A Swan Sign after My Sister’s Passing

A Swan Sign after My Sister's PassingBy Marie-Antoinette, Germany

My elder sister was very ill.

One day, my brother phoned to update me on her condition. As we talked, I felt a very strong nudge from the Mahanta, the Inner Master, to visit my sister as quickly as possible.

Although we lived in different countries, I immediately made the necessary arrangements to see her.

When I arrived, I could see she was near the end of her life. Standing by her bedside, my heart filled with so much love and gratitude for our time together. Silently, I opened myself to God’s love by singing HU, an ancient song of love for God. Then my sister took her last breath and left this life.

I was grateful I had listened to the Mahanta’s whisper to make this trip so I could say good-bye to my beloved sister.

As an ECKist, I understood that we are Soul, eternal beings made of God’s Light and Sound. Death is just a doorway into another world. This knowledge brought me comfort. Yet I wanted to know that my sister was all right in her new life.

When I returned home, I suddenly remembered a story my sister told me many years earlier. She had attended school at a convent in Belgium. The convent grounds had a beautiful park with a pond and swans.

One day, she leaned over the fence surrounding the pond. One of the swans came up to her and sharply nipped at her toes, causing her some pain.

I hadn’t thought about that story in a long time. Now as it popped into my thoughts, it came with a strong nudge to contact the convent. Perhaps someone there remembered my sister or had a photo of her in their files. I found the convent’s Web site and sent an e-mail inquiring about my sister.

Later that evening, I wrote to the Mahanta. Writing to the Inner Master is a spiritual practice I do to keep myself open to the divine guidance of the ECK, the Holy Spirit.

I wanted to hear from my sister, so I asked the Mahanta for his help. I even wrote directly to my sister, asking her to give me a sign. Then I did my evening spiritual exercise and went to bed.

One week later, I was surprised to get a letter from the convent. It was a lovely and affectionate letter written by one of the sisters who lived there.

In addition to the letter, there was a photo of my sister leaning over the fence of the convent pond. Standing next to her was a beautiful swan.

In the French language, the word for sign is signe, which is pronounced “seen-ya.” The word for swan in French is cygne, also pronounced “seen-ya.”

I immediately realized this photo was the sign I had asked for! Sent in such a beautiful and clear way, it was impossible for me to miss.

I was so grateful to the Mahanta for this wonderful message of love. This not only was a reminder of the love bond I have with my sister, but it was also a confirmation that Eckankar was the right path for me. For many years I searched for truth and hadn’t found it. Now I felt I had finally come home.


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  1. elaine voda says:

    Thank you Marie-Antoinette for your story of the Swan. I had a similar experience with a swan being a symbol. My husband translated in June of 2016. We lived in a senior living community in Wisconsin.

    My husband was always an early riser and would take an early walk or take an early drive in the country. After we moved here to the senior living community, he would join other residence for coffee after his drive in the county. He got to know many residence that are from the local town. He would give them a report on what birds he saw such as eagles, geese and mainly the swans that were on the lake where one of our friends had their farm. When he translated he gave a sign to my daughter and husband, and to my son.

    I communicate with him spiritually all the time, so I asked him why everyone else got a sign but I had’t yet. We became Eckist in 1970. Finally one beautiful sunny day my son drove me up north to see their new cottage. We had just turned on to a road and right next to the car a swan came up out of a trench and ran along side of the car and then slowly rose and flew away. There was no lake near by. I knew that he used the swan to say another good-by. Soul is always around when you continue to share spiritual love.

  2. James Isiwu Aguwa says:

    Very interesting experience. The bond of Love makes it possible for people to keep meeting even after dropping the physical bodies. That is the beauty of the teachings of Eckankar.

  3. Anderson Nwobi says:

    Reading stories in this blog spiritualizes me.
    Thank you Mahanta.

  4. Magda Sikora-Wallis says:

    What a beautiful story! It really made my evening. Thank you!

  5. Bernadette Chaude-Morel says:

    How incredible the synchronicity today! My husband made his transition while having lunch, in the refectory of the medical home he was since last December. A heart attack, just the way he wanted it, without suffering. He wasn’t an ECKist, but married one, me, the same year my elder son passed away, in November 1995. I sang HU for him before they came to take his body away, and asked the Mahanta to guide him through his voyage. His lips were closed, and as I kissed him goodbye, his lips opened up in half a smile! I could feel the love and the presence of the Mahanta.

    Back home tonight, I opened my messages and here is the story of Mary’s sister among other stories and comments! Just for me tonight, as signs he is in good hands. Thank you so much to lift my heart, Mahanta!


