Love Is Stronger than Death

One morning, an ECKist who works as a school counselor in a county school district struggled to overcome fatigue and get to work on time. When his lethargy suddenly lifted, he decided not to call in sick, but instead drove to work. A little boy, sitting on a curb, crying, caught his attention. Something was obviously wrong, but should he intervene? Normally, he would never expect a child to accept a ride from a stranger. But as a school counselor, he was responsible for the well-being of the county’s students. He decided that the spiritual Law of Love applied in this situation. Offering the boy a ride would get him off the sidewalk and help him talk more freely about his troubles.

The excerpt below continues the account of the ECKist’s experience in “Love Is Stronger than Death,” from Unlocking Your Sacred Puzzle Box, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 6, by Harold Klemp.


A Divine Intervention

By Harold Klemp

They drove along in silence for a while, to allow the boy a little time to compose himself. Finally the ECKist asked the boy, “Why are you crying?”

“I just got suspended from school,” the boy said.


“The teacher told us to write a paper on a love relationship we have with someone. I wrote about my parents.”

“Why would that cause a suspension?” the ECKist asked.

“My parents died in a car wreck four years ago,” the boy explained. “But they come to me in dreams, and I know they’re always with me. That’s the only love relationship I have. That’s why I wrote about it.”

The ECKist was intrigued by this story. “What happened when you handed in your paper?” he asked.

“The teacher read it in front of the class and made fun of me. He said I hadn’t adjusted to the death of my parents, and that I needed counseling.”

Why would the teacher say such a thing to a boy in front of his classmates? The ECKist could imagine the effect that would have on a child.

The boy went on to say that he was sent to the principal’s office, then taken to see the school counselor. Together they tried to convince him that the visits from his parents were not real, they were just figments of his imagination.

“That’s not so,” the boy protested. “I actually see them. It’s just the way I wrote it.”

“You’re imagining the whole thing,” they insisted.

“No, I’m not,” he said. “It’s true.”

When he continually refused to admit that he had made up the story, they got fed up with him and sent him home on a three-day suspension. He had just left the school when the ECKist drove by and saw him sitting on the curb.

“I bet you don’t believe me either,” the boy said defensively.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” The ECKist knew in certain instances people who had left the physical body were able to keep in contact with loved ones, for the bond of love is stronger than death.

“Have you ever heard of Eckankar?” the boy asked. The question just came out of the blue, and the ECKist was taken completely by surprise. Without a word, he took his left hand off the steering wheel and held it out to show the boy his ECK insignia ring. The boy took one look and burst into tears all over again.

He began to tell the ECKist a little more about himself. He was ten years old and living on the West Coast when his parents, both ECK initiates, were killed in an automobile accident. Since there were no other relatives, he was made a ward of the state. Checking into his background, the California officials discovered that he was originally from the East Coast, so they sent him back to the state of his birth. He was placed in a foster home with a family of Seventh-Day Adventists, who constantly tried to convert him to their beliefs.

For four long years, this young boy had held fast to the ECK teachings he had studied with his parents, which his parents continued to impart to him in the dream state. But on this particular day, as he sat all alone on the curb, he wondered if the Mahanta had forgotten him.

“Would you like me to go back to school with you and try to straighten this out?” the ECKist offered. As a counselor for the county, he was acquainted with the principal of that school. The boy said yes, he would like that very much.

They went back to the school and had a meeting with the principal, who confirmed the boy’s story.

“This isn’t a matter of lying,” the ECKist said. “It’s a matter of freedom of religion. Eckankar is this boy’s religion, and it teaches that Souls are able to communicate in the dream state with their loved ones if they so choose.”

The principal looked doubtful.

“Furthermore,” the ECKist added, “I am a member of Eckankar too, and I share his beliefs.”

The principal quickly backed down. “There has obviously been some misunderstanding here,” he said. “We’ll get him back in class immediately.”

The boy held firmly to the teachings of ECK under conditions far more difficult than most adults have to endure. Completely defenseless except for his link to the Mahanta and the connection with his deceased parents, on that day, it had seemed as if it was all being taken away from him. Where is the protection? He wondered. Where is the love? Through the contact with the ECKist, he found that the protection and the love were right here, and now he knows that life has much to offer him.


A Question to Contemplate

When has the protection and love of Divine Spirit helped you in an unexpected way?


36 Responses to Love Is Stronger than Death

  1. Roo says:

    I LOVE this story, it tells of the strength of love, and it is almighty! The love of the translated parents for their son, the love of the son for the teachings of ECK, the love of the ECK to find the Counsellor, the love of the Counsellor for the ECK and the Mahanta and the boy and, the strength of love to awaken new levels of awareness in others!
    This path is so AMAZING!!! I am in LOVE with it. Happy travels fellow lovers!

