Are You Looking for Spiritual Food?

Are You Looking for Spiritual FoodIn the story below Sri Harold Klemp reveals a personal inner experience and his interpretation of it. Look for clues to the future of bringing the ECK teachings to Souls that need them.  


Feed My Kangaroos

By Harold Klemp

On the inner planes I met a number of ECKists who worked on a farm. They were bringing in hay from the fields, all the while looking up at the sky which was full of rain clouds. I was sitting on a tractor not far from the field when one of the ECKists spotted me.

“Bring that tractor and hay wagon over here,” he said. “We can load it with hay and get it all inside before the rain starts.” So I drove over to them, and they loaded it. We pulled up next to a building, and they began throwing bales of hay through a window.

“Hey, wait a minute,” I said. “You’re throwing the hay into my bedroom.” I was sharing a room with Peddar Zaskq. “We sleep there, you know.” These ECKists acted like farmers and looked like farmers, but they didn’t know how to tie a bale. The strings were not adjusted, and the bale fell apart when you picked it up. Hay was strewn all over the floor and the beds.

“We’ve done this before when it was going to rain,” they answered. “There are some animals coming in, and we have to give them feed.”

Then I asked them, “What’s up there?” pointing to an upper window. We climbed a ladder and looked down on thousands of stock pens. At the other end of the building, priests were unloading truck after truck of kangaroos.

I called over to one of the priests, “How many?” “Fourteen thousand,” he said.

The experience meant a lot spiritually. The kangaroos symbolized the springiness of Soul. Soul is happy, bouncing, and always jumping around. The truckloads symbolized the many people ready to come to ECK from different religions and get spiritual food. The experience told me that the ECK initiates have to get ready; they have to learn how to provide the spiritual food for these people.

Excerpted from The Book of ECK Parables, Volume 3.


Contemplation Seeds

What spiritual food do you need?

How will you help other Souls satisfy their spiritual hunger?


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