Eckankar Seminars: You’ll Come Away with More Love and a Changed Consciousness

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2009 talk “Spiritual Lessons from Living.”


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  1. David says:

    One of the most profound and simple things that happened when I started going to Eckankar Worship Services was that there was no pressure, no conflicts, and no hard sell of what to believe. After the HU sing, the room was brighter than when I arrived and I felt relaxed.

    So one day I decided to see what would happen if I let God do as it pleases with my life. I was quite disappointed to be honest. It was just a normal every day kind of day but it taught me something important. My life was already the best it could possibly be that day. I didn’t feel I had the basis of experience to preach to anyone which was a relief because this was expected in the religion I grew up in. I shouldn’t have been concerned though because Eckankar wasn’t about preaching. It was about how to develop my own relationship with Spirit to the best of my ability. This has taught me how to grow more than trying to convince anyone of what to believe. What is evident is the way people in Eckankar are interested in learning to be the best they can through every experience and in every way possible. If we can learn from other people’s mistakes we can avoid many of them ourselves. The answers to our spiritual concerns are all around us.

  2. Seeker says:

    It’s great to go to seminar and experience close connection with the divine spirit. It brings greater joy and happiness into our lives. I have requested Mahanta to help me come to World Wide Seminar next year. And I deeply trust that Mahanta will show me a way for it and help me through this. How would He not!

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