  2. Jo Jo says:

    I am tears with this story. As Soul, I have experience the lost of so many dear family and friends over all the eons of time. Sometimes, I take so much granted, and this story showed me the Inner Master and Soul’s relationship. The Mahanta’s promise that I am not alone. How beautiful…thank you!

  3. elaine voda says:

    I recognize the experience the young boy was going through. Now in my 80’s I can look back through my physical life on earth and realize all experiences we have with divine spirit is training for the day we break free from what had been holding us back and then we meet with the Mahanta. The Mahanta becomes our connection of love with the divine spirit. Once our eyes are opened we are free to understand all that our life has been about. Love can not be explained in physical words, but can be experienced through the ECK. The young boy was truly being guided by the Mahanta and ECK.

  4. SuZanne says:

    What little (or not so little) miracles we can experience daily. This counselor and this boy seemed to meet randomly, yet the ECK set up the miracle so they could meet and the boy could be comforted in his grief and belief in the ECK. Every day in many ways the ECK is there to protect us. Once I was standing at a busy city intersection without a crosswalk or light signal and I was waiting to cross. I looked right, then left, then stepped off the curb. Suddenly, a rapidly passing SUV zoomed by me so close that I felt the wind motion of it pass over me. If struck by it I would have been killed or very seriously wounded. The ECK had protected me by a mere inch or two. I had looked but had not seen. How many times had I looked but not seen? I love the ECK because the ECK protects me, guides me, shows me how to see better. I am now more cautious when I cross that intersection and I practice daily listening to the ECK.

  5. Bi V.N says:

    “Love is stronger than death”, a beautiful caption.
    This story brought to memory an experience I had a few years after our marriage.
    My father-in-law had not longer than two years after our marriage fallen very ill. He really wanted to see the son before translating. My husband and I had just returned from a trip home and couldn’t go back together, so he went alone.
    I reminded him several times to sing the HU SONG (Soul’s love song to God) and to introduce It to his father before he dies. He didn’t, so the father went without it.
    My father-in-law within a short period of us meeting and knowing ourselves, had proven he loved me as much as his son, and so my highest way to appreciate his love for me was to introduce the HU- the Light and Sound to him before he translated. I was still to do so when news of his serious illness and later his translation came.
    In a dream some days after his burial I met him in a classroom in the inner. I was just visiting the class.
    The students were writing an examination. It was almost time-out. The invigilator had asked them to get ready to hand over their papers. My inlaw appeared to be the oldest in the classroom, but lacked the knowledge of what was needed as answers to the questions. So he sat there not knowing what to write. Standing at the back of the classroom I started teaching him through Soul to Soul communication.
    There were many questions, but the most remarkable one was about the HU, its meaning and benefits.
    When he was done with that particular question on the HU, answers to the other questions automatically filled their respective spaces.
    Before the actual time out was announced he too had finished.
    I could see him smiling as he went to hand over his paper. In the dream and on waking, I was also happy because I have fulfilled my desire.
    Thank you Mahanta for the dream world and for making it possible to meet our beloved ones after their translation. This is prove that Love is stronger than death.
    May The Blessings be

  6. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    This story brings back to me a feeling of joy to be ECKist but also a feeling of deep gratitude to the Mahanta, the Inner Master. ECK teachings open the veil on TRUTH. Love is stronger than death. Wherever they are, Souls always communicate. That’s proof of divine love.

    A catholic friend to my son who lost his beloved felt that he had not told the deceased everything. He was eager to communicate with her and felt guilty. He wanted to know if I can help him for the “connection”. I told him about HU followed by a demonstration and offered him a HU card. This morning, he sent me this note : “I sang the HU a little longer yesterday night.
    Later in the night, she appeared to me in dream … ”

    I do feel happy to be ECKist.
    Thank you all. May the Blessings Be!

  7. Dietrich Stahl says:

    Reading this Story was truly a spiritual expirience for me. Such a Deep Story.
    Thank you, Mahanta.

  8. Santhi V says:

    I lost my son who was 20 years of age about 2 years ago. I do wish to have the boy’s experience with my son. However, I accepted the fact and knew that ECK had its plan and everything was in its right place. That boy’s story has given me inspiration and probably I will try harder to just communicate with my son. But then again I do not want to disrupt his journey. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that love transcends death. I have been thinking about my son for the past few days and this story brought solace

  9. Adetola Abegunde says:

    I came across this story at a point in my life I needed to know I had Mahanta’s love, thank you so much.

