Being Closer to God

By Harold Klemp

Marie is a very busy mom. She teaches some ECK classes and is active at the ECK Center. But at home, her first devotion is to her husband and her three children, some of whom are teens. And Marie now has the feeling she’s coming close to an understanding of who and what she is.

This is what everyone should be looking for: to find out who and what you are.

Why are you here? What is your purpose? Is it just a random walk in time and space without a reason for the beginning and the end of this cycle? What’s it all about?

One day, Marie did a spiritual exercise. It was an imaginative technique. She imagined seeing a bright, bright light like a sun. Coming down from the sun was a rope ladder. Marie said, “I want to be closer to God. That sun is God, so I will climb the ladder.” As she was ascending it, she wondered, If sparks come off the sun, are they going to burn me? But the light was soft, warm, and soothing. So she continued to climb upward and upward until she came to this circle of light.

Actually the circle of light was protection, or divine love. In another sense, it’s a circle of friends.

She came into this circle of light. When she arrived, she said, “I belong here. I am an heir to this throne. I have earned the right to be here.” She didn’t feel arrogant about it or superior, as if she’d done something others hadn’t. She just felt it was her birthright as Soul to be there.

When she ended up in the circle of light, the experience had turned from imagination into reality. It had become real. Or had it?


You’re going to have many different experiences on the path of ECK. Some of them will be as dynamic as anything you’ve experienced. Others will be like a dream. And some will be simply like figments of your imagination.

A test of an experience is: if it helps you open your heart to divine love, to God’s love, then it’s a real experience.

Sometimes people say, “I’m looking for Soul Travel, and I want the big experience.” Well, maybe first you move into a higher state of consciousness beyond the physical body through the imaginative techniques—through the imaginative or emotional body, which is the Astral body.

If you can imagine a thing, you can make it so. It can become real.

Later, Marie got confirmation of this experience. Her ECK discourse for that month was on the topic of the mind. It said to stay in the position of Soul. This means to get above the problem—get above the mind. Because all problems are of the lower worlds, and the lower worlds include the mind, emotions, and physical body. This is the source of fear, apprehension, and all cousins of this sensation. So she got this confirmation: Stay in the position of Soul.

This is what we mean when we speak of the detached state. Detached does not mean apart from the concerns or the feelings of other people. It does not mean when people are suffering, to stand back and say, “I am detached.” We help each other. We give compassion to those who need help and love. We give help and love where we can, because it’s the nature of Soul to do so.

God is love. Soul is God’s creation. Therefore, Soul is love too. That means you are Soul, and you are love.

Excerpt from How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 16.


10 Responses to Being Closer to God

  1. Colyer Dupont says:

    I had a similar experience. I hiked up a small hill near the top of Mt. Tam and at the top was a rock the size of a chair and another like a footstool, surrounded by magnificent views of the Bay Area. It seemed like a throne for a holy person but I decided to sit there because it accommodated a human body and therefore I felt (minimally) qualified. I was rewarded with extreme peace and clarity that transcended even joy! I somehow got a message that this was a holy spot to the local Indians long ago. A true ‘peak’ experience!

  2. Mmadubuike Arinze says:

    Thanks alot sir hlerod this article has reminded of who I am
    Am greatfull

  3. Grayce Gadson says:

    I an so grateful to learn of this state of being. Thank you.

  4. Joe Homsey says:

    Again, I can relate to this experience. A number of months ago I received the idea of picturing a waterful of Divine Love pouring from Sugmad down into my Tisra Til…and I would do this while doing my Spiritual exercises. I still do this each and every day.

  5. Boluwaji Apanpa says:

    This story brings the following to mind: the ECK is the totality of all awareness, the Wind from the Mountain. Only It can end the attachments of Soul. The spiritual exercises help open us to the ECK.

  6. Pamela says:

    “To get above the problem, is to get above the mind”. Thank you for sharing.

  7. valerie M mancini hebert says:

    For me the spiritual exercises are paramount in ones spiritual growth . It is our inner and outer communication with Sugmad. The exercise’s expand our consciousness, allowing the master to give you those subtle nudges: than, BAM, a light bulb goes off, and you realize WOW I must be growing spiritually I never realized this or that before. I must practice to Act As If I am a spiritual being.

  8. Debbie says:

    I have been struggling with a family issue that seems to get worse and harder with time. I came to the blog for some encouragement and read this and the line “get above the problem-get above the mind. Because all problems are of the lower worlds….stay in the position of Soul” made me feel more hopeful and to look at this ongoing issue from a higher perspective. Each experience is for our spiritual growth. Ours and the other person or people involved.

  9. Rama Badarou Soule says:

    This article raises gratitude in me. A deep gratitude for having discovered the ECK Spiritual Exercises, which awaken to a higher consciousness if practiced assidiously: the discovery of oneself, one’s mission purpose etc… Thank you Sri Harold. I remain grateful. Forever ! Love you all.

  10. Reah says:

    This story has given me HOPE to use my god given faculty called imagination to solve my problems.

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