Love Is Stronger than Death

One morning, an ECKist who works as a school counselor in a county school district struggled to overcome fatigue and get to work on time. When his lethargy suddenly lifted, he decided not to call in sick, but instead drove to work. A little boy, sitting on a curb, crying, caught his attention. Something was obviously wrong, but should he intervene? Normally, he would never expect a child to accept a ride from a stranger. But as a school counselor, he was responsible for the well-being of the county’s students. He decided that the spiritual Law of Love applied in this situation. Offering the boy a ride would get him off the sidewalk and help him talk more freely about his troubles.

The excerpt below continues the account of the ECKist’s experience in “Love Is Stronger than Death,” from Unlocking Your Sacred Puzzle Box, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 6, by Harold Klemp.


A Divine Intervention

By Harold Klemp

They drove along in silence for a while, to allow the boy a little time to compose himself. Finally the ECKist asked the boy, “Why are you crying?”

“I just got suspended from school,” the boy said.


“The teacher told us to write a paper on a love relationship we have with someone. I wrote about my parents.”

“Why would that cause a suspension?” the ECKist asked.

“My parents died in a car wreck four years ago,” the boy explained. “But they come to me in dreams, and I know they’re always with me. That’s the only love relationship I have. That’s why I wrote about it.”

The ECKist was intrigued by this story. “What happened when you handed in your paper?” he asked.

“The teacher read it in front of the class and made fun of me. He said I hadn’t adjusted to the death of my parents, and that I needed counseling.”

Why would the teacher say such a thing to a boy in front of his classmates? The ECKist could imagine the effect that would have on a child.

The boy went on to say that he was sent to the principal’s office, then taken to see the school counselor. Together they tried to convince him that the visits from his parents were not real, they were just figments of his imagination.

“That’s not so,” the boy protested. “I actually see them. It’s just the way I wrote it.”

“You’re imagining the whole thing,” they insisted.

“No, I’m not,” he said. “It’s true.”

When he continually refused to admit that he had made up the story, they got fed up with him and sent him home on a three-day suspension. He had just left the school when the ECKist drove by and saw him sitting on the curb.

“I bet you don’t believe me either,” the boy said defensively.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that.” The ECKist knew in certain instances people who had left the physical body were able to keep in contact with loved ones, for the bond of love is stronger than death.

“Have you ever heard of Eckankar?” the boy asked. The question just came out of the blue, and the ECKist was taken completely by surprise. Without a word, he took his left hand off the steering wheel and held it out to show the boy his ECK insignia ring. The boy took one look and burst into tears all over again.

He began to tell the ECKist a little more about himself. He was ten years old and living on the West Coast when his parents, both ECK initiates, were killed in an automobile accident. Since there were no other relatives, he was made a ward of the state. Checking into his background, the California officials discovered that he was originally from the East Coast, so they sent him back to the state of his birth. He was placed in a foster home with a family of Seventh-Day Adventists, who constantly tried to convert him to their beliefs.

For four long years, this young boy had held fast to the ECK teachings he had studied with his parents, which his parents continued to impart to him in the dream state. But on this particular day, as he sat all alone on the curb, he wondered if the Mahanta had forgotten him.

“Would you like me to go back to school with you and try to straighten this out?” the ECKist offered. As a counselor for the county, he was acquainted with the principal of that school. The boy said yes, he would like that very much.

They went back to the school and had a meeting with the principal, who confirmed the boy’s story.

“This isn’t a matter of lying,” the ECKist said. “It’s a matter of freedom of religion. Eckankar is this boy’s religion, and it teaches that Souls are able to communicate in the dream state with their loved ones if they so choose.”

The principal looked doubtful.

“Furthermore,” the ECKist added, “I am a member of Eckankar too, and I share his beliefs.”

The principal quickly backed down. “There has obviously been some misunderstanding here,” he said. “We’ll get him back in class immediately.”

The boy held firmly to the teachings of ECK under conditions far more difficult than most adults have to endure. Completely defenseless except for his link to the Mahanta and the connection with his deceased parents, on that day, it had seemed as if it was all being taken away from him. Where is the protection? He wondered. Where is the love? Through the contact with the ECKist, he found that the protection and the love were right here, and now he knows that life has much to offer him.


A Question to Contemplate

When has the protection and love of Divine Spirit helped you in an unexpected way?


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