I Am Always with You

ECKANKAR, Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader, Inner MasterEckankar conducted a “Journey of Spiritual Discovery” survey that asked questions about ECKists’ experiences. A survey question was “What unanswered spiritual questions did you have PRIOR to finding Eckankar?” The responses of one ECKist seem to reflect a world where many people have lost their heart connections. This person recalled asking, “Am I loved? Am I worthy? Am I alone in this?”

In the following story Linda, an ECKist in Nigeria, shares a personal experience that answered these questions for her.


The Loving Hand of the Mahanta

One morning I went to drop my daughter off at school. Usually after doing that, I seized the opportunity to organize things in the family like shopping, chores, and cooking. Then I pick her up from school in the afternoon.

That day, as I was driving back after dropping her at school, I got to the point where I felt very sleepy. I thought of parking the car for a few minutes to rest, but I kept on driving.

Before I knew what was happening, I fell asleep while still driving. Just then, I felt a hand gently raising up my head. When I looked I saw I was heading toward the streetlight. I quickly swerved back onto the road and regained control. Fortunately, no one was in the way at the time of the incident.

I was visibly shaking and singing the HU at the same time, calling the Mahanta in order to gain control of myself and the car. I realized it was the gentle, loving hand of the Mahanta that had raised my head up from that mysterious sleep. This is an example of the great love of God in my life and that of my family.

Two days later, at that same spot, I was coming back after dropping my daughter off at school, and I saw there was an accident there involving multiple vehicles.

I know that the Mahanta is always with me.


Contemplation Seeds for Your Spiritual Questions

What unanswered spiritual questions do you have? What experiences has life given you to answer those questions?


16 Responses to I Am Always with You

  1. Helena Elsina says:

    Brought up a Christian, starting at approximately aged 13-14, I’ve quietly questioned the concept of a savior. But didn’t dare go against my parents’ guidance.
    About 35 years later I discovered my doubts were confirmed, it was when I joined Eckankar. I’m embracing karma, reincarnation, and the existence of Soul in the forefront of my life with open arms.

  2. Diego Sarmiento says:

    Thank you for all these testimonies and signs of true Love within each one of us! He Is Always With Us!

  3. Mike Bethell says:

    Before Eckankar I had many unanswered questions which various religions didn’t seem to answer. I experienced the emotional ties which many had to their path but none designated with me. With Eckankar suddenly all the answers were there. I still had to come to grips with my specific circumstances and this lifetime but given time and inner growth this fell in place. I thank the Mahanta for continued growth on the inner and outer.

  4. Godstime Obruche says:

    ECK is love, and love is all. Before I became ECKist I always think of revenge, at times negativity. But when I find ECK, I find love, and peace. ECK correct my errors. A word is not enough to describe the glory, and beauty of ECK. It help to shape lives the way of spirit than way of man.

  5. Ameerat says:

    Love is never taken away. It has always been there. It always will be. Open your heart. Give it to all around you. @BicycleSnowPlow. Wah’Z is always with you. MTBB

  6. Zirrus says:

    The question I had before was whether there was an organized teaching that actually suited what I saw to be a very eclectic spiritual taste in me. The answer, a resounding yes, still, many years later. I found it, (or, rather, it found me) when I stopped seaking it and trusted my inner experiences as entirely real. May the Blessings Be 💙🌀💙

  7. BicycleSnowPlow says:

    The question I had was why does love always seem to be taken away?
    My parents knew an old couple. I became very attached to the wife called Olive. My parents let me stay with her 2 weeks before school started. When I had to go home, my heart was broken. There wasn’t the same love in my family because of all the kids which kept my parents too busy. It seemed that love was always taken from me. Then we moved and life became much more difficult.
    Why is the spiritual purpose of situations where it appears that love is taken from us?

