A Spiritual Cure for Insomnia

A Spiritual Cure for InsomniaBy Pierre, British Columbia, Canada

My goal is to be completely open to Divine Spirit. To put this into practice, I try to put love in everything I do, as the ECK Masters do.

Closely related to this, I try to do everything as if I was doing it for God alone. This point helps me tremendously to give even more of myself in service. Love is the key!

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I were taking our daily walk in the neighborhood, and we came across a lady, “Cheryl,” who is working at a place called The Beach Club. Cheryl is in her forties. She has two kids involved in all sort of activities, and she told us how she was bustling with so many activities that most nights she can’t sleep. She has insomnia. She tried everything, she said.

My inner door was open to introduce her to the HU. So I said, “When I have a hard time sleeping, I simply do the HU.” She asked immediately, “The what?” So I told her about the HU and gave her a HU card. (I always carry one in my pocket. Who knows?)

About two or three days later, we walked past her office. She came out and told me, “You know what? It worked! That HU thing is working!” We had a good laugh and talked a bit about it, then parted.

Three days ago, I received an e-mail from Cheryl. She wrote this: “I can’t believe how much this ‘HU’ works, I’m quite amazed really, as it’s so simple but so effective. So thank YOU!”

She told me she has been able to sleep soundly after many weeks of sleep deprivation, and the HU helped her.


A Spiritual Exercise to Try

With eyes open or closed, take a few deep breaths to relax. Then begin to sing HU (pronounced like the word hue) in a long, drawn-out sound: HU-U-U-U. Take another breath, and sing HU again. Continue for up to twenty minutes. Sing HU with a feeling of love, and it will gradually open your heart to God.


5 Responses to A Spiritual Cure for Insomnia

  1. Tim Ginn says:

    Thank you for the beautiful story and comments. I’ve been having some insomnia lately too and I found the HU really helps. One way to do it and not disturb your spouse is to hum it softly as you sing it inside yourself. Any care that comes to mind I place in the Masters hands. It dissolves into the ECK Life Stream. This way thoughts are kept to a minimum and the HU and divine love can do it’s work.

  2. deanna strahl says:

    Boy is the picture of your hu box cute! Every night around 2am I wake up. The only way I am able to go back to sleep is to chant hu for 20 minutes. I get partial insomnia. My husband has partial insomnia too and its rough.
    Thankyou so much for your words and story and may the blessings be to you.

  3. Theresa says:

    Ever since I joined Eckankar in the 80’s I have found that when I do my Hu song or spiritual exercises at nights, rather than putting me to sleep I feel very much re invigorated and sleep is delayed. Even if I read Eck books before bed it has the same effect. Therefore I do my spiritual exercise in the early morning. Reading novels or the newspaper does not have the same effect. I would love to do the Spiritual exercises at nights and then fall asleep and go into the dream worlds. Can you explain why this happens to me and any suggestions to help in this regard?

    • Chela says:

      My brother has the same problem too. I have seen people telling the same thing you told. So you are not alone, there are others having this too. I don’t really know why this happens but my guess is that some sing HU mentally so it just doesn’t sink in. Try singing HU with so much of love and gratitude for Mahanta and focus on that love or Mahanta’s radiant form long enough.Automatically,you might go to sleep. Alteast that’s how it has worked for me!

  4. Anne Paris says:

    Singing HU has helped me fight insomnia too. There were times when my outer life felt so chaotic and I couldn’t even sleep with peace. I couldn’t get myself rest for some time. I was constantly feeling panicky, anxious and hopeless about all my overwhelming problems. It deprived me off my peace and I felt miserable. About that time, I was introduced to HU by my teacher. I sang it all the time. It kept running in my head and slowly my attitude changed. I started to see how my problems had made me more stronger and has helped me become more close to God. It made me see how am being purified and cleansed to be more open to love and be a better channel of God’s love. And then very gradually, I began to sleep well. I got back my balance. The trust in God is what gets me going through this rough phase of my life. I trust that Mahanta will help me through this. I am ever so thankful to HU because it is my companion during my stressful times. I am thankful to have had my problems because if I hadn’t had them, I would not have been capable of receiving this beautiful gift of HU.

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