. Osioke Itseuwa says:

    A beautiful read!

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