A Taxi Driver’s Answered Prayer

A Taxi Driver's Answered PrayerBy Harold Klemp

Every month Sophia and a friend go from Mexico City to Guadalajara to teach a Satsang class. They’re Higher Initiates. The flight takes about an hour each way. When they arrive back home, they get a taxi.

One time they found that their taxi driver was a woman. This is very unusual in Mexico, so they commented on it to their driver. They said, “Very unusual, but we’re happy to have you.”

They started going to their respective homes. As they were driving along, the cab driver overheard them talking in back. She said, “Do you teach a class?” They said, “Yes, we do.” “A class on what?”

Right away the two ECKists, Sophia and her friend, knew the Holy Spirit, or the Inner Master, had opened the door to talk about the teachings of ECK. They said, “Well, it’s a class on Eckankar, on the ECK teachings.” Then they told about all the benefits they had personally received from their being in Eckankar. It can be anything. Sometimes it’s a healing, sometimes it’s foreknowing things, and sometimes it’s helping us get though periods of pain and discomfort or just loneliness. These were things they had to draw on, to talk about.

As they were going along, the driver said, “I want to tell you a terrible story, something that happened to me.” She said she was home, and she went up on the roof to wash clothes. She had neglected to lock the doors downstairs, because she probably never did. She went up there, and maybe twenty or thirty minutes later she came down and looked around. Sofa cushions were thrown back or on the floor, and everything had been turned upside down. Their whole home had been turned upside down.

She didn’t know what to do. She had been gone just for such a short time, and burglers had come in. It was as if they knew exactly what they wanted. They took their electronic devices, they took their savings, they took her jewelry and many other things. They cleaned them out. This is probably why she was driving a taxi, because they had to get back on their feet.

So, this terrible thing had happened. Yet she expected something worse—a scolding from her husband. She feared that when he came home and he found out she had gone upstairs and left the door unlocked, he would scold her and carry on, because he was very strict and very materialistic. She thought there was no way around this. She was going to have to face the music.

But when her husband came home, his reaction was completely different. He said, “This has taught me that no material thing is worth your life or our son’s.” This was the lesson he had learned.

The driver had more to say. When Sophia and her friend told her about ECK she said, “Now I understand.” And she was crying. She said ever since the burglary, the family had been afraid to go in the house. They were afraid to step inside. This terrible fear has been gnawing at them, and they didn’t know what to do about it.

Sophia and her friend said, “Are you a Catholic?” She said, “No.” “Are you a Christian?” “Yes.”

In Mexico there’s a difference between Catholics and Christians. Mexico used to be predominantly Catholic and probably still is. But more and more people are going over to one of the other Christian denominations. So the driver said she was Christian.

Sophia said, “Good. Sing HU, and see Christ in your inner vision. Give him this worry, this fear. Give it to him. Just sing HU, and give your fear to Jesus.” The driver liked that. She said, “I can do that.”

A few days before, the driver had talked to a friend who said, “Ask your angels or your God to send someone or something to help you overcome this.” So when the ECKists came, the driver looked at this and said, “Thank God, thank God. I realize now what happened. God really heard my prayer, and he sent you.”

When they got to Sophia’s home, before she got out of the cab to go inside, they all sang HU together. Then they got out and hugged. And they wished each other well.

Through this single experience, the husband learned that there is something more important than material things; the driver learned that God really heard her prayer; and the ECKists had their faith renewed in the miracles of Divine Spirit.

When I speak about ECK, I’m talking about the Holy Spirit. And if I happen to mention the Sugmad, this is the way we ECKists, among ourselves, speak of God. Or we’ll say “God” too. So there is Sugmad (God), the ECK (Holy Spirit), and the Mahanta.

The Mahanta is the Inner Master. The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is the full title of one and the same being. Some people try to split them up, as if somehow I am two things or two different things. No, I’m just one. But I operate in two different arenas. Simply put, that’s it, that’s all—just two different arenas. On the invisible planes and when people are far away, the inner side of myself can go over there and communicate and help. Whereas out here I’m limited to the constraints of this human body. And as the birthdays pass, I become ever more mindful of how constrained I am. But all in all it’s good to have a body.

The language of love.

Excerpted from The Master’s Talks in The Year of Light and Sound—2013–14.


10 Responses to A Taxi Driver’s Answered Prayer

  1. Barbara Buckner says:

    All the responses above have said it so beautifully. There is no greater miracle than the existence of the Mahanta and all he does for his chelas (students) and for the world. I’d like to mention a quote that speaks to this constant help, protection and guidance from the Mahanta and which assures us of his presence. It’s found in the Shariyat-ki-Sugmad, the bible of Eckankar. From Book 1, p. 39: “He must know that despite appearances and the apparent evil flowing around him, he and everything else in it are safe. Freedom is impossible for one who does not recognize that the flow and ebb that pass through the Mahanta to the world are guaranteeing him a safe journey through the lower worlds.” I have infinite thanks and gratitude for the ECK and its blessings in my life.

