An Antidote to Fear

Eckankar’s name for God—the Supreme Deity with no limits, characteristics, or gender—is Sugmad. Its expression—Divine Spirit, or ECK—can be seen as Light and heard as Sound.

The Master referred to in the spiritual exercise below is the living spiritual teacher and guide who helps people rediscover their connection with Sugmad. When you accept his invitation to conquer fear and take your next spiritual steps, opportunities may open for you to help someone else. These are the timeless rhythms of spiritual growth.

Are you ready to climb the ancient stairway to heavenly worlds?


By Harold Klemp

“This is the way the divine Sugmad outwardly and inwardly moves toward the fullness of Its reality into inner awareness; and Soul is that part of man’s being which has the power to ascend and descend the steps toward the heavenly worlds.”

The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book Two, p. 116

Whenever you feel fear, self-doubt, or stress of any kind, visualize the Master at the foot of an infinite staircase. He is inviting you to step up higher into the worlds of God’s love for you.

* * *

When you accept the Master’s invitation, you will be given a chance to make it easier for another Soul to take a step forward. Will you share the HU? Help someone clean up an error? Avoid giving criticism?

There is a gift for you in acting on your new awareness.

From Spiritual Exercises for the Shariyat, Book Two, p. 79.

3 Responses to An Antidote to Fear

  1. Cordelia Nwabue says:

    It is amazing how we connect our diamonds on spiritual and physical levels when we open our hearts to ECK.
    While going through the Workbook Activities for my Discourse, some anxieties and worries kept creeping in and distracting my attention. I cried out to Mahanta to help me deal with these and set me free from them. I also struggled with the spelling of rhythm while noting my insights and ideas.

    On completion I opened the Eckankar Blog and saw this new article. I was delighted to see the word rhythm, saving me from having to check out the spelling later. And when I saw the spiritual exercise, I was completely blown away because the Master instantly provided me with the tools I needed to work on and free myself from my fears, anxieties and worries.
    I am ever so grateful for these. Thank you Wah Z.

    • Anne says:

      Experiences like that happen to me too! Eck has it’s great ways to give us what exactly we need spiritually for our well-being!

  2. Osioke says:

    I feel calmer after trying the exercise 🙂

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