  10. Huseina says:

    Beautiful and inspiring story. A lot to learn from this Soul.

  11. John Marikos says:

    This is how ECKists gain experience with love and practice applying it, allowing it in our daily lives. This is such an inspiring example of living love.

  12. James Isiwu Aguwa says:

    I am very happy to read this uplifting story which confirms that we just have to be courageous and stand out for Eckankar as our belief no matter the situation. The Mahanta is always with us to straighten things out in case of any confusion. It is also a test of Trust in the Mahanta. This is a challenge to adult ECKists as a boy of that age can stand out for the Mahanta in the midst of such difficulty.

  13. Joe Homsey says:

    Spirit can come to us in a variety of ways. And it has a way of arriving when we need it the most. This little boy needed a lift from the Mahanta and it arrived in the form of a fatigued counselor. Magnificent!

    I needed it one time when I was lying in an operating room while the organ transplant team waited for me to die so they could harvest my organs. My injury (internal decapitation) had convinced neurosurgeons that my case was hopeless. When the pain would escalate beyond imagination, my body would begin to quiver, then vibrate and convulse. It’s sometimes described as a death rattle. I would begin to sing HU. My conscious awareness would rise up toward the ceiling. There I would meet with two Eck Masters. They would assure me that if I could withstand the pain, I could continue to live. The nurse would put another syringe full of fentanyl into my IV and I would pop back into my body. The attending nurse would tell me that no one could do what I was doing. He wanted to know what sound I was making. I went through this ritual every hour all night long until the organ transplant gave up and went home. I not only lived to tell the story but have been able to completely overcome what was predicted by neurosurgeons to be a lifetime of paralysis.

    I feel a tremendous sense of kinship with this boy, and I greatly admire the fatigued counselor who took on the role of the Spiritual guide when needed most.

    • Anne says:

      I truly loved your story. The more and more miracles I read about, the more uplifted I feel. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Though your experience seemed quite hard and difficult, it still is a great one because you got to know it for yourself the power of HU & the reality of Eck Masters. What could be a better gift than that!

    • Peter E Akpokodje says:

      Yours is a deeply amazing experience. Love overcomes all.

  14. Carol says:

    Divine love has no limits and as the Mahanta’s love is Divine, it too, has no limits. The boy built up his spiritual strength with the inner guidance of his parents and their love for him, and when the time was right the Mahanta assisted where it was necessary.

  15. Yiscard Rubattino says:

    This is an amazing story of how love bound Souls. Thank you Mahanta for all the guidance, help and love. Baraka bashad

  16. Lovedales, Ghana says:

    This is an incredible story. At that tender age and holding on to the faith despite everything is worth recognizing. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Daniel says:

    I had tears in my eyes while I read the little boy’s ordeal.
    The ECK has got it all planned by moving him to his place of birth, his root, to get connected to this ECKist.
    The Mahanta provides help for us long before we know we may need help. The Mahanta doesn’t let go.
    I admire the young boy’s courage. We come as eagles.

  18. Rama says:

    It is a beautiful story. I can relate to this story. Some times I do see departed relatives and talk to me in my dreams. In my dream we all sit together and talk.
    Thank you for sharing the story. I’m happy to be in Eck. Thank you Mahanta.


  19. David B. says:

    Working with the Eck is the ONLY way to live. The great physicist Heisenberg determined that there is an Uncertainty Principle inherent in the physical world. Only Divine Spirit provides the certainty that Soul desperately needs.

  20. Kim Cartwright says:

    This one is SUCH and amazing story, and it shakes me to the core. Thank you for this, so wonderful! And I am so grateful for the Blog!!! Thank you all who are responsible!!

  21. RICHARD A DILLON says:

    I don’t know where to start I don’t know it this is the place to write this so, OK, so since a child I have believed in reincarnation. I have experienced bits of past life experiences from many different people. Some of these visions were very spot on to what was happening to me at the time. Others took a while to unfold. My Dad died many years ago and yet he comes to me at the strangest times, mostly when I am confused about a path. Some of my dreams are so real and vivid I just know that I am there in that place(time). There are several people who help me when I am in trouble in a dream, the main one is the bearded one. When I was a young boy I would have a reoccurring dream about being chased by someone, these people finally convinced me that to escape all I needed to do was flap my arms and fly away. Even today many years later I still do this. I have been saved from death by people in my dreams, some I knew and some I didn’t. All I can really say is that dreams are real and can be a blessing if you let them happen.

