Texas Longhorn Saves a Little Bull

This clip is from Harold Klemp’s 2009 talk “Spiritual Lessons from Living.”


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  1. David Coldwell says:

    My wife and I had a black lab named Cupie who started behaving strangely when I let him outside. He would stand still as a statue and didn’t want to move so my wife and I knew something was off. We took him to the vets and they didn’t seem to know what was wrong because his blood work seemed pretty good. Months later, I took him to the emergency because he was just lying in the house and wouldn’t move. That night I went back to the vet hospital and visited with him and petted him for a long time. He seemed to be feeling better. I became impatient and thought, I’ll go home and come back in the morning to see how he was doing. We decided the only way to find out what was wrong was to get an exploratory surgery the next morning.
    That morning my wife and I took a long walk, longer than we’ve ever done before. Cupie was on our minds. We didn’t know what the vet would find. It was heart breaking to feel so helpless so we turned the situation over to the Mahanta.
    During our long walk the vet called my wife’s cell phone. Cupie, our dog, had pancreatic cancer so bad that his pancreas was completely black and filled with pus. There was so little of the pancreas that was even functioning that the vet was surprised that Cupie had lived 7 months since the symptoms began. The vet couldn’t explain It.
    I’ve never hurt so much for an animal in all my life. We had to euthanize him during the operation.
    Animals come into our lives to give all the love they can and then, like people, its time for them to move on. The only thing that seems to make any sense as to how Cupie survived so long was that he was so loved that there was no where else he wanted to be.

  2. David Coldwell says:

    My dog Nakita had oozing cancerous lumps on her back when we got her. The people had put handsanitzer of all things, on the open wound. It made it worse. Our little poodle would go lick the wound where Nakita couldn’t reach it. Love in action. Eventually Nakita had surgury. That little lump turned out to be hand sized tumour. And another golf ball sized tumour on her jaw was removed. Nakita is now doing very well. The scar from the operation goes from one side of her back to the other and yet the tip of the cancer we could see was just the tip of the iceberg. It looked like a little face.

    She’s all healed up and is a very kind dog. Hoping for many more years of good health to her.

  3. Ann says:

    This one is a great story. It’s beautiful how the love of longhorn got him doing things even the humans didn’t think of doing. That is the power of divine love.

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