Your Gifts

By Harold Klemp

“Truth, goodness, love, and beauty are commonly regarded as poetic ideas, but they are, in essence, spiritual facts. These are the ideas which one should include in his speech and thoughts. They are the language of Soul and must bring about an awakening of that pervading, persuasive urge in man to realize himself in his totality, as a being essentially spiritual and eternal. Truth as given by the ECK is neither esoteric, strange, nor fanciful. It is at once sublime, universal, and profoundly practical.”

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two, p. 193


Read this passage aloud to yourself.

Today the Master will guide you to give gifts of truth, goodness, love, or beauty to others.

In contemplation, sing seva (see-VAH) for several minutes. It is a spiritual word that means a service of love, and it will open your heart to the giving nature of Soul.

* * *

Reflect on this exercise at the end of your day. Begin by singing seva again, and follow the Mahanta‘s footprints as you retrace your day.

From Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book Two, p. 136.


7 Responses to Your Gifts

  1. Helga says:

    This has always been one of my favorite paragraphs in the Shariyat. Thanks for the contemplation suggestion.

  2. Eleanor Leon, Canada says:

    This is wonderful! I just happened to be reading this very excerpt earlier today in The Shariyat and now here it is in this blog! I love these little gifts of love that Mahanta presents to us everyday!
    I’ve got a fun story to share from yesterday. After a dinner out with some work friends I was driving home when it suddenly started to rain. I saw a man with a cast on, limping along the sidewalk and holding a bag of groceries. He looked like he had been walking for quite some time, his haggard face was in my rear view mirror as I drove past. Suddenly I had an urge to stop and see if he needed a ride. I did, and he gladly took a seat in my warm and dry car. I drove him right to his front door and he shook my hand and thanked me. We exchanged names and I had to laugh out loud when he told me what his was: Hugh!
    Life is wonderful!
    Much Love to you all

  3. Ameerat says:

    Truth, goodness, love and beauty…Thank you Mahanta. Thank you bloggers 😀
    May the blessings be.

  4. David says:

    I’ve often had trouble giving back to life. The act of giving proceeds out of our heart and our talents. Some acts of giving are difficult if we have little confidence in our abilities or if we try to fulfill what we think are other people’s expectations are of us. But when we give to people the gifts they are ready to receive, the sale is a done deal without ever trying. Sometimes all people need is someone who will listen.

  5. Connie Bowden says:

    What a beautiful new addition to my Spiritual Exercise toolkit. Thank you so much. I would like to add another “thanks”, as posted by Anne Paris, to the blog team. What a wonderful service and gift of love!

  6. Manners Bobmanuel says:

    Thank you for this spiritual exercise, giving service to others should be one of our concern, because the more you give love the more you receive love.

  7. Anne Paris says:

    Truly service opens our heart to more love. I look forward to doing this service of love whenever I can to others. I trust that Mahanta will show me the right opportunities best fit for me. Love you Z. Thanks to Eckankar blog team for blogging.

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