ECKANKAR—Using Your Divine Creativity to Overcome Problems

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2010 talk “Teacher and Student.”


11 Responses to ECKANKAR—Using Your Divine Creativity to Overcome Problems

  1. Mercy N says:

    Rosy life makes us to sleep but life challenges keeps us awake by helping us to figure out what to do next then we learn to apply our creative abilities.
    Thank you, Z, for the insight.

  2. Peter A says:

    I sometimes wonder if one of the most powerful questions in the universe is:

    “What’s the Lesson?”


  3. James Isiwu Aguwa says:

    I just learned that we need to be in tune with the ECK always more especially when things are going on well. Creativity is the solution to most life challenges.

  4. Karen says:

    Thanks for the advice and reminder that in every experience, therein lies a lesson. Sometimes I forget that.
    May The Blessings Be!

  5. tom4ECK says:

    wow, that was an intense reminder for me from Harji: use your creativity, take hard times as opportunity for your best. Thanks a lot. I’m just in such a learning process that my broken left shoulder is more than just an accident…

  6. David says:

    Thanks Jeremy! The only time karma seems funny is when I prepay and then get a refund.

  7. jeremy clayton says:

    Before ECK I never connected the dots – rarely got the message. It was just ‘bad luck’, ‘coincidence’ or ‘somebody else’s fault’ when things went ‘wrong’. But after I found ECK the Karma started to come back instantly. I connected the dots. It’s a Blessing knowing that you caused everything in your life – good or bad. Because it means we can take control and become Cause. Freedom requires responsibility.

  8. David Coldwell says:

    A remarkable changling is Soul when touched by divine love and mercy. We have no strength to resist the will of God for Soul realizes it is made in the image of God. The nature of Soul and that of God are the same. As much as God loves Soul, so too does Soul love God. This love draws us through the most troubling times to the greatest joy and creative pursuits in life.

  9. David B says:

    David, thank you for writing! You must be a strong Soul! The thought of having to do it all over again, from the beginning, keeps one going eh? But mainly, I think it’s the strength of the Eck (Holy Spirit) and the Mahanta (vehicle for the Holy Spirit), that powers us through? I am finding, the book by a member of Eckankar, Debbie Johnson, “Think Yourself Loved”, is very helpful, at least to me 🙂

  10. David Coldwell says:

    I forgot to mention in my comment that I learned there are short term failures but no long term failures which is why I am grateful.

  11. David Coldwell says:

    I used to wonder why I was never satisfied when things got easy but I could not help myself. There was something driving me towards more struggles. Some of the struggles took me to the brink of asking if I wanted to live or not. The Mahanta was waiting to see if I would choose life and be grateful for working off so much karma.

    I can say now, the struggles were worth it because of how they changed me for the better.

    Today I can say it is OK to struggle. Struggles are often the way by which Soul gains a more sincere love for things divine when our own efforts fail and the Mahanta succeeds.

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