    • Anne says:

      If you mean the love from fellow beings on this planet, then it is not permanent. People come and go in your life. It is not possible to get love from them all the time. Also it is better to not be attached to the love from others. Because it is prone to change. Either they might leave or they might stop loving due to some reason.
      My kind suggestion to you is to focus on God’s Love. It is never taken away from you. It is permanent and nourishing. Always Love God & feel His Love for you by opening your heart. You can do this by singing HU.
      Whenever you feel like love is taken away from you, Chant HU and allow yourself to experience the God’s Love. It is beyond any Love you might have experienced from people around you. Why wait? Just experience it!
      The spiritual purpose of such situations where you feel like Love is taken away from you is to show you the transient nature of Love from people. It is to show you that Love from God is the permanent thing in Life. Even if there is no one in this planet to Love you, you can always take solace in the truth that there is God to Love you. He always does. You just need to open your eyes to see it and your heart to feel it.
      May the blessings be!

  8. Ameerat says:

    Truly the Mahanta is always with everyone irrespective. Some people (Eckists) are just more aware of it than others. This happened only this morning: I was supposed to travel to a place in a 6hr journey and so I planned to leave my home by 5:30. Unfortunately, I awoke some minutes to 8. I was crestfallen. I hurried around and about 8:15, I was out of my home. I began chanting HU immediately I got into the vehicle. As my brother drove, we came across traffic jam on a road notorious for serious traffic jams. My sister immediately suggested we take another route which was farther but could be freer. Mahanta whispered to me that it was all going to be fine. So, I told my brother we should keep going on that road. While we argued whether to turn or not, the traffic cleared up and within minutes we were out of the vicinity. The next hurdle that made me say ‘Mahanta thank you’ out loud was when we got to a sort of road joining. Some roads where under construction and if my brother could be smart with his driving by following One-way for 5 secs we’d save what seemed like 30 mins from going to turn. Unfortunately, just as he headed for the intersection away from his normal route, he blocked a lot of people and created traffic because he couldn’t go further; where he was headed was blocked. People started shouting and even I, felt the pressure. I saw a police woman approach and started sweating, it smelt like trouble. Surprisingly, the woman asked us if we wanted to go in the direction my brother had headed and we said yes. Immediately, she started clearing the road so that we could pass. Mind you, it wasn’t our right at all. In fact, we had been causing commotion there. Soon after, an army man joined her in clearing the road for us and I just had to say thank you Wah Z. Indeed, the Mahanta is always with us. Do your spiritual exercises and call to him, he will never let you down. I’m still on the road now. Hopefully, I’ll arrive at my destination in time. May the blessings be.

  9. Eva says:

    Before I came to Eck, I kept hearing beautiful sounds within me. I had no idea what it meant. It felt weird but true. I asked people around me. But none of their explanations satisfied me to the extent I was satisfied when Eck teachings answered it. So for few years, I was unconsciously seeking for answers and to know what this really meant because deep in my heart, I knew there was something more about this am not being told. Later when I found Eck and it answered all my questions I ever had. I got to know that the sounds were just how God communicated with me. I felt a huge sense of support and love pouring onto me when I knew this truth. So God was there with me even before I came to Eck. In truth, I was never left alone. Even today I feel a huge relief to know that I had finally found Mahanta. I am no longer feeling alone any more. Because I know Mahanta accompanies me everywhere all the time.

  10. Jeremy Clayton says:

    I was driving to the coast one year on a holiday. It’s a long drive and I was in a bit of a hurry. At one point I was driving up a hill when a deer came out of the trees and ran in front of my car. I had to slow down very quickly to avoid hitting him. When I got to the top of the hill the road suddenly turned very sharply to my left. But I couldn’t see this until I got there. At the speed I had been going I would very likely have gone right over the edge and down about a 30 foot embankment. I realized that the deer had been sent to slow me down – a gift from the Mahanta that saved me from a serious accident. The protection of the Mahanta is truly a wonderful blessing.

  11. Steven Wagg says:

    I had a very similar experience as did Linda. My previous job involved a lot of driving. I have always found that when I get stressed out I tend to get sleepy and Soul Travel or Daydream. This particular day I had been burning off karma and as I was driving I feel asleep. This was on a highway in a Provincial Park and thank the Mahanta not much traffic. I just fell asleep when the truck I was driving shook violently side to side as if a large hand had grasped it. It woke me up and I realized what had happened and quickly gave thanks to the Mahanta. What a Miracle and Blessing.