  2. EKOASE says:

    Really this article has added alot of meaning to my life and the way i should react especially about materials thingS, which has to do with my apartment which i rented out to one of my tenant who has packed out but only for them to have mis used the house and destroyed the house facilities, seen it really got me upset but i just have to control myself about the issue but i only called the wifes attention to point it to the mans wife hoping when ever the husband arrives she will tell him and at least they will try and fix some of this things but i never heard from them, so i just have to keep my cool and try to see how i can raise money to fix them myself. with the help of the SUGMAD THE ECK AND THE MAHANTA i was able to control my emotions about this material things.

  3. Ebiela says:

    Thank you Mahanta. I just had my faith renewed.
    I love you

  4. Keith says:

    Many years ago I worked at a local High School. And as a maintenance worker I got to know many of the kids there, if not by name then by sight with a friendly ‘hey, how are you?’ One day one of my little buddies was sitting in the hallway with a few tears, I could see she was upset. I asked her what’s the matter, how come so sad? She replied she was failing her algebra course and wouldn’t be able to graduate. So we chatted for awhile and I told her I had an idea. I told her to go home and read her text book like a novel, don’t worry about understanding it, just read it and then put it under her pillow so she could ‘sleep on it.’ I said give yourself the pre-sleep suggestion that when you are sleeping, dream about understanding what you’ve read. You will pick up by osmosis the knowledge. (Of course Soul would be aware of the situation and deal with it) A few weeks later this pretty girl with her hair done up and wearing a nice dress came up to me. She was beaming with a big smile and exclaimed…It Workec! I didn’t recognize her. Then she told me she put the book under her pillow and the next day she aced her exam. Then I realized it was the young lady from before and I said a couple of things like it works every time and maybe I told you so. Anyway life is like that, put Spirit in everything you do and things work out as they should.

  5. Randhir says:

    I am a sailor in life and Mahanta is my guide ,giving me the courage , directions and guidance and sometimes little bit beating on my back when I forget that guidance is there for me to ask and follow. My boat is of love, service to my fellow passengers and my captain is ever present but I am learning to listen and follow to reach and swim through Ocean of Love and Mercy. I am glad to be included on this ship. With gratitude,

  6. Josue Rubi says:

    What more can I say? The simple reason that I breathe is all love ❤️ that I am receiving from Sugmad. I love Eckankar.

  7. Dj says:

    I am truly grateful to have found Eckankar in my life. My trust in Eck is the reason why I am living now. I’ve had a lot of experiences in Eck which has taught me to trust in Mahanta and completely surrender to him. I have learnt that the way of love is the right way in life.
    I am truly very grateful to Mahanta for all his help.
    I love this story. Thank you for posting it.

  8. Obuah King Blessing says:

    You know, I work at the Temple of Eck here in Nigeria as a gardener, when ever am mowing birds come around me to eat stuffs on the field and it gets me angry and I chase them away… I chase them often.. One day I came to the field to mow and I saw a piece of paper on the lawn and it read please King let us enjoy the merriment of the temple as you do. I was taken aback but I trashed it thinking it was just a joke from someone, later that afternoon I decided to take a nap, immediately I closed my eyes I saw 7 of the birds shouting at me that tho they didn’t need my permission to eat from the lawn but they took it and I declined they got angry and left.. I woke up
    Next day while mowing I didn’t see them and it happened for a whole week..
    Then I did a technical spiritual exercise and begged them to come back..
    Guess what? Next day they came!!! Am grateful to the Master.

  9. David Coldwell says:

    The connection to the Inner Master which other religions do not have, allows two way communication to get spiritual aide. Whether it is a question, asking for help to get through difficulties or whatever, help is available anytime we ask.

    If we can ask the questions, we are ready for the answers.

  10. LoveEck says:

    Wow!!! This article from Mahanta has been posted exactly at the day God answered my prayers too!!. I am a high school student.
    For many months,I had been struggling with my physics course which I had to take for cracking my upcoming medical entrance exams. I could do chemistry and biology very well but physics was always making me feel low about my defeciencies in aptitude. I had hated this subject for years and I had very less skills in analytical part of Science. I felt so pained at the very thought that not being able to do well in this physics course would mean giving up my passion for medicine. I loved medicine and I really wanted to choose it for my career. So I contemplated asking Mahanta “What can I do about this bizaare uncertain situation in my life?” I didnt recieve any convincing answer for this question for a long time and my scores in physics kept dropping to a bad extent that I said “Enough! Let me give up this…May be God doesn’t like me taking up medicine”. So I stopped the course. I cried for hours literally begging Mahanta to help me out of this situation. I couldn’t gain the spiritual energy to do a contemplation or spiritual exercise. So I resorted to just praying to God to somehow help me out.
    Some time later, An article from another course for cracking medical entrances all of sudden popped up in my phone screen. I read about the course and the testimonies. I took a trial and It was amazing!! They taught physics in a way I could grasp very well and I found that I could do better if I took this course. I felt a huge weight lifting off from me. I felt so much gratitude for Mahanta. I realised that though Master tests us he never forsakes. And what more? He answered my prayers! He showed me a way to handle this difficult situation in my life. I am truly very grateful to Mahanta for all that he does for my spiritual well being. My confidence in Eck has increased so much after this experience.
    Love Eck, Love Mahanta and Love all!
    Baracka Bashad.

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