Breaking Down the Walls

By Harold Klemp

Sometime in contemplation or in prayer, maybe as a spiritual exercise, in your mind’s eye just see a room with three distinct parts. A semicircular room where you are at the point of the room and the room curves out around you, divided into three parts. You can look into each one: past, present, and future. But there is a wall separating each of the three parts.

Dissolve those two walls between those three parts and see what happens.

Do that for a few nights before you go to sleep. Say, “I dissolve the walls that try to break life into parts.” Because from the higher state of consciousness, you realize that life is not divided into parts. Life is all one.

Life is love, God is love, and Soul exists because God loves It. If you can get this overview that everything is a wholeness—that everything is right and in its proper place at this time—then you will have gained spiritually. You will have a viewpoint in life that is different from 99 percent of people.

Excerpt from How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16.


17 Responses to Breaking Down the Walls

  1. Grace says:

    It is the beginning of a new year and this excercise comes timely. I definitely will try and dissolve.the walls so that I can see life from a different perspective in this present moment than to worry about the past and future.

    Thank you Mahanta. May the Blessings Be!

  2. kay willis says:

    I love this exercise. I had so much fun with it and I found myself karate kicking down all the walls until there was nothing left but light and beautiful vistas to explore.

  3. Anne says:

    This spiritual exercise has come at the right time. This is certainly a gift from Mahanta to me. I have now realised through this exercise that dissolving the walls mean looking at life from this perspective: Everything is in it’s right place and will always be in it’s right place. So there is no point in worrying about past or future. There is only use in putting our whole lots of efforts in the present for our well being & for others concerned.

    Thanks Z for this wonderful insight.

    I feel more free now. Because the walls that were like barriers to my freedom have been dissolved now. I plan to use my divine creativity to set things right in the present instead of worrying about what went wrong in past or will go wrong in future.

    Tonnes of thanks to the Eckankar blog team for posting these wonderful exercises and for being a channel of Mahanta.

  4. Mark Govers says:

    Hi Harji,

    I love you! Even reading your words, I feel a shift. It’s remarkable how such a subtle change can transform our world.
 Thank you for this simple yet clarifying exercise. I feel like the spiritual exercises are a kind of retraining from what we have learned from schools and others who may follow instead of trust their hearts for truth. Sometimes it’s tough to step away from the crowd, the safety of the school of fish. Yet I know that who I am, Soul, ultimately, just wants to fly free.

    Very nice to have this opportunity to feel closer in this world with the Mahanta and all Eckists with this blog.

    Thank you

  5. R. Reich says:

    Truth is.
    Words hint.
    Love reveals.

  6. Mbreba Korubo-owiye says:

    Beloved Z,
    Thank you for this vital insight and truth. Let go of the past, live in the present.
    Don’t worry about the future. This is love from the Heart of the Master to the chela in urgent need. I was wondering how l got to the point I no longer afford seminars. HOLDING ON TO THE PAST. Thank you Z. This is the right time.

  7. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    Breaking Down the Walls is the only way to Seeing Clearly. True, life is love, that helps Soul being mature in the way to fully accomplish Its mission.

    Way going, life has kindly shown me that there is no failure: Everything is at right place. God’s assistance to each Soul is endless. One need to pay attention to each of commitments to seeing clearly. Every needed tool is at our feet. True, we are Soul; everything is right and in its proper place at this time. There is no coincidence. There is no victim. It’s a matter of seeing clearly.

    I feel happy to be conscious of the Mahanta’s presence in my life. The ECK Spiritual Exercises are the key to achieve this.

    This additional powerful exercise – Breaking Down the Walls – pushed me to a true retrospection. Sincerely God’s love is immeasurable. Everything is clear. I am the result of my past lives. Accepting these trues helps to improve one’s behavior for the new steps. There is no more barrier in fact, since the Walls are Being dissolved.

    Thank you Mahanta.
    I will keeping practicing this precious Spiritual Exercise more regularly.

  8. Lovedales Kumah says:

    It looks exciting. I am going to try it. Thank you Wah Z.

  9. Vanessa Moreno says:

    I loved this spiritual exercise! Happy new year to everyone and your families!

  10. Moses Nduekhe says:

    Thanks very much Wah Z for this reminder.
    I just have to try this exercise.

  11. David B. says:

    The Living Path of Eck is quite something.
    The ECK or Divine force of life is the thing that sustains me. There is a battery within me, that allows me to function. And that is the ECK itself.

  12. Dennis Graves says:

    When the chela is ready the experience will unfold. Accepting the responsibility of daily life is awsom at times daunting at others, this is a wonderful time to be alive with the gift from the ECK that are unrapped daily. This exercise unwrapped itself for me as a personal experience. For me there was no question about why things happen. Thank you Mahanta.

  13. Vanessa Moreno says:

    I was preparing to celebrate the new year reviewing my personal Journal, my old note since my first year in Eck, this spiritual exercise will be a excellent tool to work inside my personal time line! Thank you Mahanta!

    Send love from Republic of Panama

  14. David says:

    Thank you Mahanta, the Living ECK Master for the wonderful exercise this week.

    When the Mahanta links Soul to the ECK or Holy Spirit which is referred to in the bible as the Living Water, we become a whole new being. The change in consciousness as I understand it, affects not only this present moment, or a past moment, but every moment at any point in time.

    We may have had a past experience and it may have appeared as a fixed and unchangeable reality for a time, but that will not always be so. Consciousness can change our perception of a reality at any point in time (past, present and future) because consciousness can still exist when time does not.

  15. sahar says:

    I am 100% SURE that everything is in its proper place at this time- before knowing ECK I was always complaining about thing that I wanted but now I never whine because I’m sure when the time comes I would have things I want. Timing is pretty important. I keep repeating “Thank you Lord for everything” . because I know now I should experience this situation.

  16. Roohina says:

    This is so creative! I really love how these glorious teachings of ECK help us see things from a different perspective. Also, Happy New Year!!!! Much love to every brave and beautiful Soul who is on this path to spiritual freedom!
    Life is love is God is Life…
    May the Blessings Be!

  17. Peter E. Akpokodje says:

    A must try. Thanks Harji.

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