  22. Kwaku Wood says:

    The love of God and Divine Spirit has always been with us as humans. As Souls we exist because of GOD’s love, and as such when we tune in into our inner selfs like we always do when one says something told me to do such and such it is us tuning in into our true selfs as Soul and then we make that connection and choose to accept or refuse to accept the love of Divine Spirit. In my case the love of GOD has and is always with me, and as such I listen to it in everything I do and give it back as I can, and this Divine love has led me through all endeavors of my life. Just listen and the love of GOD would lead you home.

  23. Niels-Jul Yrvin says:

    With very few ECKists around where I lived for many years, I used this story as an inspiration over and over again. Strange that the tears came every time.

  24. Aruldoss says:

    Very Nice inspiring story to read. What protection and love!!!! I am also from a Christian back ground I am able to understand the boy completely. Similar kind of experience happened to me as well, when I drive along with my family. Mahanta is always with us is a very serious note, its not just imagination or just belief, its a way of life for all the ECKists. Thanks again for this wonderful story.

  25. Tom Burns says:

    A powerful story-thank you Z. For three nights after my mother passed I helped her understand her new surrounding and was able to understand her new life and I was able to give her love and support at a difficult time. I have always been grateful for that gift from the Eck. It brings so much to our lives.

  26. AdemolaShote says:

    Really love is stronger than death, up till now I am still having contact with a loved one who translated ten years ago.

  27. Zacchaeus Akighir says:

    I was very close to my mum that I knew she would appear to me if she passed on. I had told my wife the same when the home people called and said my mum as very sick, and admitted at some hospital. My wife couldn’t understand such confidence as I had put it. (usually when a person dies, they will not say so, but just say the person is very sick, and needs your presence). However, when my mum passed on, three years after that, she came to bid me farewell. I was in the Middle-East, and the home people did not know my contact, so they called my wife with the news. When she called me, I told her hat I knew why she was calling! She asked to know what I knew, and I told her that my mum had already come to tell me she had passed on! She was shocked, but now remembered that I had said so, at an earlier time.
    Surely, Love is stronger than Death, and we thank the Divine Reality for making it so.
    May the blessings be.

  28. Peter says:

    Astonishing story! Divine Love is a critical component to living. Everyone is looking for it in some way or another 🙂

  29. Kruzader says:

    Truly inspiring. Thank you Mahanta. May The Blessings Be.

  30. Dimče says:

    Thanks for this wonderful and inspiring story. Help from the ECK comes in many ways on a daily basis, though we’re often so caught up in the daily grind we overlook these small miracles. My mother, who was not an ECKist, nevertheless had her own understanding of the ways of Divine Spirit, which proved to be of help as she translated earlier this year in a relatively smooth manner after a difficult illness. Although I had indication of her survival/wellbeing, mostly time passed without any sign or sight of her inwardly. One morning, when the family was on holiday, I woke on an inner plane to the sight of my mum sitting crosslegged in the room where her beloved grandchildren were all bedded down – she was singing a beautiful Macedonian melody which she often did as she went about her daily chores. I was struck by the beauty of this particular rendition, knowing that in order for her to be singing, everything was well with her! I’m continually in awe of the ECK and ITS countless ways of speaking to Soul – ways that are always exacting and appropriate. Baraka Bashad!

  31. David Coldwell says:

    My parents also held the belief that Eckankar was the for spiritual drunks and irresponsible people. I had to sneak away to Eckankar introductory meetings where I realized this was the teachings I had followed in my last lifetime. As much as society lays claims to religious freedoms, it may not be permitted in one’s own family.

    Every time I went to a crusade with my parents, I knew there was something holding me back from committing to my parent’s religion. In church I could see the questions I had were beyond what anyone in the church could answer.

    While the Temple of ECK was being built, there was a story about choosing wallpaper. Some fell down and one remained. It was taken as a sign for which wallpaper to use in the temple.

    I told my dad the story and although he prayed to God, he didn’t listen to God. He thought it was ridiculous that God could communicate with people.

    I needed God to communicate with me to satisfy the ache I had for divine love. I still have to work at listening to God. The thing I love most about Eckankar is that there are no limits how far a person can grow spiritually provided we are willing to make the effort.

  32. Richard says:

    One of those stories that only the Mahanta could tell. Thanks

  33. Connie Bowden says:

    Oh my….I have tears in my eyes…..I am so taken by this boy’s heartbreak, courage and love all at once! I know very few adults who would not crumble under such circumstances. And the compassion of this man of Eck is truly heartwarming AND one of the finest examples of what it means to be an Eckist. I’m feeling such love and warmth right now….very difficult to put into words. I’m so happy to be an Eckist!

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