    Long time ago now, between 1990- 1994. I was a student in the University, an aspirant from Christian family. I got to know about ECKANKAR in one of my visits to an uncle. Though, he told me about the religion also offered me some books to read. Sure, I did recognise a picture of Gopal Das as my childhood visitor in my dreams. He taught me so much about life and helped with my studies as a child.
    Recognising his pic gave me the assurance that the path is real. I had to start practising the spiritual exercises- Chanting HU.
    I had lots of revelations about myself. I decided to stop going to church with dad, he took it as an offence and threatened to stop sponsoring me. Within this time, sometime in 1994, dad promised I should visit home for my allowance 20th October. While in the hostel on the 17th October, dad visited me in my room, told me about his mission, that he was going on a journey to study something different. So l should keep to my promises, that I will make him proud no matter the challenge I may encounter.
    Then, I asked him why he wanted to leave and if I could join him. He mentioned NO. He explained that he was leaving in other to get training in a different course so that he gets better. I insisted, dad I ‘ll follow you. Immediately he hugged me and left in a haste. I woke up shaking so l decided to sing HU. I asked Mahanta to enlighten me more om my experience. Z said, dad’s journey was ended although we could still meet.
    Yes, I wasn’t happy, trusted Z that all shall be well. Two days later, on a Monday, my cousin came to break the news but didn’t know how to approach me. Somehow, I mentioned to her, I have the feeling that dad has passed on, meanwhile he asked me to come for my allowance on 20th October. She began to shed tears. Dad had passed on since on the 17th.
    In reality, I was disappointed that he left me. I loved him so very much.
    Afterwards, he came to me severally but I asked him to please leave me alone.
    One night he did visit again requested for help. Then, I looked into his eyes dad what do you want? He said, I have not been happy, stranded and needs to be free, he explained. further that he couldn’t move on, but remembered that i had a tool that can assist him. Please help me. I told him all l do is to sing HU. I taught him how to sing HU.
    Months later, in this experience, I saw Z, in a blue car driving, then I saw someone waving happily. Z stopped the car, getting closer Dad brought out his head for recognition and said thank you. I can start my journey now. Both Z and Dad waved while driving off.
    Indeed, although I was an aspirant but the experience intensified my love for the Mahanta and the path. I held onto Z promises that I am always with you.
    Today I am an Eckist. So glad to have found this path. ECK IS INDEED LIFE ITSELF. Thank you.

  7. Moses Nduekhe says:

    I am particularly thankful to The MAHANTA for allowing the existence of this blog.
    Thanks also Marie for sharing your story.
    This blog offers people the opportunity of sharing their story/experiences without feeling any pressure.
    Dealing with the emotions resulting from the passing-on of a loved one is usually easier when it has got do with someone else.
    Its often said that viewing the corpse of another person’s family member as it is carried along feels like seeing a bunch of firewood, but when its your family’s, its a different ball-game.
    A very close cousin of mine passed on in May this year. I was sad and confused. As an ECKist I knew he lives on but it was still very hard for me to handle particularly as I wasn’t really there with him during the last weeks and days of his life on earth.
    But I can recall again introducing HU to him via whatsapp. In my messages to him, I suggested it was okay if could also sing HU.
    IT wasn’t going to change his Religion, I said. I also added that it was Divine Spirit’s decision as to who gets the healing. No question.
    He was a Pastor in one of leading Churches. He often appreciated my concerns and those messages of encouragements.
    His passing on was really tough for me. I still haven’t recovered fully.
    Since after the interment, I have been longing to see him on the inner for some pep talks.
    Then came a dream where I saw him in a different town at a small workshop wearing a navy blue cover all. But it feels like he wasn’t prepared for any kind of conversation at that time. I had to let him be—some other time.
    Long before his passing on, I had a dream of attending a burial ceremony in his father’s compound. And when I did in July, the setting was exact.
    I have leaned several lessons from this incident about people and life generally. One of the lessons is the continuity of life.
    That when Soul is making that transition, ITs totally unconcerned. On the other side of the continuum, life moves on.
    Death is not a finality.
    Thanks Wah Z for this understanding.

    • Anne says:

      I am really really grateful to you for sharing this experience of yours. It really helped me in understanding the importance of dreams in my life. I too have had dreams that predicted future, cleared me off my karma and those which showed me certain truths about myself that I had to work on.
      Just the way you said, this blog is a divine gift from Mahanta. It gives me so many perspectives about Eck and how it works with people here in the physical.
      Almost every time I read one of the stories in the blog, I sense some feeling of support. Grateful to have gotten all I have or do not have now. Everything is helping me in becoming a better being for the good of the whole.
      Lots of Love to all in Eck.

  8. David says:

    The ECK allows us to make these subtle and important connections that would otherwise be missed. Gratitude from love granting of such experiences seems much more common in Eckankar. Belief in reincarnation takes away much of the unhappiness and fear that tries to close off these loving experiences.

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