The Adventures of Soul Travel

Harold Klemp, LIght of God, out-of-body experience, Soul TravelBy Harold Klemp

Soul Travel is a valuable skill that can be learned by almost anyone who is willing to invest the time and patience. It is a bridge over the gulf that divides the human from the spiritual consciousness.

Soul Travel is a natural progression that is reached through the Spiritual Exercises of ECK.

A chela in Africa lay down in bed, covered his ears with pillows, and listened to the ECK Sound, which was like a sibilant, rushing wind in the distance—but still very close and within him. Soon, he felt a sucking motion at the top of his head, but he was not afraid. He then felt himself totally withdraw from his physical body and hover in space over the bed.

“The whole of this space was lighted with shimmering atoms and bright giant and small stars,” he said. He looked at himself and discovered he was in the radiant Soul body, very youthful and full of energy and power.

Then he sang “Sugmad,” a name for God, in a gentle lullaby. In that moment he realized that all the atoms and all the stars were part of him. As he sang quietly to himself, an energy vibrated continuously and flowed out from him to sustain all things and beings in this unending universe of stars. He felt mercy and love for all beings in this universe of light. He experienced a great Sound flowing from his center, touching and giving joyful bliss, life, and power to all in his universe. This left him in spiritual ecstasy, because of the act of giving.

The ecstasy returns to him even now in his physical state. This was an experience of brief homage paid to the Sugmad (God), and it has enhanced his life in every way.

This experience began as Soul Travel, but it went beyond that and ended as a spiritual journey to God. A touch of God is not the Sugmad in Its fullness, because the God experience, all at once, would devastate the individual, causing a setback for many ages.

The classic Soul Travel experience is leaving the human body in full awareness and having the Light and Sound of God flow directly into the Soul body. But some people have done that in earlier incarnations and have no desire to go through the ABC’s of spiritual school again. The Mahanta may give them a few brief refresher Soul Travel experiences, and from then on they go on to seeing, knowing, and being. This phase of experience in ECK is the ECKshar consciousness. To see, know, and be are the qualities of Soul that are at the forefront of attention in the Soul Plane and above.

Beginners in Soul Travel usually stay close to the body. The Mahanta or his designee will help the individual get above the human state of consciousness and take a short journey in the near Astral Plane. These experiences may include the awareness of moving out of the body, going through ceilings or walls, and flying into a blackness. A patch of light glimmers at the edge of the blackness, and the novice Soul Traveler emerges into the light, which is a world of light.

Here he may walk city streets that closely resemble those on earth. The people, however, are busy with duties that are unknown on earth: welcoming new arrivals who have died on the Physical Plane and are ready to resume their lives on the Astral, guiding people who have come to the Astral Plane by chance during a dream, and serving the spiritual hierarchy in many other things that are routinely done to make life go on in the worlds of God.

Soul Travel is a means of hearing the Sound and seeing the Light of God, in a way which cannot be done in the human body. The Sound and Light are the wave upon which Soul rides back into the kingdom of heaven; they are the twin aspects of ECK. When an individual has gone through the phases of visions, dreams, Soul Travel, and the ECKshar consciousness, and is an experienced traveler in all the regions of God, then he receives the enlightenment of God. This is God Consciousness, and nothing more can be said about it here because words fail.

Excerpted from The Call of Soul.


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