  12. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    I was really fed up of multiple contradictions and, stop believed that only a category of human beings have the priviledge to communicate with God ; while others, including me, had to talk to God necessary through them (the previous one). I had found their rule very arbitrary.

    One day, I had then decided to turn my back on the half-truths for which I was subjected to for more than two decades in my present incarnation. I had sought God everywhere except in me. Also, events had successively passed in my life. Sometime, everything seemed to close around me. Yet I was not discouraged in my search of God. This desire had become stronger and stronger. Finally, I had found the HU, the key through which I had known that God was in me. I had also discovered a lot of truths.

    God was always with me. It (God) had never abandoned me. As a matter of fact, only my way of functioning to communicate to God through intermediaries did constituted some large barriers that had distanced me to God. The road was very long to me with those barriers that were like customs points. Yet, It (God) was still there.

    The ECKANKAR Teachings had kindly opened forever the door of TRUTH, FREEDOM, RESPONSIBILITY for me. Moreover, I had realized my true identity – Soul. I had been truly amazed.

    The road seemed very winding and full of pitfalls but, the unconditional hand of the Mahanta was still there, protecting me, guiding me. The fluidity of the new communicating way with God ONLY through the HU song is extraordinary. Oh, how nice it is to see that fear, doubt quickly moved away from me, giving place to the feeling of joy and happiness and the certainty of the presence of the Mahanta round the clock, regardless wherever I am. And the Mahanta is still raising me up. I’ll never forget.
    I am very grateful!

    In return, I am trying to share my experiences with those whom the Mahanta is kindly sending me; so that they never give up. May they be impressed by the omnipresence of God with them all time and learn to take the opportunity of the freedom that is devolving upon them when they choose to communicate directly with God through the HU song.

    There is no more doubt, no more fear and, unnecessary search of God in the outer worlds. God is within all Souls, communicating directly with them. One needs to take appropriated steps to seeing clearly.

    Thank you all.
    May the blessings be! ♥

  13. Rick Holcomb says:

    One day I was driving along a one-way street where, if you drove at the right speed, the lights turned green as you approach the next light. About two-thirds of the way between two lights I heard a voice shout, “STOP!” inside my head. There was no apparent reason to stop, however, I was aware enough to know that this was the voice of the Inner Master giving me a warning. I slammed on the brakes in spite of the light just turning green and screeched to a halt. A moment later another car ran the red light on the cross street directly in front of me headed toward what would have been my driver’s door. My heart raced at the realization that, but for the protection of the Inner Master which I was open to through my practices of the Spiritual Exercises of Eck, I would likely have been seriously injured or even killed. I am ever so grateful to the Mahanta, the Inner Master who gave me a chance to alter my karma and save my life. My part was to listen and act. I’m grateful that I listened and acted on his direction.

  14. DJ says:

    After I chanced upon Eckankar, I felt so hard to believe in this promise of Mahanta that “I am always with you.” I always felt like Mahanta had forsaken me. Once my health got really worse. All I did was to keep doing the spiritual exercises even though my mind had already tricked me into believing that Mahanta really has forsaken me and that am all alone in this. But I didn’t let my mind’s chatter stop me from spiritualizing myself to go through this tough phase. So I kept doing my spiritual exercises with all my heart. Some time later, unexpectedly my health got better. I was healing. Many doctors were surprised about my recovery. I knew at that time in my heart that It was Mahanta’s doing. That incident answered my question. Mahanta really is always with me. It is impossible for Him to forsake me because He loves me more than I could even imagine.

  15. Anne says:

    My question before I came to Eck was, “Is there really a God in the first place?”
    About that time, I learnt about HU and Mahanta. I did the Spiritual Exercises and saw much it had transformed me and my life. I had a gift of healing later. I also had so many other gifts of Love from Eck which eventually answered my question. God IS there.
    God loves us all.

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