A Swan Sign after My Sister’s Passing

A Swan Sign after My Sister's PassingBy Marie-Antoinette, Germany

My elder sister was very ill.

One day, my brother phoned to update me on her condition. As we talked, I felt a very strong nudge from the Mahanta, the Inner Master, to visit my sister as quickly as possible.

Although we lived in different countries, I immediately made the necessary arrangements to see her.

When I arrived, I could see she was near the end of her life. Standing by her bedside, my heart filled with so much love and gratitude for our time together. Silently, I opened myself to God’s love by singing HU, an ancient song of love for God. Then my sister took her last breath and left this life.

I was grateful I had listened to the Mahanta’s whisper to make this trip so I could say good-bye to my beloved sister.

As an ECKist, I understood that we are Soul, eternal beings made of God’s Light and Sound. Death is just a doorway into another world. This knowledge brought me comfort. Yet I wanted to know that my sister was all right in her new life.

When I returned home, I suddenly remembered a story my sister told me many years earlier. She had attended school at a convent in Belgium. The convent grounds had a beautiful park with a pond and swans.

One day, she leaned over the fence surrounding the pond. One of the swans came up to her and sharply nipped at her toes, causing her some pain.

I hadn’t thought about that story in a long time. Now as it popped into my thoughts, it came with a strong nudge to contact the convent. Perhaps someone there remembered my sister or had a photo of her in their files. I found the convent’s Web site and sent an e-mail inquiring about my sister.

Later that evening, I wrote to the Mahanta. Writing to the Inner Master is a spiritual practice I do to keep myself open to the divine guidance of the ECK, the Holy Spirit.

I wanted to hear from my sister, so I asked the Mahanta for his help. I even wrote directly to my sister, asking her to give me a sign. Then I did my evening spiritual exercise and went to bed.

One week later, I was surprised to get a letter from the convent. It was a lovely and affectionate letter written by one of the sisters who lived there.

In addition to the letter, there was a photo of my sister leaning over the fence of the convent pond. Standing next to her was a beautiful swan.

In the French language, the word for sign is signe, which is pronounced “seen-ya.” The word for swan in French is cygne, also pronounced “seen-ya.”

I immediately realized this photo was the sign I had asked for! Sent in such a beautiful and clear way, it was impossible for me to miss.

I was so grateful to the Mahanta for this wonderful message of love. This not only was a reminder of the love bond I have with my sister, but it was also a confirmation that Eckankar was the right path for me. For many years I searched for truth and hadn’t found it. Now I felt I had finally come home.


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